Chanel Fall/Christmas 2015.



I'm always excited for Chanel's seasonal collections, particularly Christmas, where I usually treat myself to something. There's almost always something beautiful and limited edition to pick up, (apart from their terrible Les Jeans line!) so here are a couple of bits from this year. Enjoy!



The Illusion D'Ombre shadows have the most delightful texture. A little challenging to find the right brush for it, something synthetic and dense/flat works best (Chanel do include a little brush-mini) but fingers are definitely best, the spongy, gel-cushion consistency is brilliant for a super-quick, effortless  yet perfect eye.



With flash


The colours and formulas are just exquisite. New Moon (a re-promote) is described as an 'iridescent copper' but this is really underselling it. It's the most sophisticated shadow, a midtoned brown base with coppery/rose gold/mauve-y-taupe/reddened shifts and the finest, fiery glitter that's not at all gritty, it's nigh on impossible to convey it's beauty in a photograph! You can sheer it out, either on it's own or as a 'topcoat' to another shadow, or build it up to an opaque metallic. 


From the 2015 Holiday collection, I picked up the Joues Contraste Lumiere in Coup de Minuit. 


With flash

A highlighter in the same creamy, silky, baked formula as the Joues blushes, Coup de Minuit is a peachy-rose-come-beige powder that Chanel suggest can be used over their blushes but it's a gorgeous highlighter in it's own right. Finely milled, it creates a soft, undetectable sheen on the skin without shimmer or glitter. It's subtle so you can build on it pretty heavy-handedly without it looking frosty or garish. I'd say it's akin to Kevyn Aucoin's Candlelight cream highlight, but a powder version and slightly more pinkish in hue. And it's limited edition! So if you want it, snap it up quick before it's gone.  


I'm a huge fan of Chanel and they haven't disappointed in my latest purchases, both of which I'll be featuring in an upcoming look so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Joues Contraste Lumiere in Coup de Minuit 

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Christmas Gift Guide 2015, Part 2.


The season of festivities have come around again so it's time for a little Xmas gift inspo. 

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Part 1 of my Christmas Gift Guide for more rose gold/burgundy/beauty/interior and travel-y goods.

Hope you pick up some ideas!


1) Oskia Renaissance skincare set, a real must for us skincare obsessives. Good for all skin types so it's a safe bet too. Check out my review! £90
2) Meow glasses, for uber cute cocktail parties. $16
4) If you're buying for a networking blogger/vlogger, why not get them the Let's Do Lunch business card holder to share their business cards in style? £25
5) Better Together cushion, super sweet and reminds me of the Jack Johnson song. £58
6) Chalkboard globe, a cute and quirky way to plan your travels. £28

    7) What better way to try Aurelia than with their mini skincare trio, only £18!
    8) Skagen watch, a bit of a cliched gift and there are many beautiful brands out there but I     do think Skagen are my favourite! £70
    9) Chanel rouge noir, a gorgeous oxblood lippie £26
    10) Aerin Rose de Grasse, a stunning rosy scent £100
    11) Women In This Town book, a gorgeous collection of photographs and interviews from       uniquely stylish women of 6 of the world's most fashionable cities. Bit of a quirky coffee         table one, I love this book! £12
    12) Chanel limited edition highlighter, you've just got to pick this up if you know your             giftee loves makeup, it's beautiful and it's not sticking around! £28
    13) Sweet Nothings notebook. £20
    14) Iope hydrating serum, probably my favourite serum of them all at the moment. £35

Make sure you check out Part 1 for more ideas, go on, click on the photo!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2015, Part 1.


It's somehow managed to creep up to the end of November without me realising, and it's actually, oh my giddy goodness, only a month til Christmas!

All my efforts have gone on spoiling us girls so you're bound to find something your female pal/relation will love. And boys, take note, you'll get extra house points if she thinks you've bought without any guidance!

I'm omitting the standard beauty advent calendars/christmas crackers/christmas palettes etc as a) I feel like they're all over blogs already and b) I have to say I'm not all that enamoured by the idea of them... (I know I'm in the minority here!) but do expect a lot of prettiness, a healthy level of maroons and copper, and quite a few gifts on my own wishlist, so enjoy!

1) Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Rouge Noir, the easiest formula to work with in a deep burgundy shade. And bonus points for being Chanel. £25
2) Rose gold candle, for a lover of coppery hues. £55
3) Hurricane lantern £10
4) Charlotte Tilbury Perfect Vamp for the ultimate dark lip, or why not go for the perfect nude or red? £49
5) The Kinfolk Home book: the most beautiful photos of 35 homes from Scandinavia to Japan that embrace the ethos of slowing down and simple living. Great for those into interiors (aren't we all!), I love it. £17
6) Rose gold nail polish £9
7) Cat ears headband, so you can embrace your inner feline whilst doing your makeup. £4
8) Mother of pearl dish for trinkets and treasures.  £10

9) Glass pyramid £15
10) Iphone case £7
11) Gadget charger the size of a credit card to make sure you're never without power. £32
12) Inspirational travel mugs for a mental pick me up every morning. £18
13) Nourish book (have a look at my review) A delicious collection of goodness for the body and soul. £14
14) Scratch travel map for the travel lover. £13
15) Mean Girls pencils for some nostalgia, just whyever not! £4
16) Sleep-i-fiers because beauty sleep is always welcome. £10
17) Peacock mug, a good reason to buy some really beautiful. £14

Hope you've found some inspo. and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 going up soon!

Irresistible Me.



The lovely girls at Irresistible Me contacted me recently to see if I'd like to try out some of their hair extensions. Hark back to college days, I took up the 'really big hair' philosophy. The bigger the hair, the closer to god honey! Even though I already had long, thick hair, I felt the need to add some big-ass extensions to thicken it up 'a bit'..

Nowadays I adopt a far more natural approach to my hair, especially since being on my Hair Journey, but I can't say there aren't times when I yearn for a fabulously thick ponytail to top off a slick, chic outfit. Fortunately, literally such a thing exists on the Irresistable Me site and I ended up being intrigued enough to choose the 100% Remy, 16in Ponytail in 02 Chocolate Brown. The product arrives beautifully packaged, inside a sealed plastic envelope within a slim cardboard box. No tangles, kinks, all ready to go. 



You get one hairpiece containing and comb 'clip' and ribbon. I think they're incredibly well made. They're heavy but not uncomfortably so, you get a lot of hair, which is tonal like 'real' hair. Everything is extremely secure and there's an inner weft that's ingeniously hidden to make sure the hair doesn't fall oddly when you're wearing it. And 'Remy' just indicates the top notch quality of hair. 

Now, I've never seen a ponytail extension piece that doesn't look fake and/or hideous so I was perhaps dubious but take a look and see what you think. 

Putting the extensions in are incredibly easy:

1) Put your own hair into a ponytail.

2) Attach the comb part of the extension underneath your hairband.

3) Wrap the ribbons around your ponytail, pull tight and secure as you wish. A bow is cute but you could wrap some hair around the ribbon to hide it instead. 

Even without hiding the ribbon, the join is really nicely concealed. Even if you look quite closely!

02 Chocolate Brown is the perfect colour match for me, and the 16in is the very same length as my own ponytail so the extensions blend in seamlessly, although the ponytails come in 14 - 22 inches. Because of the natural, human hair, you can plait them, wash them, curl them, straighten them, style them, dye them, in fact, anything you do with you own hair.

Although it obviously arrives as a ponytail, there's room to be creative. A big, fat braid for example, or a bun, it's up to you.

Overall I'm really impressed. If you have fine hair, short hair, in fact any hair!, and you'd like to temporarily have a really fat, thick ponytail, I'd really recommend getting these. As you may know from reading about my hair situ, I suffer from Telogen Effluvium (stress related hair loss) but there's something about long, thick hair that makes me feel really girly and princessy and makes life wonderful, and for $67, you can have that too! I've seen reviews of people using these extensions after chemotherapy too which I think is wonderful.

Go have a browse of their site!

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Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Foundation.



Guerlain have outdone themselves with their Parure range. Everything just looks stunning

Seeing as I really have forbidden myself to get their £140 Orchidee Imperiale cream foundation (for that money I want foundation made of unicorn tears), I picked up the Parure de Lumiere Light Diffusing Foundation in 03 Beige Naturel. 




Let's talk about the packaging first, as from my dressing table, this shall be giving me unjustified levels of joy in the mornings. 




Everything is exquisite and luxurious, perfect for those of us with inner high-end-makeup snobbery. A tactile, weighty, glass jar with details in black and gold. Even the throwaway seal is gold and embossed. Underneath, a protective lid, again embossed with the Guerlain logo. And a spatula so getting at the cream is nice and hygienic. 



The foundation itself is a really soft, creamy, sumptuous formula. It really feels like a heavy moisturiser, and imparts that hydration and moisture into the skin for a plump, youthful look, perfect for the cold weather and central heating which dry my skin out this time of year. This isn't the most long lasting foundation as it doesn't truly set into the skin. My application (with fingers) stays perfect for around 3-4 hours without primer or powder. Because of this, I wouldn't advise it for oily skins, although anything from very dry to normal and it's great. (They do a fluid foundation version for oilier skins.)



'Luminescent Water', a marine water, absorbs deep into the skin for continuous hydration (if you buy this kind of stuff..) and Prisma Light 360 pigments create a dewy, fresh complexion. To be fair to you Guerlain, I do find it very hydrating and glow-y, although not oil slick, even without powder. And I wouldn't powder it unless you're exceedingly light handed. As the foundation doesn't properly set, you run the risk of looking cakey! It comes in a limited number of shades, although 03 is the perfect neutral/yellow undertone running around a Chanel B30/B40. 

I haven't smelt any Guerlain perfumes but this foundation is definitely.. perfumed. It's very pleasant but it's also very present, so if you have a problem with fragranced bases, you may want to steer clear. 

Ultimately? I love it. I don't think it's a foundation that will have universal appeal but should you want a) something beautiful, b) a hydrating barrier from the elements, c) a healthy, dewy finish then it's a winner. 

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