Weight Loss Journey: Week 6 Update


Today, instead of a recipe, I thought I'd do my first, all-encompassing update on my weight loss journey to date. Slightly rambly but a lot more personal.
I started exactly 6 weeks ago and although I've eaten out a lot, had copious amounts of naughty food, and eaten so well it hardly feels like a 'diet' at all, as of this morning, I've lost a good few inches and a nice, steady 3lbs a week or 18 lbs! 

I actually think it's much more helpful to go by what body percentage you've lost rather than numerical pounds, as losing 1lb if you're 300lbs or 140lbs, although both an achievement, are quite different things. I'm not (yet) going to share with you my %'s but I'm very happy with them! Maybe once I'm at or near my target weight I'll do one great big post with all the numbers and methods of diet and exercise I used to lose the weight! (Do comment below if you'd like to see that)

One of the things I've struggled with most are my own expectations. I used to be the crash-diet-girl, to the point where I'd lie about what I'd eaten and worry my friends silly with my ridiculous and unhealthy weight loss methods. But however unhealthy, they worked. I dropped weight fast (quite possibly to the detriment of my health!) and as this is the first time I haven't crash dieted, I'm getting frustrated with how comparatively slowly I'm losing the weight! I just keep having to tell myself that losing weight quickly is extremely bad for you. In fact I'll show you.

This is me practising makeup for an event. At the time I thought "Excellent, I've lost x lbs!" But looking back,  even with a full face of makeup on, I just look tired in the eyes and a bit ill. And not to mention, not even that thin.

Looking weight too quickly makes you eat into muscle, you dehydrate yourself, you put pressure on your organs and for the vain among us, there's a good chance you'll end up with loose skin, if you have more than a little weight to lose; which for me at least, would be disastrous. I think, if I'm honest, it's vanity and fear that are keeping me from succumbing to my old crash diet ways. And I'm ok with that! It's about utilising whatever you have in your arsenal and making it work for you.

Here are some things I have eaten: (omitting the naughty things, I couldn't face recording the evidence in high resolution!)

 Chicken, mushroom and broccoli rice pot: Ping Pong Soho

Figs, brie and parma ham on toasted sourdough

Sunset plums

Smoked salmon and avocado on toasted pumpkin seed bread

California hand roll: Yo Sushi

Pulled ham hock, chilli and ACV dressing on a chopped salad

Charred chicken breast with roasty garlic mushrooms, broccoli and peas

Graze Box: yum!

Berry smoothie 

And here is the most adorable idea and one that I shall be pinching:

1 2 3 4
I'm going to fill mine with little glass pebbles but you can use anything; shells, marbles, corks, pegs, sticks etc.
And be creative with the labelling! I love these Jabba the flab to bikini body and Baggy black sack to bikini ideas!


  1. this food looks so delicious and healthy :)


  2. well done doll! 18lbs in 6 weeks in an incredible achievement, dont let yourself get obcessed with the weight falling off any quicker. slowly is 1000% healthier and you'll have more chance of keeping it off in the long run.
    ive totally slipped with #WLW, i havent put on any weight and am still losing slowly but havent blogged in ages *slapped wrist*
    need to get back on it tonight

  3. Well done. Loosing weight steady and slowly it so much healthier and you are still about to go out and treat yourself!..


  4. Such a great post and you're doing so well - and god I think you look gorge in that photo! And I absolutely LOVE that pebble in a jar idea ! xxx

  5. well done misses, super proud of you!


  6. Great post. It's wonderful how motivated you are! I hope you reach your goal :) x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

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