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28 April 2016 4 comments


Yay, another new makeup collection to play with! I was extremely impressed with parts of Dior's Spring 2016 Glowing Gardens (review & swatches here) collection, and today have all the swatches from Summer 2016 Milky Dots ready for you, let's see how it fares!

The overall theme has a distinctly blue vein.. I know it's fashionable and all this year but why must we endure this fashion houses? It was there in Chanel's LA Sunrise and Dior's Glowing Gardens too, not for me. A negative start! The collection includes 2 new quint-eye palettes, 6 Milky Tint lip products, a loose powder highlight, 4 Dior Addict lipsticks, 4 Nude Air Glow powders, 3 nail polish sets, a couple of new Fluid sticks, liners, mascara and shadows. There's quite a discrepancy in what we get here in the UK/Europe vs for those in the US, at least for now, and for once it's in our favour! More Milky Tint shades, new Dior Addict lipsticks, more shades in the Nude Air Glow Powders (inc my fave) and I believe the liners and new fluid shadows are just for us too. Well, let's get cracking. 


Milky Tints £26.50 | These are cute. They look like little lipsticks in the tube (like the Fluid Sticks) but are in fact a creamy, translucent lipgloss-hybrid, they're somewhere in between a standard lipgloss and the Lancome Juicy Shakers (collection swatches + review here). We get 6 shades in the UK, whereas I think the US only get 4, so for once feel a bit special!

026 Milky Pearl - a milky, pale pink.
126 Milky Pure - a nude with peachy-beige undertone, uber pretty.
156 Milky Pastel - a light, peachy-pink.
286 Milky Plum - a cool-toned rose, my favourite shade, it doesn't look purple on at all.
356 Milky Peach - quite a vibrant orangey-coral.
376 Milky Pop - a peppy pink, really uplifting and flattering.

I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss but these feel lovely, like the Juicy Shakers, although they're about £8 more expensive and similar enough. The shade range is really well thought out, even though there are only 6 colours, all are different enough from eachother and flattering.


Nude Air Glow Powders £39 | For a start, don't they look beautiful? Embossed powders, and I get sucked in every time. There are 4 available shades, all of which have their merits, although I love 004, it's completely different from the others. I really love the Nude Air pieces (except for the pretty dreadful foundation), the powders all have a lovely, fine texture and this is no different. The overall effect is that of a bronzer but there's a subtle glow-come-sparkle and depth that definitely makes them the perfect summer cheek product. You'll be glad to hear that the design isn't a sprayover either and goes all the way through.

001 Fresh Tan - a light, yellowish, bronze with golden shimmer.
002 Fresh Light - a warm, apricot bronze with more subtle shimmer. 
003 Warm Tan - a warm, amber bronze with golden shimmer. 
004 Warm Light - a peachy-pink with tan undertones and golden shimmer, my favourite. 



5 Couleurs Polka Dots Palettes £43.50 | These are hit and miss for me. Mostly miss.. 536 Escapade is a little disappointing. The colours are either something I already have (the golden and brown shades), or am quite happy to pass on (the rest..). The quality of the shadows are great, nice and silky, but not exceptional, nor are they especially pigmented, I prefer the Marc Jacobs Lolita palette in all honesty! 366 Bain de Mer is so fun, and really summery and pretty to look at, however to wear..? I'm not so sure. There's an aquatic, pool party vibe about it which is really appealing for summer, and I understand that not everything can be neutral, but I'm not sure who's going to wear either of the blue shades and actually look good in them.. The pale blue is like something I used to wear in my misguided early teen years? (we've all been there!) The other three shades are pigmented and creamy, and I like the middle one, but there's nothing special about the colours, these palettes are forty three pounds, you can find really similar alternatives in Makeup Rev. for example. 


Backstage Eye Reviving Palette 002 £42.50 | In my opinion, if you want to get a palette from this collection, this would be the one. They've revamped their original Eye Reviving palette to include a couple of new shades. The cream, gold and brown shades are excellent basics, and the pale pink and beautiful olive green have a golden iridescence that I love, the green especially is actually very flattering on the eye. The palette also includes a cake liner, which isn't the best liner around but it's convenient to house everything in one palette. 


Fluid Eyeshadow £25.50 | These are so pretty. 555 Eccentric is a beautiful gold shade but 775 Ecstatic is the winner for me. A beautiful, cool taupe with coppery and mauvey undertones, so delicious.

It-Line £24.50 | The shades Dior have chosen for these liners are, at first, a little out there. But on closer inspection, they've grown on me a lot, especially as the formula is really silky, smooth and opaque. 359 Jade is an opaque, creamy sage-green, whilst 959 Lilac is a greyish-purple, darker than what you might consider a lilac shade to be. I appreciate something new being brought to the table, that isn't garish and 90's like the blues in the eyeshadow palettes, so it's a thumbs up. 


Dior Addict Lipstick £26.50 | A sheer and hydrating lipbalm/stick, I don't dislike them. However, considering how saturated the market is for this type of product, they don't rate so highly against their competitors. Comparatively thick and waxy, I'd probably give these a miss, although Pause is a very pretty nude.

533 Appeal - a sheer orangey-coral (Rosie for Autograph My Best Girl Friend is a great dupe)
581 Beat - a pretty, pretty spring pink (again, exceedingly similar to No7 Delicate Pink)
613 Pause - a peachy, beigey nude. 
773 Play - very similar to Beat, more blue toned. 

Colour & Dots Manicure Kit £23.50 | I think these might split opinion. On the one hand, they're cute, really fun, affordable and the pairing of colours has been well done. On the other, you're still paying for a Dior dotting tool when you use a hair grip/bobbi pin and get the same results, and aren't polka dots pretty dated in the world of nail art now?

001 Pastilles - bold sky blue & off white nude. 
002 Confettis - pinky reddish coral & honeydew melon.
003 Plumetis - warm plummy lavender & milky purpley pink. 

There is also the Nude Air Summer Glow £36, a shimmering rose-gold loose powder (darker than the gold, embossed highlight from the Spring 2016 Glowing Gardens collection), which I unfortunately couldn't test as my store didn't have a tester (!!! - take a look at Perilously Pale for a swatch though). You get a hell of a lot of product though, the same as the Nude Air loose face powder, so if used as a highlight, it would last forever. 

So how do you think Dior have fared? A mixed bag for me, but look out for my indepth review of the Nude Air Glow Powder, it's so desperately pretty I can't wait to show you!

You can get your hands on the collection from Boots, Escentual, John Lewis, Harrods, Selfridges if you're in the UK, and Sephora, Macys, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman for the US.

Will you be picking up any of Milky Dots?

P.S Have you seen all the Juicy Shakers swatched? They've launched in the US now!

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