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16 October 2018 6 comments


It's been a while since I spoke about hair, and there have been quite a few additions I've made to my collection, as well as some old favourites that you might have seen before (don't worry Oribe I'll always love you).




I've been making an effort to make sure my hair is better conditioned. I've the hair type that needs this all year round but the seasonal changes and central heating etc seem to exacerbate my hair's frizziness and breakability to no end. I'm picky when it comes to hair masks but the Coco & Eve coconut and fig mask is di-vine. I gave it a brief mention in my latest 10 Things - a hot, steamy bath helps the moisturising process even more.

I spoke about the Living Proof Night Cap in my last haircare routine post and it's something I've repurchased since - so great for helping to tame and style if you're air drying your hair and trying to avoid any heat whatsoever. Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is one that I've gone back to after a long hiatus, but classics are classics for a reason aren't they? Separate your hair into sections and work a little of the product through each small section for best results.



A couple of really fab tools and accessories I love are the Wet Brush and Silke hair ties (in the shade Coco) - I couldn't be without either now! I thought those curly-wurly telephone-cable ties were the pinnacle of hair-securing for me but now I've upgraded to silk (how bourgeois..) it's hard to go back ;) Definitely two products I would absolutely recommend to everyone, no matter your hair type.


For sprays and styling, I still keep things very simple on a day to day basis but there are a few products I like to keep on hand. A good dry shampoo for a start, and my absolute favourite is Living Proof's - it doesn't leave a white residue in my very dark hair, doesn't feel disgusting and paste-like like some dry shampoos I could mention.. and smells pleasant and not overwhelming. Sticking with Living Proof, their No Frizz Humidity spray is my favourite hair spray. It's the only one that tames frizz for me, so an easy winner. I really like Christophe Robin's Volumizing Mist because it's light, smells lovely (of rose) and is so gentle on my hair and scalp - something that's really important to me.


Lastly, I must give a quick mention to Hum's Hair Sweet Hair gummies. They've a small range of ingredients but it's the 5000mcg of biotin I'm mainly interested in. I'm absolutely terrible at being consistent with taking supplements but gummies make things a lot easier - the nicest way to take vitamins.

Of course I still love my Oribe products, and in fact all of the other products mentioned in my Haircare Favourites part 1, if you feel inclined to have a read. Here's to better hair this autumn!


Some products mentioned in this post were sent to me, and some links may be affiliate. Both of these things in no way impact my views, which remain entirely my own. Thank you.