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11 August 2016 1 comment


I literally cannot believe that it's already time for Fall makeup. Does anyone else think this summer is really flying by?! I'm starting off the autumnal collections today with Dior's Skyline Fall 2016, an incredibly beautiful looking array from Chanel's ex-beauty director Peter Philips. So let's get into my first impressions and collection swatches!


I wasn't ecstatic with the colour palette of the summer Milky Dots collection (review + swatches here) but Skyline looks more moody and autumnal, which is precisely up my street. The range includes two new 5-colour eye palettes, 5 mono shadows, 4 nail colours, 4 colour correcting sticks, a powder highlighter, 3 contour and highlighting sticks, 3 new lip glosses, some new brow products and some new highlighting concealers (although there's always some discrepancy between what the US and we in the UK get). Righto, let's get cracking.


5-Couleur Skyline Eyeshadow Palettes £43.50 (here for the US) | These palettes are rather beautiful. Whilst the summer palettes had no design on the shadows, the fall variations are beautifully embossed with a filigree-style latticework of the Eiffel Tower - as if you're standing underneath it looking up. All the shades are even, a good mix between dry and creamy, and have a decent level of pigmentation (not intense but not namby pamby). I think you'll either like or dislike these based on whether you're looking for pretty, or whether you're looking for unique - as with all the affordable, good makeup that's around now, most of the shades are dupe-able.

With 806 Capital Of Light (my preferred palette of the two), you get a metallic ivory, a golden beige, a rosy pink, a deep aubergine with gold microglitter and an olive-grey with lots of glitter. Whilst you can argue that the shades aren't coherent within the palette, I rather like that, as you get a nice mix of different hues, good for travelling for example if you want options. Saying that, this palette definitely reminds me of the Backstage Eye Reviver 002, and the Rosie For Autograph shadow quads (have a look at all the swatches here) - so depending on what shades you like, there are definitely dupes out there!

506 Parisian Sky includes three shimmery neutrals from champagne-beige to deep dark brown, as well as a pale, metallic sky blue and a blue-toned silver-grey.


Diorblush Light & Contour Sculpting Stick Duo £32 (here for the US) | Available in 3 shades, Light, Medium and Intense, these cream contour and highlighting sticks are super creamy and emollient. The highlighting shades are gorgeous, Shade 2 in particular has a peachy gold tone which I find really flattering, and I think the darker one, an antique-ish gold, is really well chosen for deeper skin tones. I personally find the contour shades a little warm, as I think I'd prefer something ashier like the Kevyn Aucoin Cream Contour (review here). Even on my hand, I found these didn't blend well on dry skin so make sure your skin is prepped and moisturised first, and there are plenty of similar products available that it may not be worth the £32 pricetag to everyone.


Dior Fix It Colour £23.50 (here for the US) | Dior have joined in on the colour correcting trend, with 4 dual-function stick correctors. A soft-focus, almost priming, core is surrounded with rich, pigmented colour, blurring imperfections and neutralising colouring in one swipe. To Dior's credit, they're delightfully smooth and blend beautifully, and I think the orangey-apricot shade in particular is a perfectly balanced choice for dark undereye circles.

100 Blue - a pale, cornflower-lavender shade to neutralise sallowness and enliven skin.
200 Apricot - a spot on apricot shade to correct dark under eyes.
300 Yellow - targets redness on a yellow-undertone skin tone and blue tinged undereyes.
400 Green - redness and blemish corrector.

Dior Flash Luminizer £29 (here for the US) | I absolutely love the formula of these, and favour them to YSL's Touche Eclat. They're fine, creamy, silky and blend beautifully, giving oodles of light and brightness wherever you apply them. The Skyline collection comes with two brand new shimmery shades which I think are exquisite - it's hard to choose between them?!

001 Pink - a pale pink cream finish.
002 Ivory - a neutral, fair shade, suitable for the majority of skin tones.
003 Apricot - a darker neutral with warm undertone.
500 Pearly Vanilla - a diffused, shimmery champagne gold.
800 Pearly Pink - a cool toned shimmery pink.


Dior Skin Nude Air Luminizer £39 (here for the US) | I expect any self-confessed highlight obsessive to zone right in on this new powder highlighter. Although I find the formula to be a little dry and powdery, the colour is admittedly gorgeous, a pigmented, neutral champagne-rose-gold. On the cheeks, it's pretty bold, akin to Becca highlighters, so you'll definitely get on with it if you like a strong glow. It's not completely dissimilar to their Spring Glowing Gardens highlighter (which looks far prettier in the pan) and I've actually managed to find a pretty good dupe already from Kiko's new line - priced at only £12.90, they're not identical but pretty darn close!


Dior Vernis £19 (here for the US) | It seems like the US here get 2 colours but we in the UK get 4?! All the shades are nude tones in a rich coffee coloured palette (all hail the 90's), have a high lacquer shine finish, good colour pigmentation, decent wear time (Skyline is actually holding up pretty well on my nails after 3 days) and a great brush. I never thought I'd like brown nails but I've been wearing Skyline and have actually fallen in love, there's a spicy, reddened undertone that stops this from being muddy and it looks great whether you have pale or tanned skin.

112 Minimal - a creamy, peach-nude.
818 Obscure - a deep deep chocolate brown.
552 Abstract - a chic, camel tone.
848 Skyline - a rich, chilli-chocolate brown.


Diorshow Mono Lustrous Smokey Eyeshadow £24.50 | Dior recently came out with an array of new mono shadow shades and for the Fall collection they've added half a dozen more. These to me have the same dry texture as the highlighter but are exceedingly pigmented and have a multitonal and sophisticated shimmer/glitter running through them.

094 Gravity - a smokey, blackened base with blue metallic duochrome and blue microglitter.
184 Temptation - a rich, purple with purple microglitter.
564 Fire - a neutral gold with gold and silver microglitter.
684 Reflection - a mid toned brown base tinged with olive, with silver and microglitter.
764 Fusion - a candy rose shade with golden microglitter.
794 Fever - a mauve-taupe-griege base with purple, green and gold microglitter - this one is very similar to Cosmopolitan in colour but the base is more sheer, less metallic, and the glitter is more present.


Dior Addict Ultra Gloss £23 | Promising a mirror shine and 'hydra plumping volume', the Ultra Glosses are available in 3 new colours as part of the Skyline collection. I'm not a huge gloss wearer so these didn't excite but the two pigmented shades are pretty unusual.

041 Famous - a clear gloss with silvery, almost holographic glitter.
339 Gorgeous - A milky peach.
929 Scandalous - a cool toned, purpley bungundy with subtle golden shimmer. I expected this to be as rich as it looked in the tube but actually it looks a lot sheerer swatched/on the lips.

Diorshow Brow Chalk £20 (here for the US) | The powdery formulation of these brow pens gives a lovely, natural, soft finish to the brow. The shape and size of the product, a big rectangle in cross section, means I think this would be great for those with an already decent brow, that just needs a quick filling in and tidy. Available in three shades, 001 Blonde, 002 Soft Brown and 003 Dark Brown.


Apologies for the couple of little bits I missed (they sadly weren't in my stores!) but that's the collection! I'm giving it an overall thumbs up (lots of highlighters were always going to get into my good books), what are your thoughts?? 


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