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10 January 2019 3 comments



That's a big sigh as I flop into a squashy armchair and place my drink of honeyed ginger tea on the table next to me.

I hope you're not suffering too much from everything reverting back to normal after the festive season, and that you're putting all those self-kindness tips into practice!

To be frank, if I'm not careful, the return to the everyday at the start of the year can sometimes get me a bit down. F usually takes a few weeks off in December so maybe it's getting used to not seeing him as much again, or feeling a bit run down from my father and his illness but whatever it is, I feel as if I need a bit of a pick-me-up. And whilst there are many free/inexpensive ways to bring happiness into your life, sometimes it's only a good shop that'll cut it..

Made all the more satisfying because I need not leave the aforementioned squishy armchair to do so..

One thing in favour of the retail-therapist, is that the new year most often brings with it new stock, and fresh fodder to dip our toes into. Something about the new year also makes me want to shun jewel tones, burgundies and black and look forward to the somewhat pastel palette of springtime - which I like to take as an excuse to revamp my wardrobe. I'm enamoured with these delicate little mules and this white, ruffled shirt. As well as off-white jeans. Who knew. La Redoute's Mademoiselle R range have some adorable knitwear too that I've my eye on.

Here are some more of my style must-haves that are either on my wishlist, in my basket or already on their way to casa BTB!