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Budget Autumn/Fall Lips :)

3 November 2013 0 comments

I've seen quite a few posts on all the gorgeous fall lip colours that are around at the moment, MAC Rebel being a prominent one!

Just a quick post to introduce to you guys some of my fave fall lips. I thought I would show you a few lip colours from my collection that are great for autumn/winter and are super affordable!

From left to right: 

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 170 Alarm £4.99

2. MUA Lipboom in LMK £3.00

3. Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in 3 Revenge £2.99

4. Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Forbidden £7.99

5. Une Sheer Lips Balm in S17 £1.99

The Revlon lipstain is not your standard fall colour; a 90's style brown which doesn't sound amazing but it looks great on the lips! I will doing followup posts including this lipstain so check those in the near future :) 

MUA LMK / Rimmel Alarm / Collection Revenge / Une S17

Rimmel's Alarm is a gorgeous red, which is a little predictable but who could resist wearing red in the fall!

MUA's LMK comes with a glittery pink lipgloss on the opposite end but the lipstick itself is the most gorgeous, dark, vampy purple. The colour comes out a very dark oxblood and works perfectly with MAC's Currant lipliner (which I seem to have misplaced! I was looking for it for this post :/) I tried to apply this lightly so you could see the colour!

Collection have introduced 3 new colours in their Gothic Glam collection this fall and this was my choice colour! The lipsticks have a gorgeous texture and are really wonderfully pigmented, you can easily apply straight from the tube, in 1 coat, and be good to go! I got mine at Superdrug and they are so affordable at only £2.99! (Again, I tried to apply it lightly so that you could see the colour! It's very much buildable though to get a more dramatic and vampy colour, with 2 coats it comes out more of a red/burgundy tone than the MUA lipstick which comes out more dark/purpley. )

Lastly, UNE (which I believe is part of Bourjois) have these gorgeous sheer lipbalms which come in an amazing range of nude colours, but the darker ones work so well if you want something a little more subtle this autumn. I picked mine up at Fragrance Direct for a measly £1.99! They have a number of other inexpensive beauty products so it's well worth checking it out! In the picture it really just looks like a nude but I think that's partly due to quite bright lights :)

Une S17 / MUA LMK / Rimmel Alarm / Collection Revenge / Revlon Forbidden

What are your favourite lip colours this autumn???