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22 October 2017 7 comments


F and I are back from this round of birthday celebrations, and whilst we had an exquisite time, I'm having a bit of a home-bunny moment. It's an impeccable day, all golden and blustery and my desk is speckled with autumnal light at the moment - the kind of light that would be 'just perfect' for some photography, but rather than hurry to fetch the camera, I'm just going to enjoy it.

I've been sitting on a 'proper beauty post', in fact, this particular beauty post, for some time, collating some of the items that have seen most action in my beauty cabinet now that we're firmly into autumn, and this fine autumn day seems like the perfect time to share some of my thoughts with you. I've got my ginger and pine nut tea on the ready, and I've gone all 'autumnal glow' with the photo editing too so hope you enjoy!


Starting with skin, I've definitely tried to inch my routine towards being more gentle, and I suppose thinking about anti-aging now that I'm over the hump of my mid-twenties.

Verso Cleanser (US | UK)

The latest addition to my Verso collection, I'm not usually a fan of foaming cleansers but this one is worth all of it's price tag in my eyes. Rather than foamy and aerated, it has a voluptuous, creamy texture that makes cleansing a pleasure. A great one to use with a Clarisonic too.

Tony Moly Sun Oil (US | UK)

This innovative SPF 50 still has my interest piqued. Even though we're into the autumn months, I forever aim to get at least an SPF 30 onto my face every morning.


Caudalie Resveratrol Lift (US | UK)

My go-to, most versatile cream of the moment c/o Caudalie. It has such a lovely, rich texture that plumps my skin sufficiently for the day, and I love to mix in a drop of the Odacite above at night.

Pestle + Mortar Retinol (US | UK)

I've dabbled in quite a few retinol products (or, strictly speaking, retinoids) and this is one I loyally come back to. Not to mention how good it is for super lazy evening routines, it needs nothing else.

The Ordinary Glycolic (US | UK)

This glycolic toner is strong, so I use it sparingly. It is, however, the best glycolic toner I've yet tried and is cheap as chips. Almost literally. It really helps to manage my pores, and keep those dreadful zits at bay.


Odacite Po + R c/o Cult Beauty (US | UK)

I see these lovely, terribly-teeny ampoules as boosters to my skincare routine. Whilst they can be applied neat, I tend to mix a drop or two of the concentrated elixir into my moisturiser for an extra boost - especially after a day out bracing the October wind.

Iunik Propolis Serum (US | UK)

I'm reporting back on these since my first mention, and I'm happy to say I love both Iunik products I've had the good fortune to try c/o Unique4u. The propolis serum is somewhat comparable to Banila Co's Honey Flower Essence, and really offers my skin a lot of hydration and liveliness. A lovely Kbeauty brand that's well worth checking out.

Mauli Hair Oil (US | UK)

I love the ethos behind this ayurvedic brand, and their hair oil has quickly become one of my favourites. There are plenty of oils and extracts to repair and nourish the scalp, and I add a few drops to my ends too for good measure.


Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste (US | UK)

For when my hair and scalp needs a really deep clean. What starts off looking like a brown sugar scrub, turns into a gently foaming, rose-scented treatment that cleans, purifies and leaves my hair weightless and fluffy, ready to be tamed with some serum/oil.

Argan Oil Serum

I've been using this silicone-heavy serum for donkey's years and I've no intention of stopping. My hair has a serious inclination to tangle up and smoothing a little of this through my lengths and ends helps no end in my quest for anti-birds-nest-ing.


For the days that I wear makeup (and that's becoming increasingly rare, saved for when I'm out and about), I like to go peachy and perky with my colours, even though it's autumn, and rich berry tones are much more in favour.


Becca Apres Ski Glow Eye Palette (US | UK)

I rarely treat myself to a glitzy eyeshadow palette like this, so was positively thrilled to open it up, along with some other bits and pieces c/o Cult Beauty, when we returned home after my birthday. A little artist's palette of shimmery, dry-to-the-touch, neutrals, the rose-gold of Opal is the most stunning shade - which looks even more spectacular when dampened with a little Fix+.


Becca Ombre Nude/Rouge Palettes (US | UK)

I've all the love for these palettes, because between the two, I've every shade I'm likely to need! Pigmented mattes that are the perfect grounding for the showy sparklers of the Apres Ski palette above, they blend out beautifully, and the rich, dark shades at the end are perfect for a quick liner.

Tom Ford Foundation Stick (US | UK)

I went off this one during the warmer months as it was a little too dewy on my skin, but for autumn evenings, it's wonderful. One trick that I like to exploit with this base, is to apply the lightest of dustings of Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy powder first, buff off, leave for a few minutes, then apply the TF stick with an Artis brush - it makes it last all day, and look exquisite.


Estee Lauder Water Fresh Foundation (US | UK)

I've never been a fan of the original Double Wear as it's incredibly heavy for me, but Estee's latest iteration is a much more silky, lightweight formula that still offers coverage. Best used with a beauty blender of sorts, and I even take a little serum or moisturiser on my sponge at the end to sheer out the edges.

Dior Polish (US | UK)

Dior's Skyline polish c.2016 is my very favourite autumnal, burgundy-barbeque-sauce shade that's perfectly passable in one coat.

I must also give mention to the M&S Argan Oil Nail Polishes because the formula is top notch - smooth, opaque and somewhat self-levelling, they're terribly underrated.

Surratt Blushes (US | UK)

I'm slowly building a little collection of these beautiful blushes, I can't resist their buttery texture. Parfait, a peachy/corally-pink, is my latest addition and looks supremely flattering for a fresh, enlivened complexion.

Tom Ford Girls (US | UK)

I resent the fact that these new lippies from Tom Ford are so miserably small in size, but some of the shades are just irresistable. Zoe, is my perfect day lip, a nude-ish pink with a hint of coral that brings life to my complexion, whether it's complimenting a full face, or much more likely, adding a little colour to a tinted moisturiser and brow gel.

And for those of you in the UK, I'll let you into a little secret: Primark's High Shine Lipstick Crayon in Nude Glow is really similar in both colour and texture, and a great little steal if you want to save some pennies.

T to B: MUFE Pro Sculpting Blush // Surratt Parfait // Tom Ford Zoe // Primark Nude Glow


Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette in Light (US | UK)

This compact, little palette has so much punch and pigment, that extremely little goes a very long way. Complete with everything you need for a naturally made-up cheek, it's my new travel go-to.

What's in your autumn beauty arsenal?

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