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Late Summer Style + An Update.

29 August 2021 0 comments


Well hello, it's been a little while since I last posted hasn't it?

If you don't already know, an awful lot has happened in my life - especially over the last six months, which continues to play out. My father had a terrible accident which put him in hospital for 8/9 days. He's already a sufferer of Dementia in Parkinson's disease and has complex health needs so this was devastating for him. We were victims of a horrible crime the same day as his accident, and he was also given a palliative diagnosis of liver failure not long after he returned from hospital - so it's been, well, a lot. More than I've known how to handle. My life has been turned upside down, absolutely.

I am working through things though, via therapy (actual therapy not retail this time), which I've really tried to be open with and I think it's having a beneficial effect.

Little update aside, here are some favourites I've enjoyed lately as well as some style pieces I've my eye on:

Music: John Mayer's new(ish) album, World music, bossa nova, Can You Stand The Rain and other modern R&B classics.
Skincare: Skinceuticals HA, La Mer, Allies of Skin mandelic.
Foods: dipping toast into golden yolks, prawn pasta, fried aubergine, kimchi rice.


What are your favourites?