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Best Beauty Buys, Ebay

27 August 2015 12 comments

Ebay can be a bit of a taboo when it comes to beauty products. If you've got a risk-it-for-a-biscuit attitude or have your wits about you then you'll be pretty comfortable, but you can easily get stung! Saying that, you can grab bargains and there's plenty of deals to be had. Here are a few of my favourite Ebay beauty buys.

Makeup Brushes. I think it's safe to say, everyone loves the Real Techniques brushes. I have a few of  their original blush brushes, they're one of my faves, and was intrigued to see how the Ebay dupes compare. In all honesty, they're pretty fabulous. Decent quality brush head, bristles, ferrel and handle; it's almost identical to the real thing. Whether it's a dupe or not, there are super inexpensive, good quality brushes to be had. (And of course I'll still be buying the real RT ones!)

Blush Brush // £1.33

Acrylic Storage. Clear, simple storage is a favourite among many but it's easy to clock up a hefty bill on a full Muji (or otherwise) setup, I should know... I picked up these fab lipstick holders for a mere tuppence, that I use to store my samples. Seeing the little tubes all lined up brings me no end of joy! The quality obviously isn't as good but it's less than the price of a coffee, so well worth it.

Lashes. I went through a phase of heavy individual-lash-addiction, and buying pack after pack from the drugstore (or even pricier ones) wasn't the cheapest of habits! Turns out they're much cheaper on Ebay and there's a bigger selection of styles. 

Asian Sheet Masks. I love a couple of the inexpensive mask brands like My Beauty Diary or My Scheming and, as they're not the easiest things to get hold of, have been procurring mine from Ebay for years! (You can check out the links to see which sellers I use, I've had no problems whatsoever.)

My Beauty Diary Brightening Lemon Masks x10 with UK delivery // £11.99

Hair Accessories. Curly-wurly-swirly, spiral pins are my favourite for getting my hair up and out of my face. They don't damage or kink up your hair and are surprisingly secure. Similarly, the coiled hairties have the same qualities. You can pick both up on Ebay for a steal. 

Spiral Pins x10 // £3.29

What are your favourite beauty buys from Ebay?? Share with us below!