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A Life Update.

2 November 2019 0 comments

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The thought of posting on here has popped into my head around.. once or twice a week for the last several weeks but for whatever reason at the time, I've eschewed it with a firm hand and here we are. 

Rather than just throw some new content at you as if my little hiatus didn't happen, I just want to spend this post having a bit of a chat and sharing a bit of what's been on my mind.

I can't deny that I haven't been a busy little bee lately. We went to Portugal (which is what I'll probably share next?), then it was F's birthday (had a lovely quiet time, dinner etc), then my birthday (we went to Bath, always a pleasure), some friends came over from NI and we spent time with them, there's been a lot going on with my father medically and legally that I need to sort out (as ever? I've got a to-do list as long as my arm and I legitimately feel frazzled from trying to organise everything) and I've been having some personal health issues of my own that have been getting me down. I actually had another GP appointment today with a different doctor and it was just a really.. disheartening experience. I just don't feel like I was heard. She made comment about my weight and didn't allow me to give context as to why I'm worrying. I just came away feeling really crap about it and phoned F up (who was watching the rugby final with friends) and cried. And then I had to take myself round some interiors shops and buy myself something sweet to pull myself together before coming back to my parents house (because I'm here this weekend helping them out with stuff) and acting like everything is fine because I don't want to worry them. My mother really has enough on her plate.

And now I think I might have a migraine coming on, and it's really not the best idea for me to be sitting here typing away looking at screens but so be it. 

Being away/being with F and birthdays were all just wonderful by the way - it's not all doom and gloom! I'm just in my own head at the moment and can't shake myself out of this spell just yet.  If you're wondering what I got (because I feel like other than what we did, it's all people ask!) I finally upgraded my phone to the new Pro yayyyyy! And F got me the most beaauuuutiful earrings whilst in Porto, and a sneaky little tub of La Mer.. *heart eyes* 

I'm a bit stumped with the direction I want to take blogging too, if really at all? My IG engagement is crap but I don't really have the mental or emotional wherewithal to do anything about it. I'm having a little renaissance for beauty content at the moment but I don't think being a 'beauty blogger' is ultimately for me - although it's always tempting because it's easy. You can round up your current favourites and shoot them whatever the weather, and I can take my own photos because I don't need to be in them - meaning I don't even have to be dressed or bother to do my hair or cleanse my skin. Or bother F into taking some for me. Great. And then there's the inarguable fact that I don't need to be buying any more beauty products. Apart from Chanel mascara because that's about the one thing I can't live without that I'm not sent in PR. And the sheer amount of launches is just overwhelming. It directly makes me want to purchase less. I've been enjoying a far less convoluted makeup and skincare regime - just opting to keep and use my real favourites. Less of my mental and physical space is devoted to beauty and I think that's a really good thing. 

Saying all of that, I am planning an updated look into my current beauty favourites so.. ;) Well it's been a while!

Boy do I feel out of touch with writing up posts already! If you do have any ideas as to what upcoming content you'd like to see from me then I am all ears. I think I'm going to share Lisbon next - because our experience wasn't one we were expecting.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend - dependent on the headache, I'm going to spend the evening watching Strictly (escapism) with a Guzillionaires GU pot or two (recently posted about them on my IG, they're an addiction).