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5 March 2017 21 comments


I haven't done one of my massive, signature layouts for a considerable while now - in fact I think it was a good 6 or 7 months ago since my last seasonal favourites post, and now that we're finally heading into Spring, I thought it timely to pull together a big roundup of some of my current favourites. I hope you enjoy!

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Who else is ready for Spring? I'm so ready. Even as I sit here writing this post (in my jim jams might we note), I'm feeling energized and more positive because for once there's sun coming through the windows and it's blue skies for miles outside. I don't think I do well in the winter months, in fact I know I don't - I'm like a solar-powered nodding dog, I need sunlight to sustain me. Not to say that I don't enjoy aspects of Winter. All the cosiness and festivity has it's own quiet pleasure but now that it's been with us for a few months, I'm all ready to move on to Spring. I've got an ample handful of beauty and skincare favourites to share with you today, so let's just jump in.





PESTLE & MORTAR SUPERSTAR RETINOL OIL | This, I suppose, is a little update from my initial review which you can read here should you wish, but I just want to let you know how much this little bottle has grown on me since then! I feel that now I'm in my twenties, I ought to be incorporating some form of retinol in my routine, and I've found an oil is the best way for me to do so. It's so gentle that I experience no form of redness or irritation and it's a great one-stop skincare routine for the evenings. I compared Superstar to Sunday Riley's Luna in my full post and now that I've used it for numerous weeks, I think I prefer it.

SWANICOCO EGF AMPOULE | I first mentioned this in my Anti-Aging Skincare post, but I'll gleefully take the opportunity here to gush about it again. I love this serum so much. It's thin in texture and you might think it's doing absolutely nothing for you but this serum has probably had the most profound effect on my skin from anything in my current rotation. My blemishes seem to be healing faster and the overall condition and tone of my skin seems improved so I'm thoroughly impressed.

VERSO NIGHT CREAM (here for the US) | I've firmly fallen for Verso skincare. I love their Day Cream and my more recent purchase of their Night Cream has been no less of a joy for me. Much thinner in consistency, this is a lovely product to layer with, as I spoke about in my Evening Routine post. The Retinol 8 complex is a vitamin A derivative that not only promises to be a lot more effective than non-prescriptive vitamin A, but claims to be far less irritating, something I can second, having used Verso retinols for several months now.

YURIPIBU ARTICHOKE ESSENCE | I think I only really noticed how hydrating this serum is, once I'd stopped using it (needless to say I've repurchased). It has the texture of something that's brimming with emollients and silicones but in fact the formula is really pure and light, it's quite boggling. It immediately plumps my skin up on contact and that hydration lasts for several hours. It also dries down to a velvet-y finish, making it perfect to wear under makeup. (Read more in my full review + hydration tips).



YSL BLUR PERFECTOR (here for the US) | The packaging on this beautiful compact definitely had an impact on my purchase, let's not pretend for one second that it didnt! But the product within is actually one worth considering, once this pretty little palette is stripped back to the bare formula. I immediately gave up on the spongey applicator that's included but dabbing a little of the pink putty with my fingers blurs any large pores and gives just enough mattifying for my normal-combo skin. I think it would be a great one to consider if you also have a similar skin type and find mattifying primers too drying.

HOURGLASS VANISH FOUNDATION (here for the US) | I definitely stayed away from this foundation since hearing it was 'full coverage' but having swatched it, it's a lot lighter in texture than I thought, and it's swiftly become a favourite since I picked it up when in London over Christmas. Whilst I still think it's too much to wear all over, it's pretty special when applied to the centre of my face and sheered out a considerable amount. This stuff lasts all day without the need for powder so it's great for when I have a busy day full of meetings etc.

BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL CONCEALER | You've probably heard me talk about this already, especially if you've read my Fresh Faced In 5 post, but it's the concealer I can't put down at the moment. It's got a lovely, light texture that feels weightless on the skin, and I think it's exceptionally good for it's modest price tag.

S H O P   S K I N   +   F A C E


BECCA OPAL HIGHLIGHTERS (here for the US) | I bought the little Opal duo a while ago, after being sucked in whilst Christmas shopping. I've generally steered clear of Becca highlighters because I thought they looked too harsh and stark on my skin, but they in fact blend down so wonderfully if you take a little effort in sheering them out. I have both the Shimmering Skin Perfector liquid and the pressed powder version in Opal, the perfect pale champagne shade for a paler skintone like mine.

RIMMEL SCULPTING PALETTE | This has been a long time love of mine and it's testament to how great it is that it's found it's way into another favourites post a full year after my initial review. There aren't too many other face palettes that come to mind where I like the blush, highlight and contour/bronzing shades in equal measure. With even, elegant pigmentation, it's an effortless palette to use, I don't even bother changing brushes, just going in with an angled brush and the powders do the work for me.

NEW LOOK BAKED HIGHLIGHTER | Although a little off in colour, I consider this an excellent dupe of the Laura Mercier baked highlighter. It feels just as fine and creamy in texture and looks thoroughly special on the skin. I've had numerous people ask just what is on my cheekbones when I wear this and I'm always proud to announce it costs under £10. Whilst Pink Pearls is a cool toned pink (actually I think the name is pretty accurate!), I believe there is a darker, rose gold shade for more tanned skins.

MARC JACOBS AIRBLUSH | I've found it! For those of you who aren't following me on Instagram ;), I lost this beautiful blush several weeks ago but I found it the other day, stashed among some products that I'd completely forgotten I had... Flesh & Fantasy is the most beautiful shade, I love the dusty pink on the right side and the champagne shimmer on the left.

BECCA BEACH TINT | This creamy blush gives a gorgeous natural sheen to the skin - it's perfect for those effortless, simple makeups that I like to wear 95% of the time. Fig is distinctly 'un-fig-like' and much more of a pinkish nude that sheers out to little more than a warm glow. I must admit I'm disappointed with the amount of product in these tiny tubes though - a mere 7ml for your £20 purchase.


SURRATT ARTISTIQUE BLUSH | I love this blush so much. The texture is so exquisitely fine and creamy, and it blends over the skin effortlessly, no matter what you're wearing underneath. La Vie En Rose is a gorgeous warm toned pink that looks like a warm, natural flush on the cheeks.

BURBERRY LIGHT GLOW BLUSH (here for the US)| Not that this isn't something I realised until after I'd purchased both blushes, but Cameo and Rose En Vie are very similar.. Both are rosy pinks although La Vie En Rose is warmer on the skin, compared to Cameo's mauve tones. This particular Burberry shade I find to be extremely pigmented so just a tiny tap goes a long way but it's such a pretty and long wearing hue. Would I say you need both? Probably not, but I'd 100% recommend one! (See more of my Burberry favourites in this post - I love the brand!)

YSL COUTURE CONTOUR (here for the US) | I sometimes wonder when reading other blogs if the blogger still loves that product mentioned several months ago, so this is another item you'll have seen before (here's my full review if you're interested!) but I'm going to do a bit of an update on. In short, I still adore it. The pigment in both the contour and highlight shade are sublimely sophisticated and elegant - they blend into my skin so seamlessly and the contour in particular looks just so natural and pretty, that for me, this palette, of admittedly little product, is still absolutely worth the money.

S H O P   C H E E K S




RIMMEL MAGNIF'EYES PALETTE | For a palette that costs so little, it's contents yield far more than it's price tag - there's so much to love. I love the shape of the shadow pans, the little partition stops you muddying the colours together with your brush. I love that you get a mixture of both matte and metallic shades, so you can create a whole eye look with just the one palette. I love the compact size, making it great for travel, and the shade Keep Calm & Wear Gold is full of beautiful, neutral shades that you'll get so much use out of.

URBAN DECAY NAKED BASICS 2 | I'm really into matte shadow palettes as of late. The cool toned neutrals in the Basics 2 make for the perfect everyday eye from start to finish. I love that they include a pearlescent cream shade for highlighting the inner corners or under the brow, as well as a richly pigmented dark smokey grey-brown to add definition wherever you should want or need it. Even if you're not hugely into makeup, I think this is a must have for any basic or capsule makeup collection.



BECCA OMBRE NUDES EYE PALETTE (here for the US) | Before my spending ban (read more on my tips here), I managed to sneak in the purchase of both Becca shadow palettes ;) Although cooler than Ombre Rouge, I wouldn't call Ombre Nude a cool-toned palette, it definitely sits more around the neutral area for me. Nevertheless, it's a well curated set of matte browns that are pigmented and of good quality - the centre shade in particular is great for some gentle creasework.



AERIN LIPSTICKS | If you're after a good quality, creamy, classic lipstick then Aerin would be top of my list, not to mention the packaging is beautiful too. I have a few favourite shades, namely Pretty, Liebling and Perfect Nude, all of which are gorgeous everyday colours, although every single shade I've tried glides on smoothly and evenly. Whilst they're fully opaque, I do like to pat them into my lips to make them look a little more worn in.

BURBERRY FIRST KISS BALMS (here for the US) | I'm very much into a simple lip, which leads me to trying a lot of balms, and the Burberry ones are among my very favourites. The tube is ample, the ceramic tip feels lovely and is also hygienic, and the balm itself has a gentle glossy shine but feels beautiful and comfortable on the lip. Soft Peach is my favourite for everyday but there are a few brighter and bolder shades should you want a touch more colour.

NO7 HIGH SHINE LIP CRAYONS | I really think these lip crayons from No7 are unjustly underrated. Every shade I've tried is beautifully formulated, with smooth, even pigment and a lovely sheen. They wear off really well without leaving a stain or any pigment behind and don't cling to the dry patches on my lips (I'm so prone to this..!). Daydreamer is a beautiful nude, although I also love Delicate Pink, a brighter, spring-like pink.

S H O P   E Y E S   +   L I P S


Phew! If you've made it to the end of this post then I thank you for sticking with me! Do let me know your current favourites below, I'd love to hear them :)

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