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19 August 2017 10 comments


P R E T T Y   I N   P U R P L E

As someone who's now become very much deep-rooted (and happily so) into a very barely-there makeup routine, date night is the perfect excuse to spend a little more time on my appearance. Part of the reason for this post is that I just wanted an opportunity to talk about some gorgeous new date-night-appropriate items I've picked up lately, so I hope you enjoy ;)


o n e .   S C E N T

The first thing I associate with an evening out/in with your loved one is fragrance. There's nothing like it to evoke the senses, and what better way than to spritz on some luxury perfume like these new finds. I love to take a look around the perfume halls in Liberty or Harrods when I get the chance, in the hope of stumbling across something really intoxicating. I've reignited my love for Stella too, after it got circulated to the back of the drawer and became forgotten about.


t w o .   Y O U R   B E S T   S K I N

There's little more gratifying than instant-results skincare. Something that you can apply or leave on the skin for a few minutes, which gives a visible improvement instantaneously. Case in point being my CT Dry Sheet Masks. Not only are they a pleasure to use, they give my skin a luminosity that lasts for a day or so, that's hopefully discernible in my review + try-on.

I've become accustomed to using the CT Unisex Healthy Glow before makeup as some sort of all-in-one wonder product. It gives my skin just a little hint of colour if you really sheer it out properly and, more importantly to me, smoothes and evens out pores and skin texture so that my complexion just looks really healthy - have a look at my before and after and tell me what you think?

I could stop there with base if I so wanted. That being said, because it's date night and in the spirit of 'more is more', I've got to talk about Indeed's Nanoblur. Hands down the best blurring primer I've tried (admittedly moreso because the so-called blurring primers I have tried have been pretty crap) - I apply it to my forehead because I raise my eyebrows too much and am starting to see lines..



t h r e e .   T H E   B E A U T Y   A R S E N A L

Date night makeup is really simple in my eyes. Excellent skin, a little twinkle on the eyes, a plush lip colour and a healthy flush to the cheek (Although really, especially if you've been with your significant other for a while, sport anything you like - why not crack out the bright lip for example?).

I tend to find that more expensive brands tend to do fine sparkle exceedingly well. Take Tom Ford's Shimmer Shots, or Chanel's Illusion D'Ombres. New Moon is still my favourite, unparalleled shade, and you lucky US-dwellers can still get it! I've found a new favourite in H&M's cream lipsticks (particularly Seashell), they're such a lovely texture, regardless of their inexpensive pricetag, and for cheeks, I've got to pick the Burberry blushes. I've amassed a few of these now and each one is pigmented, easily blended and meshes perfectly with makeup underneath to the point it looks like a cream - 04 Peony is my latest addition and it's universally pretty.

f o u r .   L U S T R O U S   H A I R

Shiny locks is my one aim when it comes to date hair. Having bouncy, glossy hair with tons of 'swish' just makes me feel miles better in myself, and I don't think I'm alone! Especially so as my day-to-day hair doesn't get more complicated than an air dry and some Oribe leave-in cream. Speaking of which, they're about the only brand I use in my hair anymore - the delicious scent certainly helps in this scenario, F loves it. You know by now how much I love the Supershine cream, and their shine spray is the perfect finishing touch.



f i v e .   A   F L O U R I S H   I N   F A B R I C

I'm rather classical when it comes to clothes I think - partly why I don't own things like bardot tops or studded jeans, I like my simple staples. I have however, ventured into the embroidery trend - how could I not when there are delicate little pieces like this sort-of blush-lilac, embroidered mesh top that is such a steal. (I've been absent-mindedly Googling options ;), so I'll pop some equally beautiful, embroidered alternatives below, like this one *heart eyes emoji*). Wearing something delicate, lacy or intricate for a date night always puts a little extra spring in my step, not to mention it's the perfect excuse to buy that 'really-very-unnecessary' top or dress you've been gazing wistfully at for the last week ;)

? Whatever your style, I'd love to hear about your date night essentials. Is there any one product you can't live without? Feel free to do some enabling ;)

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