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16 February 2017 24 comments


I had a spurt over winter of coveting a matte finish to my skin and started baking my face and all sorts (I don't know what came over me!), but as of now I'm a firm redevotee of the glow. I've got a handful of my favourite glow-givers to share today, and I wanted to include a variety of products, from facial oils to SPF's to makeup, that hopefully aren't too obvious (I've got nothing against you Becca/Bobbi/Ms Tilbury etc!), and each promising (and incidentally deliver on giving) exquisitely radiant skin.


Of all the sheet masks I own (and I'm really trying to get through and consolidate my unnecessarily populous collection, in the spirit of my self imposed spending ban), I favour two for their capacity to illuminate. I recently shared my thoughts on a handful of Whamisa items and their Flowers and Kelp masks gives me such incredibly wonderful, hydrated and enlivened skin that, unlike the much richer Blossom Jeju masks (also a general favourite by the way), leave your skin in the perfect condition to then apply makeup. They're so beautiful before some sort of special occasion. For something more everyday, and with a price point to reflect that, I reach for the TYF Miracle Age masks. They contain sacharomyces ferment and niacinamide to add a nice gleam to my skin. I try to use these most nights, and their brightening (and firming!) effects last me through to the next day - I love them!

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

I'm not sure about you but although I stick to chemical exfoliants at least 90% of the time, every now and then my skin just demands a good scrub. With these times in mind, I really love the Laura Mercier Face Polish (here for the US)with it's creamy base suspending teeny microfoliant particles. I don't like using anything too harsh on my skin but with a gentle touch, I find this to be the ideal balance between gentle and effective, and it really polishes up my skin and gets my circulation going for that radiant flush.



How could I possibly talk about glow givers without giving a nod to a highlight, or three in this instance. One that I feel everyone needs to go out and grab is the New Look highlighter. I really didn't have any hopes for this at all but in fact it's so beautiful both swatched and on the skin. It's a baked powder and I find actually rather similar to Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance, but a lot more affordable, so I'm loving it! RFA's Rosebud has been a favourite since the moment I dipped my finger into it's cushioned mesh and got my first grasp of it's beautifully fine iridescence. Actually both of these highlighters are really wearable, from subtle, daily wear to wham-bam-hello-cheekbones. Lastly Jouer's Glisten powder is my bit of a curved ball I'm throwing into the mix. I find it an odd product to describe as it's not metallic like your 'conventional' highlighter, but rather has teeny tiny shimmer speckles within a peachy, soft focus loose powder. It's incredibly stunning as highlight, in the inner corners of your eyes, on your shoulders and collar bones, just something a little bit different and special.



After being completely overjoyed with their Advanced Snail serum and moisturiser (review here), I jumped at the chance to try Skinchemist's new Rose oil. I'm undeniably at the age now where my ears prick up at the merest hint of the words 'anti-aging' - anyone else? Giving it it's full title, the Rose Quartz Age Defence Youth Facial Oil contains some really sexy ingredients like rose and seabuckthorn oils, peptides, lactic acid, charcoal powder, vitamin E and pearl extract. I believe it to be fragranced but I love the way this smells, it's a really faint, true rose scent like being out in the garden in June - just the thing to brighten up my otherwise cold and cloudy February morning! (I'm currently wrapped up in blankets and F's dressing gown with Pixiwoo on in the background - I haven't watched their stuff in so long but they're excellent aren't they?). What I love most about this product is it's absorption. I'd go as far as calling this a dry oil as it really sinks into my skin and after around 10 or so minutes leaves nothing behind, and I can go straight onto sunscreen and makeup. (And Skinchemists have kindly offered my readers the code JENNIFERBLOG to get 20% off until the end of Feb - well worth a look!)



Speaking of which, The Face Shop's UV Corrector is a multifunctional sunscreen that has grown on me greatly. With it's pinkish-lavender tinge, it's incredibly brightening used as a primer all over and offers the SPF 50 protection that I try not to go without. Whilst I initially found this a little too rich for my skin, I've found that a generous prior spritzing of a facial mist really makes it glide on beautifully. They do a pact version in a sunny, brightening apricot shade which is equally as gorgeous too.

I'd love to hear your favourite glow givers, perhaps you've some recommendations for me? :)

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