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28 September 2017 3 comments

S U M M E R   W A R D R O B E   O U T ,   C O S Y   C L O T H I N G   I N

I don't often share wishlists here on my blog, but there's something about the change in seasons that gives me very itchy fingers to go shopping.. (and I rather enjoyed putting together this collage!) Even more so when I'm able to sit with laptop somewhat precariously balanced on knee, and cup of tea (currently Clipper Flower Power) at hand, able to peruse my favourite online stores at leisure.

As is entirely predictable, my current wishlist-come-shopping list is made up of Hygge-style home-comforts, cosy layering items and a few new books to inspire in the kitchen. As far as clothing goes, two pieces of particular mention are this perfectly proportioned coat, and the closest way to socially acceptably wear a blanket out and about ;)

In the kitchen, I'm on yet another of my 'cookbook kicks' and truth be told, I've already picked up The Wholefood Pantry, and it's currently making for a lovely bedtime read - I've definitely become accustomed to forgoing fiction and thumbing through recipe or wellness books at night. The autumn equinox also signals the green light for evenings of hot cocoa in Casa BTB, so how can I resist adding a few more mugs to my collection? I shared my Gingerbread Nutella hot chocolate last year (still a favourite), and I'm looking forward to play about with more flavours now that the weather is cooling off.

What's on your wishlist this autumn?

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