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15 September 2017 4 comments


S H A V E   O F F   T H E   H O U R S

I think it's apt that I'm currently sitting here, writing this, on the floor, surrounded by shelf upon shelf, drawer upon drawer of beauty products and gizmos..

I was having a think about the unnecessary length of our beauty routines, and ways in which I could shave off some time, to put towards some arguably more meaningful or productive activities. I'm sharing a few ideas today, so I hope you enjoy!




Hair removal is just something I wish would happen automagically, dont you? The dark hairs on my legs need shaving every few days, which is quite the chore, and the alternative of waxing costs a pretty penny if you're forking out anything from £30-50 per session.

My answer? At home IPL hair removal! Granted, there's the initial outlay, but one hair removal session every 2 or so months? Sign me up! I've been umming and ahhing about investing, but I think I might finally take the plunge - I'd love to hear if you use one already!


The ultimate in lazy-girl-efficiency is to make the very most of the time we spend asleep.

I always try and put castor oil on my lashes overnight, as curling my lashes daily, and the stubborn, waterproof mascara I wear can take it's toll. Foot masks or Unpetroleum Jelly is great too for baby-soft heels - just apply a generous amount at bedtime and pop on some socks.

I don't like to use heat on my hair as it's both time-consuming and damaging, so have resorted to testing out methods to wave my hair in my sleep. My best, and most favourite approach is to encourage my hair into a high pony and keep twisting until it twists upon itself into a bun. Secure with a coil-tie and wake up with soft curls. Likewise, if I know I'm not washing my hair the next morning, I'll apply a generous spray of dry shampoo the night before - it really has time to soak up any excess oil and settle in my sleep, before I brush it out in the morning, a great tip for dark hair especially.




Aside from saving you oodles of time, I think that using fewer products can really benefit your skin.

It seems fashionable at the moment to own lots of skincare, and have an extensive routine, what with the likes of the supposed 10-15 step Korean routine, and bloggers like me around to enable you into picking up something new!

I've really cut back on my skincare more recently and it's been such a positive change. I think our skin is more sensitive than we think, and can easily be overwhelmed with a) too many products and b) by not using them correctly.

I've really tried to focus in on cutting down on the products I use, maybe using 3 or 4 in the morning and evening, and creating a capsule collection of good quality items to dabble in - still with enough choice and variety to satiate my beauty lust ;)


I'm all about a quick and speedy makeup application, and using stick products and fingers is one of the quickest ways to get out of the door!

For skin, I either use concealer just where I need it rather than foundation all over, or a skin-smoothing tint, like this favourite, that I can quickly rub in. For eyes and cheeks, cream sticks or tubes allow me to be out the door in a flash. I'm not keen on lid-shimmer for everyday, so the matte Burberry shadow sticks are perfect - really creamy and smooth, and last all day.

I always look for tinted products that have some kind of plumping or smoothing ability - like this tinted moisturiser, and the Burberry lip tints. They're quite gel-like on the lips and offer a sheer, natural colour.

(I've also got some blush favourites here and my speedy 5 min makeup here f you're in need of more ideas!)




Especially as we're heading into autumn and winter, where the light can't always be relied upon, I find an illuminated mirror, like this top-notch number, to be my best friend on a dreary morning. (There's nothing worse than thinking you've blended everything perfectly, before getting to the office to find your face looking blotchy! It doesn't matter how well-practised you are with makeup, it happens to the best of us!)

I think hair straightening brushes have got a bit of a bad rap because they haven't always lived up to people's expectations. I think some, probably unfairly, think that it'll take you straight from curly and coarse, to pinstraight and sleek in one swoop, but for vaguely straight/wavy hair like mine, it's a super quick method to go from wet to styled hair if you need to be out the door quick!

What are your favourite time-saving tips?? 

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