I've got some really exciting news that I'm sharing with you today, and I really hope you'll come on the ride with me!

For what seems like the longest time, I've been hmm-ing and errm-ing and generally debating about launching a shop here on Barely There Beauty selling Korean skincare, and.... well I've finally taken the plunge and done it!

Shop Barely There Beauty. Eek it's actually live!

Why Korean Skincare?

Korean skincare is a) wonderful, b) inexpensive but c) a b*tch to get hold of if you're in the UK - orders take forever to arrive and expedited shipping can get really costly - I'm guilty of paying more for the shipping than I have for the products.. I use and love so many Korean brands that aren't readily available here and frankly, with shipping costs, delivery times, not to mention customs, the whole thing can just be frustrating.

As you probably know if you're a long time reader here, I love Korean skincare, it's been instilled in me for as long as I can remember. I suppose I'm bringing my shipping annoyances and Korean heritage together, so I've set up my shop! I've picked out a few of my favourite finds, some long-time faves, others new loves. It's just a small selection at the moment, it's definitely in it's baby-days, but I'm hoping to increase and increase as times goes on - that goes for lowering prices too!

For the time being, shipping is available within the United Kingdom only (you lucky things in the US have it a lot easier than us here!) and I'm taking out the damn long wait times by fulfilling orders right here in the UK, via Royal Mail. And shipping will all be free - one of my main aims was to make sure shipping was free and super speedy.

I'd love you to take a look around (there'll be a link up in the navbar shortly too) and couldn't be more grateful for the support and patience (especially through any initial teething problems - I've done everything myself, which on the one hand I'm so proud of, but there's every chance it won't be perfect!) that you guys give. I hope you guys love the shop, please let me know your thoughts and feedback.

N.B There are a few issues with viewing the homepage on a mobile device atm but I'm hoping to have these sorted as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

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It's not often I feature a bargain-basement-priced product in a post of it's own here on BTB. But as much as I adore high end makeup, a makeup product that is exceedingly good value and performs like it belongs in a department store gets me just as excited. I feel that everybody needs to know about this one.



I think most of us are clear on the beginning and end steps of our skincare routines; cleansers and moisturisers are pretty self explanatory, but when it comes to Korean skincare, the jumble in the middle can get pretty confusing. Why are there so many different names for a toner? What exactly are the differences between an essence, serum and ampoule? What on earth is a refiner/softener/treatment essence, when and how do I use it and how can I recognise one? Today I'm going to try and straighten out the confusion regarding some Korean skincare products and how they're named, whilst sharing some of my favourite recommendations, so by the end of this post, you'll be a little more in the know!




This is one for those of you with a sweet tooth. Spring has finally graced us with it's permanent presence and, I don't know about you, but warmer weather always makes me reach for iced drinks, smoothies and juices. Today's number is my current favourite, a sweet, zingy fruit cooler that's so simple you really barely need a recipe.




We're talking about Korean cushion foundations today, which are, in general, an obsession for any base-hoarding beauty aficionado like myself. I think once you find a great one, that's the perfect match for your skin, it's hard to revert back to other liquids and creams, and today, I'm going to be sharing my long-overdue review of one of them, the Hera UV Mist.

If you haven't before heard of Hera, it's a premium Korean skincare and makeup brand, under the Amore Pacific umbrella alongside IOPE, Sulwhasoo and Innisfree etc. (I've spoken a little about cushions, what they are and what you can expect, in this post, as well as sharing my review of the IOPE Air Cushion so go and have a read of that here if you haven't already, it's a long-standing favourite and really excellent!)


The Hera UV Mist Cushion Foundation £35, promises a long weartime yet dewy finish, sun protection and whitening and brightening effects. I've got to say as soon as I applied the first dab to my face I knew the worth of this product. Do you ever get that? The very second you try it you know it's immediately up there in Holy Grail territory? And isn't it 'like, the best'? Let's start off with some formalities first.




The packaging is identical in size, shape and form as the IOPE Air Cushion, no surprise as they're both Amore Pacific brands, although the Hera is a pretty, metallic purple. Each cushion holds 15ml of product and you should get a refill with your purchase. There are 3 shades available, 13, 21 & 23, each in N (natural) and C (cover) options. I have C21, which is the teeniest smidge too light for me (I'd put it around a MAC 20 and I sit between a 20 and 25), but not obviously so, it just makes my skin look lovely and fresh and bright. I think it's great that they've included a shade for light-olive skin tones too as many cushions are exceedingly pale.

The C shades give you more coverage than N, although to me they are still medium at best, I like to go in with a really sheer layer which gives a light-med coverage. In my experience, the N shades are more, and therefore too, dewy - by the end of the day they just look shiny on me. These are fairly heavily fragranced, which I personally don't mind as I've had no adverse reaction to it, with a scent really reminiscent of Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey (probably why I don't mind it, I adore that scent!), which disappears after a little while. The little puff that's included is key to application, and is what gives you the supreme finish I'll share with you further down.

Before - bare skin


Considering Hera states a 'dewy finish', this is surprisingly low maintenance to wear, even on my currently combo skin. It in fact gives a highly hydrated, natural, skin-like finish that I don't need to set with powder (I don't use a primer either, but you can, I've been loving this one atm). You can see in my before and after that there's enough coverage to tackle pigmentation issues (one press into the cushion and I can do my cheeks, forehead and chin, although it's not for you if you like Double Wear) and is buildable but it feels completely weightless. The majority of Korean cushions aren't targeted towards oily skins (there's more focus on skincare to fix this) and I personally think it's a shame to powder them as you lose the beautiful finish, but it's more than possible so don't feel hesitant to should you need it!


Instead of purified water, Hera's UV Mist uses clay-mineral water, perhaps contributing to it's effective oil control. Even powderless, it lasts a good 8 hours on my skin and when it comes to removing everything at the end of the day, I look dewy and not disgustingly shiny. Even though the product states SPF 50, I always like to wear a separate and dedicated sunscreen as I apply this in such a sheer layer, focusing more on specific areas/covering blemishes.

My IOPE Air Cushion has been sitting pretty on top spot out of all the bases I've tried, but it might now have to share that accolade with Hera as I think I've found a new joint favourite (giddy excitement ensuing)!

Have you tried any cushion foundations? Whyever not?! I'm joking. Kinda. And for you Kbeauty aficionados, what cushion should I try next?

P.S Have you seen my Blog Photography Tips?

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