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GIVEAWAY: £50 Giftcard with CLOSED

17 July 2015 4 comments

I spend a disproportionate amount of time daydreaming about my ideal interior or browsing/pinning the 'perfect aesthetic' (to the detriment of any productivity I had planned that day!) and provide me with some inspiration. I mean, just take a look at my Pinterest..

Thank goodness, there are havens like who allow us to turn these mood boards into reality.

There's bucket-loads of high quality items on their site to fit whatever theme you're proposing, and I've happily been allowed to give away a £50 Giftcard to one of my lucky readers! There are no strings, no minimum purchase necessary, no expiry date, you can spend it on whatever fabulous pieces you choose from their site, and it's available to all of you in the UK and Ireland.

I've chosen a few of my fave picks (above) which inevitably display a blue & white/nautical theme - just gorgeous.

The giveaway will run from noon JULY 17th 2015 until 11:59am AUGUST 17th 2015 (London/GMT) and is open to all UK and Ireland applicants. Good luck everyone!

P.s, not that this should sway you (it totally will), they have a whole page of picnic hampers. (The one I've chosen is boat themed. *swoon*) Just saying.