How I Get Flawless Skin.



I've had a fair few people ask me how I've whipped my skin into the shape it's in now. Realistically, the foundations are all the things 'yo momma's' always told you; drink a lot of water, exercise, eat lots of fruit and veggies, sleep well, don't be stressed, get your healthy fatty acids and invest in a good skincare routine. For days I slip up (because oh there seem like plenty), a well honed beauty regime sorts me out, and, today, I share it with you.


First of all, you need to make sure you have a great artillery of 'cheat' products that give you the temporary pepping up that you need. This Clinique serum is the simplest, non-sticky way of plumping up your skin; the effects are instantaneous. (An alternative is the REN Beauty Shot, it's so bloody good.) Rodial's Glamglow eye capsules (collagen boosting wonder product) are my favourite way to brighten my undereye area. You pop on the herby gel for a mere 3 minutes and hello bright eyes. Unfortunately, before we all get too excited, the effects are temporary (you can check out my review here for the low down), but it's a great one to use for any special days/evenings or just splash out and use it whenever you like, like I've become addicted to doing.. Another favourite of mine lately is to mix this gorgeous retinol oil with my Jeffrey James cream and slather it on thick at night. It's no exaggeration to say I wake up in the morning with amazing looking and feeling skin.


Primer. I don't always bother but an additional, silicone-filled layer before your base does the best job at smoothing out any lines, bumps, dimples etc to give you an even layer to work on. L'Oreal do my favourite, their creamy, silicone-heavy Studio Secrets primer is drugstore priced with high end efficacy, but I also adore this Body Shop primer and of course Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm.






Base. Base. Base. I love to get the lightest, most undectable layer all over my face and these are my favourite products to do so. If I'm wanting to feel all glowy and fresh, I'll go with Estee's EE cream; it's face-enlightening and gives me the healthiest glow. For maximum natural-nosity, I'll plump for Ginvera's BB; it gives the most wonderful, natural finish. I bought Clarins Instant Light in a light, peachy shade and, as much as this looks great all over, I love to pop it through the centre of my face for some natural highlighting. The peachiness makes my skin look far more bright and alive. Whatever base I choose (because they're all amazing) it'll go on with my RT sponge (yes, I think it's better than a Beauty Blender and far cheaper), damp or dry, for the smoothest finish I care to endeavour for.



Extra coverage. If I've got larger patches that need attention (getting scorched around my sunglasses for example..), I'll use my No7 Stay Perfect foundation to seamlessly patch over any redness. For stubborn blemishes, I'll spot conceal with the teeniest brush I can get my hands on with Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage. It's a very dry formula with bags of coverage so it's the perfect pick. I'll often leave it there (or maybe put on a cream highlight) but if I know I need my makeup to last all day then Laura Mercier's superb powder is my new go to. I've had this a few weeks and I'm already in love. I use one of my many RT Blush brushes to frivolously sweep over then dust away any excess or you could go in with a powder puff and 'beat the face' - a dragfabulous technique to make your makeup stay put. 

And this is the result. Super natural looking skin, with a velvety-true-skin finish, a healthy glow with every imperfection ingeniously taken care off. Pores and lines disguised, skin plumped and hydrated, makeup quite minimal. A pretty perfect complexion with a completely weightless feel and indetectable look. 

Hope you find it helpful!

Scholl Express Pedi.



It's fair to say your feet go through a lot, I know mine do. Being exposed to the elements in flip flops, baring my weight for most of the day, coming into contact with carpets, muddy trainers, grass and all sorts, it's almost a wonder they haven't fallen off my legs yet. Beautiful feet are a coveted asset and with what I share with you today, that'll no longer cost 50 odd squid a pop!


Scholl's Express Pedi is the easiest way to up your footcare; beautiful feet here we come! Tagged as an 'Electronic foot file with Velvet Smooth roller head', it's essentially a comfortably abrasive spinning exfoliator with a handle, that makes beautifying your tootsies a doddle. With one of these, there is so little that stands between you and smooth, gorgeous feet. 

And that's literal, it's battery powered so just turn the thing on! Slowly glide the roller head around any areas with rough or hard skin and it gently buffers them away (make sure you use it on dry skin not wet). 

The diamond crystal roller heads themselves are interchangeable (simply by pressing the little blue button on the side and popping them out) and come in both a more and less coarse option to meet whatever needs you might have. I do like the Soft Touch one for an extra fine buffering; my heels feel... well, the best way to describe it is: indistinguishable in texture from the rest of my body. And that's good. 


After a good polish, I pop on some of my trusty wonder-all Unpetroleum to nourish my new pampered feet and add some moisture, it's a god send. To keep my Express Pedi clean, I just get a paintbrush and brush away any 'dust' on and around the roller head, so it's ready to roll and buff it's little heart out next time. 

Et voila, Scholl couldn't have frankly made it much more simple. 

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask.


This little metal tube (can we just stop here to say, can all masks be packaged this way? Also, whilst we're here, can we just acknowledge how gorgeous Rachel Weisz is?) has been amidst the bloggersphere for a long time now, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, I haven't picked it up. I mean, I really need a good telling off (and so should you if you don't end reading this post by buying it) because it's accessible and not even expensive. 

Antipodes, if you aren't already familiar, are a gorgeous 'little' Kiwi brand that specialise in mixing what nature gave us with a sprinkling of hardcore science. 

They recommend their Aura mask, specially for blemish prone skin and here's why. I'm all for the power of honey, it's soothing, healing and antibacterial, thanks to naturally occuring hydrogen peroxide, and the Aura mask is pumped full of Active 20+ Manuka honey, which is arguably much more potent than most other honeys. Frankly, this is going to benefit you whatever skin type you have, from dry to oily, dehydrated to acne-prone. 

On top of the antibacterial benefits, just 15 minutes of this mask gives you a hefty boost of hydration, some Avocado-based nutrition and a deep cleanse, thanks again to the honey. I love it. My skin feels soft, hydrated, it's slick and comfortable to wear, and any blemishes caused by clogged pores and the like are quickly nipped in the bud. If fact, you can use it as a spot treatment should you feel any lurkers lurking. 


Twice a week, smooth a pale, creamy blob over your face. There's 75ml in a tube so it'll last you a while. I feel this one's like bacon: you don't know what you're missing 'til you've tried it. 

New Beauty Website Launch! ShopBXB


Buying beauty products online has become a whopping great big hole in my purse but a pursuit I adore nonetheless. (They should make it a sport. I'd enter. I'd be great.) I was recently approached by the guys at ShopBXB regarding their exciting, new venture..

ShopBXB are a yet-to-launch online beauty destination that has the potential to be the next Sephora and the like (Yes, it's that big a deal).

Everything from makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance, it's all going to be available in a one stop shop, with over 35,000 products from more than 800 brands. I got to have a sneaky peek before the launch and 'found' (aka mentally have already bought) A&F Fitch, products from By Terry, Becca, NARS, Korean brands (so I may well have to add them to my Definitive Shopping Guide for Korean Beauty!), american brands, parisian brands, drugstore bargains, high end beauties, old favourites and new surprises; it's all there.

And the best bit? These next 3 words seal the deal for me. Free. Worldwide. Shipping. Aahhh! (There's a $10 shipping charge for fragrances but I'll overlook it.)

The site launches on November 2nd 2015 (after payday yay!) and they're celebrating by kicking off with a mega-sale (Up to 75% off across the site) for 48 hours. All you need to do is sign up with your email to receive your access password and get wishlisting!

A Healthy Sandwich.



It's all too easy to get stuck in a lunchtime rut and as much as everyone is loving zero noodles, lettuce wraps, spiralized salads and anything else fashionable and/or low carb, I think the good old sandwich has fallen out of favour. I understand about the bloat so rather than double up on bread, I love an open-topped sandwich, and I've got a couple of 'recipes' (with massive quotation marks as they're really too easy to be called recipes) that should get you inspired!

Avocado & chia seeds, Goats cheese, honey & fig, Tomato, garlic & pesto.

Firstly, slice up some sourdough or any crusty loaf of your fancy and get it grilling. After that, it's just an assembly job.


Tomato and pesto. Quarter some cherry or small plum toms and mix with 2 tsps pesto (good quality shop bought is completely fine). When your designated toast slice comes out of the grill, rub gently with the cut side of a garlic clove. If you think it won't make a difference, smell it after: deliciousss. Top with your tomato-pesto mix, drizzle on some extra EVOO and a sprinkle of sea salt.


Goats cheese and figs. Slice up some tart goats cheese and do the same to a fresh fig. Top your bread with the cheese and pop under the grill (broiler) for a couple of minutes to get the cheese melt slightly. Lay on your fig slices and drizzle with honey. The sourness of the cheese and bread work unimaginably well with the sweet sticky figs and honey, I could eat this all day. The 'Beautiful Juxtaposition' sandwich.

Avocado and chia. Scoop out half an avocado and slice. Top a toasted slice and sprinkle generously with chia seeds. The 'Imma-get-allll-my-omegas-this-lunchtime' sandwich.


I love all the different flavours and it's so easy to whip up something delicious with some good bread as a base. Maybe salmon and cream cheese tomorrow. Or houmous and roast veggies. The possibilities are endless!

Rodial Glamglow Brightmud Eye Treatment.

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Undereye darkness is probably my biggest problem, so much so that I've essentially given up trying. I don't sleep, seem to live in a stress-bubble, get allergies like hayfever and it's in my genetics (well thanks for that hand!) and I've tried box-fuls of creams, serums and concealers without much success, so I've resigned myself to looking like a panda (although I can only wish I was as cute). But all hope may not now be lost?! After watching one of Miss Donelda's videos and seeing these Glamglow fandangled space pods and knew I had to have them. 


Of course I didn't bother reading any of the entirely useful information in the booklet, I just ripped the box open like a heathen. Out tumbled these shiny, silver, domed nuggets. 

Rodial's Glamglow range came about for professional use in the backstages of Hollywood, so it's all about quick fixes. Their Brightmud pods are a temporary collagen builder that promise to minimise puffiness, dark circles and the look of fine lines whilst hydrating and brightening the area (I like to call them my powerpods). 


Bentonites and other natural materials absorb toxins (I go more into this process in my Ancient Clay Mask review, which btw is arguably my favourite beauty product in life.) whilst simultaneously pumping the delicate area under the eye with nutrients and hydration. Each little pod (and you get 12 altogether) comes with 2 dips, 1 for the left eye and 1, obviously, for the right, however, there's more than enough product in only 1 of the halves for a whole session (undereye and around the whole orbital too, and it's no less effective) so you're essentially, well you are, getting twice as many uses.



It's really simple to use. Just open up a pod and use your ring finger to tap the herby gel (it has green bits in it so don't panic) around your orbital bone, just like you would eye cream. All it takes is 3 minutes, which feels cooling, so brush your teeth of something and then gently wipe it off. Any residue continues the benefits for that bit longer. And whilst we're on the topic of time.. I have to break it to you that the results are temporary. They'll last you a day or an evening, a bit like Clarins' Beauty Flash Balm. But then, if you're doubling your usage by only using half a pod, you could always buy 2 boxes? (I'm going to act like I didn't do that already but we all know I did.)

I love, love, love this product, and I don't care if it's marketed for special occasions only, I'm going to use it with abandon! It even gets to work on my seemingly untreatable under eye circles so there must be hope for us all. 

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Beauty Favourites, Best Affordable Highlighters.



Even though summer is over (boo hoo hoo sob), a little radiance has never gone amiss. Glowing skin looks just as good on a balmy evening with drink in hand as it does over a cosy, candlelit dinner, in from the cold. And you can 'glow' for broke on any budget! Here are some of my most favourite highlighting products that promise not to break the bank. 


The Balm Mary Lou Manizer - Especially with a yellowish/olive undertone, you can't go wrong with this highlighter. It's champagne iridescence and creamy powder formulation give you anywhere from natural sheen to full on glow, depending on where and how you apply it. I love using it in my inner corners too to bring my eyes some light.

Stila All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten - I couldn't be more positive than to say I can't ever get enough of Kitten (I think I own it in at least 5 variations???). Stila give you both a pale pink and rosy gold shade in this little compact, which I both use separately or swirled together. With the finely-milled formula, you can't really go wrong. 

Topshop Glow Pot in Polish - A gorgeous creamy highlight that has a very subtle pinkish/purpley shift, it catches the light beautifully and, thanks to it's pearlescent finish, looks really natural.

Smashbox Soft Lights Duo - Not only do you get a very pretty, warm pinkish highlight, but also a lovely blush.

BD Dream Shimmer - The prettiest, shell-embossed quad of powder hues. You can check out my full review here, it's such a steal. 

Sleek Highlighter - A great alternative to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, the Sleek palette offers you 5 shimmery colours for use as blush, highlight or eyeshadows, depending on how you mix them; I like to swirl down the right side and keep the left side separate. 

No7 Illuminator - It's fair to say that I hate the packaging. The built-in brush is unhygienic and wastes product but the liquid gold inside is so wonderful I'll endure the irritation. 'Radiance boosting beauty fluid' is right on the money, it blends out to the most beautiful, undetectable, champagne sheen. It's a huge statement but it's possibly my favourite formula/finish.


Do you lust after highlighters?? You must let me know your favourites!

Birchbox, October 2015.






There's still something elementally exciting about receiving post. Especially if it's pink. And you know it's beauty products.

Bioderma (full size £10.20)

The best micellar water, I've used and loved this for years. I prefer the hydrating version (although it's a slim preference) but this adorable weeny bottle is perfect for travelling.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel (full size £8.50)

I've tried these before and love the rich, foamy lather you get from the tiniest pump. This scent isn't my favourite (I like the Zensation one) and SLS is listed as the second ingredient which doesn't enthuse me so I'm not sure whether or not this will end up in the purgatory of my 'lost and forgotten' products collection...

Jeff Chastain PARLOR Smoothing Blowout Spray (full size £17)

On the relatively rare occasion that I blowdry my hair, I get the feeling this might be the product I reach for. If it adds volume, ups shine and protects from heat as promised, I'll be a happy girl. Also it smells delicious (peachy, fresh, grassy wood), I couldn't help but spray a bit to see.

When Travelmate Sheet Mask (£25 for 4)

A heavy duty sheet mask (hello, right up my street) that allegedly makes light work of locking in moisture post long-haul flight etc. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited! I'm looking forward to whipping it out on the cold and biting winter day which I'll inevitably have to be out in.

English Laundry No.7 (full size £60)

'Rose geranium and creamy white flowers combine with musk to create an uplifting scent.' I'm not the biggest fans of perfumes being sent in beauty boxes. A lot of us have our favourite or signature scents already and perfumes are such a subjective thing. This one is a floral, fresh scent but not my cup of tea.


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze (£19)

So pretty. This 'tinted balm' (it's actually very pigmented) is 100% natural and really moisturising. I think they're a few months late with the colour because it's this gorgeous coral-y/tangerine/pink affair that would be perfect for summer. They've got some darker, richer shades so I think I'll be checking those out, especially as I love metal lipstick bullets.

What did you get in your Birchbox?!

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