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19 March 2017 22 comments


R O S E   +   N U D E S   F O R   S P R I N G

I do love seeing what products have made it into people's makeup bags. I feel like it's the true test as to whether an item has made the cut or falls short. Today I'm sharing what's in my current rotation, including a few products that I managed to sneakily pick up just before my self imposed beauty spending ban! Naughty. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!




HOURGLASS VANISH FOUNDATION in Linen - I'm not a lover of the full coverage foundation, so wasn't that excited when the Vanish foundation stick launched last year, but I think I was worn down, by seeing it all over Youtube predominantly, into swatching it at Liberty whilst I was in London the other month, and thought it was really something I could work with. Whilst it is unarguably fuller in coverage than I'd ordinarily go for, it doesn't feel at all heavy on the skin and I use it more like a concealer - applying just a tiny bit to the centre of my face and blending out from there with a dense brush. With this method, it ends up looking lovely and natural, with a velvety finish that lasts all day - it's definitely won me over.

BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL CONCEALER - After really struggling with finding something that just sits nicely on my skin, I'd recently reached the point of giving up with concealer completely and accepting that dark circles might just be a feature of my appearance forever. Fortunately, Bourjois' Radiance Reveal concealer has a wonderful texture - not too slippery and light, but equally not thick nor heavy. It's great for under the eyes, and I do really enjoy Bourjois' shade undertones - they're one of the best at the drugstore at getting that neutral-slightly-yellow tone to their base products.


YSL COUTURE CONTOUR in 01 - For fair skintones, and for those who enjoy subtle shading, this palette is just perfection. The contour shade has just the right amount of ashy undertones and blends beautifully on the skin. The highlighting shade is subtly stunning and gives a faint hint of natural luminescence as opposed to full on sparkle. (P.S - shade 1 = so much better than shade 2.)

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH HIGHLIGHTER in Rosebud - For days you want more. This beautiful loose powder (full review here) is a gorgeous mix of icy champagne tones that really catch the light. You can apply this sparingly and blend well for a more natural sheen, or build it up to achieve an Insta-ready glow.


SURRATT ARTISTIQUE BLUSH in La Vie En Rose - I'm so in love with this blush. It's wonderfully fine and creamy in texture and imparts a beautifully rosy flush to my cheeks. Surratt states these blushes start out life as a liquid, before being pressed, and you can experience the blendability and softness to the formula. Having compared it to other blushes I own, it's actually very similar to both Burberry's Cameo (another favourite) - which is slightly more pigmented and cooler in tone, and Hourglass' Mood Exposure - has much more of a sheen and includes those lilac/bronze-y pigments. On the cheeks though, they're all very similar, I just happen to feel the need to own all three ;) as they're such universal, 'everyday' hues.

BECCA BEACH TINT in Fig - I must say that for 20 of my fine sterling, the amount of product you receive in these Becca Beach Tints is laughable! (although I suppose it makes them good for travel). Nevertheless, I really enjoy the water resistant lip-cheek cream itself. Fig is a beautiful nude that gives my cheeks a hint of a healthy glow, and I do find that layering this under a powder blush makes my cheek colour last a lot longer.

TONY MOLY BROW PENCIL in Gray Brown - Whilst there are plenty of lovely brow pencils in the western market, I do lean towards Asian brow products, especially as they're so affordable. This Tony Moly brow pencil has a lovely, fine tip and a soft brush on the other end to brush the pencil marks out. I find the colour in particular to be a great match for my brows - not too warm but not ashen and grey.



UD NAKED BASICS II - You've not seen a lot of Urban Decay on my blog because if truth be told, the brand just never really spoke to me? But as my makeup collection tends more and more towards everyday classics, I found myself swatching and falling in love with their Naked Basics II palette. I like everything about this - the quality of the shadows, the shade range, the fact you get five matte tones and the sixth has a sheen. I like that the pans are spaced out so your brush doesn't accidently spill over into the adjacent shade, and that the mirror folds right back so you can hold it as close to your face as you need. And I like that the palette isn't made from cardboard packaging! I've gone from an extremely infrequent shadow wearer to reaching for this everyday!

BURBERRY CAT LASHES MASCARA in 01 - If you've been with me a while, you'll know about my love for this mascara, and just what that means. This mascara gives me uber long, separated lashes and the hourglass-shaped wand grabs every last lash, from inner to outer corner. Inky black, smudgeproof and buildable, I'd really recommend giving this one a try if you haven't already.

GOSH VOLUME LIP SHINE in Burgundy - This gloss is lovely and balmy, and is really comfortable to wear on the lips. Although 'Burgundy' in name, this is far from burgundy in colour, much more of a darker, dusty rose-pink that's really flattering for everyday wear, and a shade I'm loving for the transition into Spring. They also have shade 3 Tea Rose which is a lighter pink and so perfect for the warmer weather!

Do let me know, what's in your makeup bag lately? I'd love to hear about your current favourites, and if you've recently done a WIMMB post, be sure to link it below so I can check it out :)

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