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9 April 2016 3 comments

I haven't done a ramble/update for an awfully long time. I've definitely been guilty of getting caught up amongst every new makeup collection/product release etc, that I've neglected my lifestyle posts a little. This past week (read 'much longer') has been all change on this end, so I just thought I'd talk about it today. 

NEW HOUSE | I suppose the biggest thing at the moment is the move. We're finally all settled in now, and although the house is a mess, I'm already looking forward to making use of the new interior for future posts (couple of sneak peeks for you!). It's funny, before I've properly sorted out the kitchen, or frankly any other room in the house, 'photography corner' was already claimed and zoned off. Definitely something that bloggers will understand! In all honesty, I don't feel settled yet. It's a huge change and it sits among many other big changes going on atm, my life currently feels all up in the air (more about this later)! There's still a lot of faffing and sorting out to do, and I'm so appreciative of your support and patience during this busy and stressful time for me.


BLOG UPDATES | I've been giving a lot of thought to BTB aswell, over the past few months; as to where I'd like to take it, what it really represents for me. I think it's all too easy to get sucked in to a format or 'blogging ideal' that seems popular? but frankly, isn't really you. And I think I've been a little guilty of this. Or at least I've been a bit adhoc with what I choose to write about, because of worrying about readers, followers, stats and fitting in. Some of my Kbeauty posts haven't been as popular as others for example, but I love the topic. I'm passionate, and to be blunt, pretty damn knowledgeable about it, so it's something I want to share more of, I am Korean after all! After a lot of thought, I'm going to make a few changes here and there, one of them being a new blog design! which I'm really excited about and I've got some pretty big news to announce shortly that's currently in the pipeline, so hopefully that will all go well!

OTHER NEWS | In less 'serious' news! The new house and all has given me a fab opportunity to embrace minimalism, I'm really trying to cull a lot of my possessions, so I may well blog about that little journey too! Isn't it crazy what we accumulate?! I found stacks and stacks of mazagines hidden behind some furniture, as well as lamps, documents, mirrors, all squirreled away. On the subject of hoarding, does anyone else buy makeup/skincare and think it's far too beautiful/expensive to use so it just sits around looking pretty? I need to stop! My collection isn't in keeping with my new minimalist outlook!

I think I've wittered on enough for today, hope I haven't bored you all to death!

How has everyone else's week been? Has anyone else been embracing massive changes lately? 

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