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8 March 2017 14 comments


I think this is about the first 'me out and about/outfit' style posts I've ever done on my blog? But documenting my everyday life to look back on is something I'd like to do more of so hopefully you enjoy!

These styles of posts are a bit alien to me if honest! I'm so much more comfortable behind the camera, clearly because I'm horrible at posing! And F is only taking his first baby steps into photography, the poor soul. I do find myself giggling internally in adoration to see him fumbling about with my camera, and saying he needs to take another shot because the last had the tree more in focus than me.. Anyway..


Although I've never been far away, we're so lucky to have Windsor on our doorstep now (or more realistically a moment's drive down the M4) since living in Berkshire. The other weekend, F and I had one of those wonderfully lazy Sundays where you've absolutely nothing planned and everything is relaxed and spontaneous. Come about 11:30am, we just thought, let's go into Windsor and have a potter around.

It's cobbled streets and quirky architecture pull me back every time, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite spots.




Shopping is a bit of a no-brainer for me, especially in Windsor's beautiful Grade II listed Victorian Railway where you've got Joules, Hobbs, Jaeger and SpaceNK lined up in a neat little row for me to flit in and out of like a hummingbird finding nectar (my nectar being some gorgeous leather boots or Oribe's latest hair elixir mind you). If you're a lover of trinkets and treasures, be sure to pop into the covered market for arts and crafts - it's ablaze with colour and leathers, jewels and candles (and cute stuffed corgi's).





Towards the top of town, we made a right at the castle and headed down towards Windsor Great Park. Once we got past the tourist-surrounded souvenir stores, it was so lovely and quiet, and we made the amble down to the park gates, past some sweet little cafe's - I was definitely tempted to pop in for afternoon tea or an otherwise sweet treat but F kept me on the straight and narrow! Even though it's straight and seemingly neverending, the avenue was a lovely walk, it'd be lovely to bring Jasper for a runaround but he's far too naughty and would undoubtedly get overexcited with all the 'exploring' to be had!




F is quite the cappuccino-connoisseur so we decided to stop off at Esquire's coffeehouse for a post walk break and a bite to eat - they've got this sweet little nook which feels private and secret in comparison to the bustling surroundings - the lighting highlights every last imperfection on my skin though, but I don't care. I ordered a white hot chocolate and we shared slice of Snickers torte - like the more commercial version of Sacher torte!

Heading back down the highstreet, we both knew exactly where I was beelining for..

I like a place that lays out sheepskin throws to sit on if you're dining al fresco. And whilst they've a slightly odd concept of fusing interior retail with a patisserie, you can't help but stop at the window of Madame Posh (I'm equally dubious about the name choice too..) and press your nose against the glass in awe of the delicate viennoiserie and pastries. There's something about tiny, intricate cakes that speak to all of us aesthetically-driven souls right? We (read 'I', as F certainly didn't skip over macarons..) skipped out clutching a box of 16 macarons - which are particular chewy and dessert-like examples, the Rose and Violet flavours are my favourite!




This particular Sunday, we happened upon a global food festival which is just about my dream scenario. Among stalls of freshly fried churros, huge batches of paella, and loaded handcut chips, it was the hearty Peruvian wraps cooked over flame that caught my eye.




Snuggly grey scarf // Navy peacoat (old but similar) // The best black jeans

Grey suede boots (old but similar) // Mulberry Bayswater

Wander down to the bottom of the highstreet and keep going a little further and you'll come across a tiny Tudor-esque frontage with flowers outside whatever the season. Martyn Crossley's is one of my favourite florists - their interiors are always effortlessly and naturally styled, you must pop in, even if only for the soft waft of roses that fills the store.




After a sufficient amount of shopping, we made the 5 minute drive to the farm shop on Datchet Rd. I. Love. Farm shops. It's not something I'll ever be able to deny - that little buzz of excitement when we visit somewhere new and I hear on the grape vine of a farm shop nearby. Produce makes me excited OK? ;) We picked up some beets this time - I love and hate how they turn everything that deep shade of magenta.

Well guys, hope you enjoyed reading! Do let me know your thoughts on these kinds of seemingly aimless posts and have a wonderful day :)

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  1. those corgie plushies, though! i think this type of post is really lovely once in a while, a good peek to your daily life! now I can imagine how a day with you would look like :D ughhh coffee, cakes, then flowers. what a lovely sunday!

  2. Such beautiful photos! We visited Windsor last Summer and fall in love with the place so we'll coming back there for sure :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. !! I love it, you should definitely share more. It gives us the personal touch behind your amazing blog, that's for sure ;-) especially how you sound relaxed in these posts makes it seems like you're down-to-earth (not that you aren't usually lol) hehe. For me, it's the reverse: it's much easier to do lifestyle-related photos/post because essentially it's a mind blurb compared to products and doing the research. I'm the laziest hahahah.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  4. The food festival is very 3rd weekend of the month :). Took me ages to figure it out. I live 15 min drive from Windsor and spend lots of weekends pottering about there. Its especially beautiful when the suns out. I love the farm shop too they have lots in the butchers section, it is so expensive though which kind of defeats the whole point of farm shops in the first place.

    This is a lovely post, I find it very weird when I see them talking about areas I live in :) xx

    1. That's so great to know, thank you! And I know what you mean about seeing posts about places I frequent often! xx

  5. Absolutely stunning photography. Looks like you had a lovely time xx

    Rhi |

  6. Oh I so enjoyed this post lovely. What a perfect Sunday, I wanna drive up to Windsor and hang out with you! And you've totally inspired my to write the odd lifestyle post too. The photography is beautiful and well done F too!!

    Lisa xx

  7. Awww it looks so perfect and picturesque, much better than my lazy Sundays in bed!

    Danielle xx


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