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27 December 2017 11 comments

Now that the year is coming to an end (and where on earth did that go?), it's the perfect time for a favourite of all favourites. Today, I've got the well-loved, newer and old, that I always come back to, the skincare, makeup and bits and pieces that I rely on - the Best In Beauty 2017!

Hope you enjoy :)


Verso // If you've not heard of or tried Verso, then I urge you to add a product of theirs to your basket during your next online shop. A really simple range of retinols (and therefore anti-agers), they've a lovely texture and feel on the skin and are incredibly gentle for all the retinoids they include. The Day cream and Night cream/serum make a lovely duo. Even though I'm really trying to cut down on beauty products, they've added some new items to their line, so there's always that to consider for next year.. ;)

Sunday Riley Good Genes (UK | US) // Granted I first tried this a couple of years ago, but found at the time that it was too harsh for my younger skin. I gave it another go in 2017 though and my (clearly aging!) skin lapped it up. I still find it a little too strong for all over my face but it works so well for the fine lines on my foredhead. In fact, I'm yet to find anything better for that purpose!

Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi c/o Skinsider // I imagine the incredibly reminiscent scent of honeysuckle has a part to play in why I love this skincare line so much, but that sweet, enticing memory aside, a few drops of the Essence Oil followed by a pump or two of the Deep Repair Moisturiser, leaves my skin feeling and looking hydrated and glowing. Always.

Caudalie (UK | US) // It's been an absolute pleasure to have worked this year with a brand whose products I love quite so much. There's not a single product within their range that a) I haven't enjoyed, and b) doesn't smell delightfully botanical, and their rather iconic Beauty Elixir is arguably my favourite of them all.

Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste // I know this hasn't been a member of my beauty family for very long, comparatively, but I thoroughly enjoy this vitamin C treatment. It's free of grit or teflon-like slip that's commonplace among many vitamin C products and it's wonderfully simple and effective. I'm very much looking forward to trying out more from Lixirskin next year.


Stila palettes // I've a lot to love about Stila as a brand. And I've loved their palettes in particular this year. Their 12 pan palettes (inc this gorgeous Matte & Metallic one) and Eye & Cheek palettes make for wonderful travel companions - the latter a great alternative for the CT palettes mentioned later on, the former having a great array of wondrously blendable crease colours.

Tanya Burr shadows // Surprisingly smooth and creamy, I've loved the Birthday Suit palette I picked up earlier in the year - the Toast shade is just an everyday favourite, and actually, quite possibly the everyday favourite. Must add though that I despise the cheap-y, cardboard packaging, but a quick depot into a MAC palette quickly solved that!

Anastasia BH eyeshadows c/o // Now that Anastasia products are available on Feelunique, they sent me, the Anastasia newbie, a few pieces to try and I've fallen in love with their shadows. I don't remember swatching something quite so smooth and pigmented!


La Mer foundation (UK | US) // If you've been keeping up with my beauty posts recently, I'm sure you'll be utterly tired of me talking about this foundation..! I love this most applied with an Artis brush, so I can get it on in a flash, and I need nothing else. It looks gorgeous from the moment applied, to the end of the day.

CT palettes (UK | US) // I've lived out of a suitcase quite a bit this year, and yet, I'm still no better at packing.. ;) When I'm really in a rush and need to grab something that's compact and versatile, I reach for these palettes.

Surratt blushes (UK | US) // If you're after the smoothest, most blendable powders (and let's face it, I say that like there are people that aren't..), then friends, search no longer! I'm building up a small collection of Surratt blushes, each one as beautiful as the last.

Perricone makeup (UK | US) c/o // With my preferences in makeup, it's a wonder that it's taken me until this year to try the no-makeup line from Perricone - their highlighter gives the most gorgeous candlelit glow.


Oribe // I'm sure this will be no surprise to you. I've been adding to my luxury haircare collection this year, and Oribe makes up the bulk of it. Their Supershine cream adds shine, protects, conditions and smells wonderful - it lasts such a long time as well as you need all but a teeny squeeze of it at a time.


Leighton Denny nails // I'm a serial nail polish chipper. It doesn't matter what kind of polish or topcoat I use, it'll chip within... A DAY? But I managed to keep Leighton Denny's Burgundy on my nails for about 8 before it chipped enough to take off - I've already ordered more shades!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and are continuing to celebrate 'Together-time' - I'd love to hear what products have made your 2017 Hall Of Fame :)