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5 July 2018 7 comments


I chop and change with my skincare.

And because I haven't spoken about it for a while, I wanted to share today my current 'routine' and some of the items I've been really loving to use lately. My skin isn't itself at the moment due to the very warm weather we've had in the South East and the unrelenting hayfever that's making it dehydrated and sensitive, so a lengthy routine of exfoliants, retinoids, treatments and creams just isn't for me right now.

Instead I'm reaching for gentle, comfortable formulas that are light, clean and don't impede my day.

So stay tuned for some of my current favourites - I'll see you after the jump break :)

C L E A N S E R S   +   T O N E R S

I told myself I wasn't going to get sucked in by La Mer but lo and behold it's happened.. I'm using up a heapling of their samples at the moment and the Cleansing Foam and Micellar Water (available in smaller sizes to try before you commit to full size) have won my heart. Quite the feat as I'm so fussy with both variety of cleanser.

I love my Lixirskin products. The Electrogel cleanser feels creamy and soothing on my hayfevery skin (this is going to be the running theme of this post..) and is a great accompaniment to one of the other La Mer products mentioned above for a double cleanse.

Cult Beauty sent over some items from newly stocked line, Disciple (I go to type 'discipline' every time). I'm a huge fan of facial mists, especially at this time of year, and this one is fantastic. Really inexpensive, and a clean formula comprising of just geranium water, copper tripeptide-1 and glycerin - a must buy.

There's nothing like my Beauty Water for removing that last little bit of cleanser/makeup that you think you've already reached. It has a light citrus scent too that I find really uplifting, and a beautiful feel on the skin. Another must buy!

Although I'm being extra gentle with my skin at the moment, sometimes an exfoliating toner/chemical exfoliant is just the ticket to awaken tired, dull skin and make you feel a little better in yourself. My Ordinary glycolic toner does that for me.

S E R U M S   +   O I L S

Along with the facial mist, I've been trying out Disciple's two facial oils - Good Skin for stressed out, hormonal skin and the retinyl night oil Dreamy Skin. Both have incredibly clean, streamlined formulas (less than 10 ingredients a piece) which I'm thoroughly appreciating and are well worth a look - I'm excited about this line!

I'm getting down to the dregs of my second Caudalie Vineactiv serum and I'll most likely repurchase for it's light, milky texture that doesn't overwhelm my skin when it's feeling it's most sensitive and skincare-averse. Similarly, the Fresh Rose serum has a delightful texture that's really reminiscent of La Mer products, and is one of my favourite products to use at the moment.

For days that I'm up to wearing a little more on my skin, I'll pop on a few drops of the Iunik Propolis serum or Blossom Jeju Essence Oil. Both give my skin a real glow and hold onto hydration throughout the day - essential in the hot weather.

M O I S T U R I S E R S ,   M A S K S   +   T R E A T M E N T S

'Superfluous skincare' has frankly gone out of the door at the minute. You'd think that whilst my skin was feeling so irritated/dehydrated/sensitive from hayfever it'd be an ideal time to go ham with masks and treatments but they're the last thing I want to do! When it's 30 degrees like it's been lately, I want a clean face with nothing on it and no discernible feeling of product, but I make an exception for the Fresh Rose mask as it's so light and refreshing.

Lixirskin's Vitamin C Paste is one of my favourite products to use, period. I reviewed their range a little while ago and I've used it consistently since. A quick rub on before my shower, it doesn't interfere with my day - I love it!

At the moment, I'd rather layer serums or light lotions than use moisturisers but I love the Caudalie Vineactiv. It corresponds beautifully with the serum counterpart, and has the same, lightness in texture.

SPF is a must even if I skip the rest of my skincare (frankly not uncommon lately) and I love the Soobooji SPF I've been using lately and reviewed along with the cushion here. It leaves an indetectable, soft-matte finish, without whitecast or greasiness - just perfection.

Any that catches your eye? And I'd love to hear your skincare heroes for skin that's playing up in the heat!