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Another Day, Another Garden

11 August 2015 3 comments

You may know by now that the first sight of flowers and I get a little snap happy. 

Great Dixter, a beautiful Tudor house, in summer, is an abundance of flora; a 'florabundance'?! The gardens have a beautiful, 'undone' quality to the planting, everything feels a little overgrown and wild, it's a joy to skip down the narrow paths, with new archways, walkways and flowers around every corner. 

Something completely fabulous, is you can buy the flowers you see. Dixter is home to a darling little nursery that stocks some of the plants but otherwise go online and pick up your favourites; I've got a couple of the roses in my sights, I mean, how was I to pass on a rose that looks like a peony I ask you?!

If you're ever in the need of inspiration, headspace, or beauty, make sure you head out into the countryside and give Great Dixter a visit, it's divine beyond description.