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31 January 2017 7 comments


With all the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden's streets, you'd walk past this place without a second glance if you weren't looking for it.

I couldn't resist giving On The Bab a whirl as part of my mission to enjoy and scrutinise (in equal measure) every Korean restaurant in the UK. A cute little nook, with the mandatory exposed brickwork and metal and leather clad barstools, that's customary of hipster food joints, this place offers Korean-style street food in a restaurant setting.

With only a few tables inside, it's wise to head over either around 2-3, or on a weekday, both of which is exactly what we did, for a quick lunch.


Fluffy steamed buns stuffed full with bulgogi beef, sliced red onions, cabbage, sweet-spicy mayo, spring and crispy onions.


The same carb-a-licious clouds, this time with thinly sliced spicy pork, with the same additions.



Yangyum, Korean friend chicken, half with a sweet, gochujang-style sauce, topped with peanuts, the other half with garlic mayo and more crispy onions, a side of cabbage and some obligatory kimchi and rice.

And some delicious 식혜 and 수정과 to wash things down, those delightfully sweet rice and cinnamon punches I love.

Don't be afraid to ask for half and half flavours, or to make tweaks as you wish - they're very accommodating and the staff are lovely. Although the fried chicken is arguably their main attraction, it must be eaten immediately to savour the hot, crisp batter - and whilst tasty, I find the sauces a little too sweet and creamy, and it's no comparison if you're used to the real mccoy. The buns on the other hand are perfectly delicious. Soft, tender meat and crunchy veg, they're a juicy bundle and a real joy to snack upon.

If you're after authentic, then On The Bab won't be for you, but for an inexpensive, delicious eat (especially if you've a sweet tooth) with Korean-inspired flavours, I'd definitely recommend giving them a go. And make sure to head over to both the Burberry and Chanel boutiques across the way for a post-lunch shop!

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  1. I've recently discovered bao buns, and now I can't believe they weren't in my life sooner - these ones look so lovely. All fluffy and yummy!

  2. Agree that the real deal are definitely less sweet, and has more of a savory/spicy kick! But mmm, On The Bab is usually quite a treat and I've even convinced my colleagues at work to try it out and they love it ;-)

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  3. This looks so amazing, I definitely need to drag my friends here one day next week! xx

  4. Wow this looks so delicious! I feel like drooling right now haha!
    Thanks for sharing!

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