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30 December 2016 5 comments

A new year is almost upon us again - it's bonkers how quickly time seems to pass, right?

Before we begin, I just want to say a huge thank you to you, for the love and support I've received over the past year. Barely There Beauty has grown, and me with it, and each comment, kind word or compliment really makes my day. It's madness to contemplate people actually reading my blog and enjoying my Instagram photos etc, I'm so thoroughly appreciative - my readers are the best!

Onto the post, I love reading yearly roundups so I'm sharing 12 of my very favourite and most popular posts with you today, one for each month, so grab a comfy chair and have a catch up with me - for the last time in 2016!

1 1   T I P S   F O R   T A K I N G   B R I G H T E R
B L O G   P H O T O S   T H I S   W I N T E R

I had such a struggle with my photographs come the colder weather and lack of light (by all means skip back through my earlier posts if you want a laugh!), but I've really learnt so much about my camera, my setup and how to get the most out of the cloudy skies as possible, and taking brighter photos in general. I also had so many of you request some photography tips (which honestly is such huge flattery!) so I've compiled my top 11 tips and secrets in the above post, hope you find something in there helpful!

Although I wrote this post back in September, I still reach for the featured lippies on the regular, they've become quite the favourites and I absolutely love both the lipsticks shades and the plummy gorgeousness I picked for the props etc. Must also say a huge thank you as well to the bunch of you that commented - it's one of my 'most commented' posts!

I love reading WIMMB posts, and I loved writing and taking the photos for this one. It also features one of the single best deluxe-dupes of the year - that eyeshadow palette!

Acne and scarring is a fairly new thing for me (thank you hormonal 20's..). This is a topic I get so many questions about and I found it really rewarding to pop all my tips together into one post and get so much lovely feedback about it! I don't do them too often but I love large skincare posts like this - I get a lot of requests for them so I think I'll be writing up another big one in the new year.

Another really popular one was this selection of some of my favourite fall eyeshadows - in the beautiful burgundy, plum, rose gold and chocolate shades that I absolutely adore. The photos in this post are a prime example of all of my tips from my brighter blog photos post coming together too.

loved setting up the photos for this post (I think this is becoming a theme for this post). I love looking back at favourites posts like these to remind me of any products that I might have since forgotten to use - namely that beautiful L'Oreal powder this time!

I completely loved how this makeup turned out. The gorgeously classic pin up eyes and lips are timeless, and I'm really enjoying that a lot of the keystones of this look are from the drugstore - that red lippie in particular is ridiculously good for it's minimal price tag. 

This is my alternative to the pin up look, and I'm so in love with this dress and those shoes.

Finding dupes for products is so exciting - who else is with me?! Korean skincare is a great area to find dupes, that are just as good, if not better than their more expensive counterparts, and I've found 14 amazing ones to share with you this year.

I feel so accustomed with this brand now that it seems like madness this was only launched earlier this year. The packaging I think is stunning and every product I've tried has impressed me - in particular their beautiful lipsticks and powder highlighter. Oh and of course the gorgeous eye and face palette, a real winner. Really if you haven't tried this brand then absolutely put it to the top of your list. 

Just because a product is expensive, really doesn't mean that it's worth it's sky high price point. However, I do have a selection of items that are absolutely worth every penny to me and I share a bunch of them with you in this post. The MJ palettes in particular I think are great value - around £40 for 7 gorgeous shades, in exquisite formulas whether they're matte or shimmer.

Another WIMMB, this one I still find useful to refer back to when I'm away for the weekend or a few days.

I hope you all have a wonderful NYE my lovelies, and wish you all the best for 2017 - let's make it an amazing one.

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