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Autumnal Beauty.

7 November 2021 2 comments


I've had no focus on beauty for a while - it feels good to talk about it again!

My skin, as with most's, shifts it's needs throughout the seasons and I like to take that opportunity to rotate my beauty regime or try something new.



Kicking things off, I've a new mask that I've been eyeing from afar for some time. Barbara Sturm's face mask promises to soothe and hydrate - something my currently reactive and stressed skin is grateful for. I find some masks containing clay too drying, but here that's not a worry as it's countered with sweet almond oil, aloe, vitamin E. I personally advocate leaving this on for a lot longer than the ~10 minutes suggested to amplify it's effects.

This mask is available at Skinstation, a Guernsey-based, new-to-me retailer that stock the full Barbara Sturm range as well as other luxury, science-backed skincare brands like Obagi, MZ Skin and Skinceuticals all at competitive prices. Well worth a perusal.


What beauty post of mine would be without mention of La Mer? The Concentrate always makes it's way into my routine around this time of year, but this year in particular it's joined by The Hydrating Infused Emulsion, La Mer's newest product. Somewhere in between a serum and a lotion, it's an excellent layering step to add lasting hydration to your skincare routine.

I think it's already apparent that terms such as 'hydration', 'soothing' and 'repair' make up the bulk of what I favour using at the moment, and so I must give mention to the Evolve Beauty cream (found in their Christmas Full Glow duo - an excellent stocking filler), the RNW ceramide concentrate and Nuori's Vital Unifier. Each are gentle, hydrating and restorative.

As a gentle exfoliant, I really recommend mandelic acid. It's less potent and therefore irritating than the other AHA's yet works well on pigmentation. If you follow my IG, you'll know I really enjoy the mandelic serum from Allies of Skin, but I've recently been trying Wishtrend's offering which has impressed so far.


A quick reminder to keep up the SPF in the autumnal/winter months! My current is the Sioris sunscreen.


A couple of more arbitrary items I'd like to mention start with essential oils. I have been a long time lover of Aromatherapy Essentials discovery sets. I was trying to explain to F the other day that aside from the lovely scents, there's something psychological about using them especially during this incredibly testing time for me. Either find the scent you're most drawn to at a given time, or pick the name you feel like you need the most support with. It's sensory and mental wellbeing.



My last product of note are for my nails and what I do in between gel manicures. I've been working with Madam Glam for some time and love their polishes. As a nail polish noob their gels are so forgiving, smoothing on without any effort and lasting 10-14 days (on nails that would ordinarily chip in a day). My favourite shades at the moment are Dark Side, a deep burgundy, and Soft Pink, the perfect sheer ballet slipper hue. My only downside to gel nails is removal - quite potentially because I'm impatient. To try and mitigate damage, I use Dior's Creme Abricot (one little tub will last you forever) and the Sunday Healing Basecoat.

I would love to hear of your autumnal beauty favourites.



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