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3 January 2016 3 comments

After a month of Christmas festivities, it's fair to say my skin looks.. pretty crap. Any ill treatment on my body and it immediately shows in my skin (does anyone else get this too?). 

So time to put down the Tokaji/panettone, and start reviving my unhappy skin back to health with some of my favourite products.

A Clay Mask. A cornerstone to getting my skin into good shape, there are many good clay masks on the market. I particular like the Ancient Clay Mask by Maple Holistics (review) as you can mix up your own formula depending on how your skin feels. The natural clays draw out toxins (after Crimbob, of which there are many..) and leaves me feeling well and truly detoxed.

A Hydrating Mist. I'm really into these to spritz on some hydration throughout the day. The Queen of Hungary mist yaass, or the Caudalie Beauty Elixir are favourites but I'm using Serozinc at the moment which helps with blemishes and has a continuous spray, my fave.

A Nourishing Cream. A lovely rich moisturiser with the emphasis on hydration is paramount, especially at this time. I whack on more than I need of the IOPE Moistgen Cream and just let it sink in. Sukin's Rosehip Cream is really lovely too.

A Nutritive Oil. If I've combated blemishes but my skin still resembles a croissant (puffy and flaky), I'll treat myself to a good, lymphatic massage with a cold pressed oil. Avocado oil (I use this one, it's very inexpensive) is full of oleic acid and vitamin among other things, so softens and nourishes skin and is great for reducing inflammation and redness.

A Hydrating Mask. Sheet masks are the quickest way to get my skin hydrated and looking ship shape. A good soak in the Innisfree Aloe Gel Mask or Second Skin masks whilst I'm multitasking and I feel so much better. I actually love the Tea Tree sheet masks for some added blemish and antibacterial help, or if I'm feeling generous I'll whip out my Manuka cream mask (review) after for extra goodness.

What are your fave products for stressed out skin??

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  1. I've actually never heard of many of these products however I'm now so intrigued to go out and try them. I'm always in need of a skin refresh in the winter time and these sound great!

    Isabelle | ♡

  2. My skin is so bad right now, thank you for this post it's so good!!
    Could you possibly check my blog out and give me some suggestion on what to do next like how to get people to view my blog. Thank you xx

  3. I've not heard of many of these products but I love that = you have me hooked. Need to do some research pronto!! My skin is so dry and crying from all the junk I've eaten over Christmas.
    Roll on Summer


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