Do you ever wish there was a brand similar to Charlotte Tilbury in shade range, quality and beautiful packaging that didn't swallow up so many of your pennies? Keep your eyes peeled for a future review on the stash of products I picked up but for now read on amigos, because I can legitimately say this range has already made it right up there amongst my very favourite makeup brands.

UPDATE: I now have a full review yay! Hear me gush about my purchases here



I've been having a little clear out of my makeup collection lately and realised, I don't own that many Laura Mercier products. So does that make it ok that I've gone and bought some more?

Whether it is or not, I picked up the limited edition In The Glow trio which comprises of a mini cream blush, highlighter and cream shadow, as well as Amethyst Caviar Eye stick, but fortunately, you can get all the products full size so panic not.

P.S please forgive the god awful backgrounds on my swatch photos, I want to get the true colour of the product but on a white background, bear with me I'm working on it!!



A quick little post for you today. Barry M recently released a few nail care products, including 2 little bottles that promise to be the ultimate in 'barely there beauty' nails. Of course I had to pick them up.

The Barry M Mani Masks are rather like a BB style product for your nails. A little tint, a little opacity and a little conditioning, these give you a semi-matte, semi-sheer finish that's comparable to Butter London's Nail Foundation. I'd actually say it's a pretty good dupe full stop. 

The polishes come in 2 shades, 'Bashful', a pale pink and 'Birthday Suit', a creamy nude. Bashful is slightly more opaque and bright, if either you're on the fairer side or that's just your preference, but I think I prefer Birthday Suit on myself. In all honesty, there's little difference once on the nails, there's really no need to get both shades. 

In terms of practicalities, you get a nice wide brush that makes application fail safe and the dry time is excellent, you barely have to wait between layers (I think 1 or 2 coats looks lovely).

I must say I'm really impressed. It gives your nails 'that little something' to show you give a damn about your appearance but is lovely and demure and simple, I guess the perfect 'barely there'. And as that's what I'm fundamentally all about, I'm a taker. I'm really into this 'incognito nail' look, and you can get it all for a mere £3.99 per polish.

What do you think??

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After all the high end excess recently (and you can have a look at my purchases from Dior's new collection, Charlotte Tilbury or NARS..), today we're going to be talking about some affordable beauty products that I am no less excited about. In fact, no, I'm more excited, because everything is inexpensive yet I'm seriously impressed with the quality.



This nail polish is so beautiful and special, I'm giving it a post all of it's own. 

Marc Jacobs' Petra Nail Lacquer is exactly the kind of nail polish I love. Something somewhat muted, within my favoured colour palette (nudes/burgundy/taupey mauves etc) and definitely something a little complex and different. And this is exactly that. (It's not the easiest thing to get hold of but I have good news at the end of this post!)




In the spirit of full honesty, I'm feeling a bit blergh about my blog at the moment. It's like I've gone.. blogging stir crazy. (Does that work as a comparison?!) I feel like there's some need for change; different colours? different design completely? different kinds of posts? Who knows. (although if you've got any suggestions, feel free to pop them down there!) In the meantime, there are really many beautiful blogs I lust over out there, whether it's for photo inspo, sharp writing, a stunning design etc. I thought I'd share with you some current (select few - I feel this turning into a series?) faves.

The Beaux Diaries
I love this girl's photos. Lisa, a Kent blogger, takes impeccable flatlays and her Instagram is such a lustworthy showcase of her great eye for composition. A fellow skincare and high end makeup addict, her blog is a minefield of gorgeous items to add to my wishlist, we seem to have exactly the same taste. The Beaux Diaries has recently had a bit of a makeover and I love the new design!

The Beauty Look Book
Sabrina is a Southern Californian blogger, mainly showcasing beautiful beauty products. Her reviews are among my favourite in the blogosphere, with amazingly clear photos and an indepth write up with swatches and comparisons; I'll find myself looking at the comparisons and thinking 'Oh yes, they're lovely too' *adds to wishlist*. She gets her hands on new collections pretty early so I generally look to her blog for an insight!

Annie's Beauty Blog
My fellow self-confessed makeup snob, Annie's blog is strewn with lustworthy, luxury makeup. All I have to do is pop onto her site and my purse becomes lighter, it's becoming a problem. P.S. Her 'lipstick selfies' are among the best.

Beneath The Brush
Karishma is a London beauty blogger. This girl is stunning for a start (major skin and hair envy), making her FOTD's all the better! I love the sleek, monochromatic look of her blog and am becoming a big fan of her Youtube channel. She's one of the b/vloggers I turn too when I'm after a makeup look to make me beautiful for the night.

Life Set Sail
Canadian blogger Brittany is a relativelyyy new find for me (I know, I've clearly been living in a barrel somewhere). Her blog design is exquisite and I love her out and about/fashion posts, she's got this fashion photography thing down to a T. She's one of those enviable people who looks styled, demure, elegant and pulled together at all times and this reflects in her blog, I adore her style and styling. A real favourite at the moment.

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment? 

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It's hard to believe that, before this point, I hadn't picked up any Charlotte Tilbury eye products. So I ventured onto Net-A-Porter (any excuse to shop from this website, their service is amazing) to grab a few pieces.

I've been looking at the holiday collection duos for ages, to-ing and frow-ing between The Huntress and On The Prowl, until finally plumping for The Huntress/Amber Moon duo (limited edition) along with the Colour Chameleon eye pencil in Dark Pearl.




Ever on the hunt for the perfect highlight, this time I found myself coming home with Nars' Tribulation 'Blush'. I don't know why they couldn't just call it a highlighter because I don't know for whose skintone this would be a blush! Becca's Champagne Pop is probably next to the Ambient Lighting Edit on every second blog lately and whilst I adore the colour/tone/shade, it's just that bit too shimmery/frosty for me. I've heard Tribulation is the perfect dupe for the more subtle party like myself, so let's have a look at it shall we?



I usually keep my eyes peeled for Chanel's new seasonal collections but seeing as I'm reasonably disappointed with the theme for LA Sunrise (it's way to bold for me), I was led astray to the Dior counter... and there are some real stars amongst their Spring 2016 Glowing Gardens collection. Let's take a walk through it!

First off, everything is limited edition in the range, so early bird gets the worm and all that. Selfridges have exclusivity on the range for 2 weeks so it's worth popping in. 

Dior have gone with a vibrant, pastel, unmistakably springtime theme with their colours. There are 4 nail polishes, 2 quint eye palettes, a new blush (although I'm not sure if there are 2?), 2 highlighters, a number of lip products, a silver mascara (yuck), a couple of liners, a new Fusion Mono eyeshadow and 5 cream-eye-come-liner duos.

The Diorshow Colour and Contour duos are definitely my favourite amongst the eye products (don't get sucked in by other intricate, flowery embossing and overlook these!), a double ended pencil with a creamy, long lasting, metallic shadow on one end and a complimentary velvet-matte liner on the other. The formula is consistent and even across the colour range, the shadows are super slick and creamy, so easily blended, but don't budge once set, and the liners are rich, pigmented and silky. Let's talk colours.

Iris is a cool indigo-blue that seems more glittery than the other cream shadows. I love this one even though I'm definitely not a blue eyeshadow wearer. The liner on the other end is just brighter than a navy and really brings out the colour of my brown eyes.

Waterlilly is a J-Lo styled, pale, sage green. The liner is a very summery, watermelon green shade that I think would look great in Mykonos with a tan, but perhaps not fitting for dreary English weather?

Hortensia is a strong, pearlescent lilac which I actually find very similar to Chanel's Beryl liner. The liner is a deep purple. This, along with Waterlilly, wasn't by favourite.

Twig is a beautiful taupe-y, antique-gold, neutral shade that I think is the most 'wearable' of the bunch. It's also the most pigmented. The liner is a matte, dark chocolate brown. I do think that this duo is the most dupable of the 5 colours though, I know I own shades really similar to the cream shadow and the liner, just being brown, is really nothing special. 

Orchid is my favourite. The cream shadow is a peachy pink/rose gold with a golden duochrome which builds up to be almost corally and bright or can be sheered down to a bright, rose gold. The liner is a very warm, dark brick reddish brown. I was slightly unsure about it but my lovely assistant Adam pointed out that you can marry the 2 colours into an effortless look with a bronzey coppery shade, and I was sold on his demonstration, just perfect. I've picked out a couple of complimentary shades from my stash that work well with it. 

The stars of the show are definitely the Nude Air Illuminating Powders. Everything about the presentation of these highlighters is exquisite. From the detailed, magnetic closure case to the matching mini kabuki brush to the throw away packaging. And let's just take a moment to appreciate the embossing. I don't even want to use it.

Glowing Nude is golden/coppery/rose gold highlighting powder with the perfect balance between pearlescence, shimmer and glitter. It's not so subtle that it's completely lost but definitely not a bold  highlight, it creates such a lovely, barely there, breath of colour on the skin which I'm going to struggle to photograph.. Just go and look at it. Or take my word, it's worth picking up. There's also Glowing Pink if a pale pink highlight is what you're after. 

The eyeshadow palettes have the same beautiful embossing and the colours are really beautiful and springlike but I think I'd just end up looking at these rather than wearing them. The shadows are pretty sheer and not too pigmented so they may well appeal to you.

The Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadow in Equinox is so beautiful. A sheer, muted beige-gold with super fine glitter. I almost picked this up but it's extremely similar to Blazing and Mirror from their permanent line, and I actually think I prefer Mirror slightly more. 

There's a really beautiful blush too, in Floral Pink, that looks quite bright and simple in the pan but swatched, it's a subtle, multitonal pink, that creates a lovely sheen on the skin. This guy was sold out so I couldn't pick it up, dangit.

Everything else in the collection I felt was a bit of a pass, the lip colours are lovely but easily dupable, ditto with the nail colours. The silver mascara is extremely questionable, although the Lip Pomade is possibly one to wait for as it's not in store yet. 

How do you think Dior have fared? Will you be picking up any of the Glowing Gardens collection??

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A natural highlight is my favourite finishing touch to a no-makeup makeup. My favourite so far is this guy by Kevyn Aucoin but I recently got my mitts on the Josie Maran Illuminzing Trio, a powder, liquid and cream kit, begging the question, will this knock Kevyn off top spot?! They come in rose gold packaging so it's a good start..


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As you can see if you have a quick look around my blog, I've had real itchy fingertips to change up the look of Barely There Beauty (as I do most of the time..!) This time I've been on the lookout for a simple yet attractive 'Read More' button. I found some useful insight here and adapted it a bit to suit my own needs.

The 'Read More' feature lets you condense posts on your homepage and streamline the look of your blog, but the default link can look pretty rubbish, blending in with the rest of your post text. I think the easiest way to zhuzh it up a bit is by replacing it with an image, which I prefer to altering the text as I find it far easier to customise something in PSP etc than faffing with html! It's easy peasy, so let me show you how!

1. First off you'll need to either create or source an image. I just went into PicMonkey and created a little icon with text in my font choice and a simple border. Nice and simple. But of course you can create whatever you want, bells and whistles included. 

2. In your Blogger dashboard, go to Template > Edit HTML and find within the editor box the following code:

<div class='jump-link'>

3. The existing code you find should look like this:

<div class='jump-link'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url + &quot;#more&quot;' expr:title='data:post.title'><data:post.jumpText/></a>

4. To add your image instead of the default text, replace the above code with the following:

<div class='jump-link'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url + &quot;#more&quot;' expr:title='data:post.title'><img src='**********************************'/></a>

You want to replace the ***'s with the URL to your image. I uploaded mine to Photobucket and took the Direct url and pasted it in place of the stars. (Be careful to keep in the ' marks either side of the stars!)

5. If you want your link to be centered, add in the following code in red. You can of course change center to right if you so wish!

<div class='jump-link'>
<div style='text-align:center'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url + &quot;#more&quot;' expr:title='data:post.title'><img src='***********************************'/></a>


And that's it! I am well aware I am far from amazing at html etc but thought this was a really simple tweak I'd like to share, hope it helps! And do let me know if you'd like to see more tweak how to's on Barely There Beauty!

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After a month of Christmas festivities, it's fair to say my skin looks.. pretty crap. Any ill treatment on my body and it immediately shows in my skin (does anyone else get this too?). 

So time to put down the Tokaji/panettone, and start reviving my unhappy skin back to health with some of my favourite products.

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