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Birchbox, October 2015.

10 October 2015 4 comments





There's still something elementally exciting about receiving post. Especially if it's pink. And you know it's beauty products.

Bioderma (full size £10.20)

The best micellar water, I've used and loved this for years. I prefer the hydrating version (although it's a slim preference) but this adorable weeny bottle is perfect for travelling.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel (full size £8.50)

I've tried these before and love the rich, foamy lather you get from the tiniest pump. This scent isn't my favourite (I like the Zensation one) and SLS is listed as the second ingredient which doesn't enthuse me so I'm not sure whether or not this will end up in the purgatory of my 'lost and forgotten' products collection...

Jeff Chastain PARLOR Smoothing Blowout Spray (full size £17)

On the relatively rare occasion that I blowdry my hair, I get the feeling this might be the product I reach for. If it adds volume, ups shine and protects from heat as promised, I'll be a happy girl. Also it smells delicious (peachy, fresh, grassy wood), I couldn't help but spray a bit to see.

When Travelmate Sheet Mask (£25 for 4)

A heavy duty sheet mask (hello, right up my street) that allegedly makes light work of locking in moisture post long-haul flight etc. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited! I'm looking forward to whipping it out on the cold and biting winter day which I'll inevitably have to be out in.

English Laundry No.7 (full size £60)

'Rose geranium and creamy white flowers combine with musk to create an uplifting scent.' I'm not the biggest fans of perfumes being sent in beauty boxes. A lot of us have our favourite or signature scents already and perfumes are such a subjective thing. This one is a floral, fresh scent but not my cup of tea.


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze (£19)

So pretty. This 'tinted balm' (it's actually very pigmented) is 100% natural and really moisturising. I think they're a few months late with the colour because it's this gorgeous coral-y/tangerine/pink affair that would be perfect for summer. They've got some darker, richer shades so I think I'll be checking those out, especially as I love metal lipstick bullets.

What did you get in your Birchbox?!