My picks for 2013 and #Bbloggers Weight Loss Group


Firstly, I just wanted to let any readers know that I'm starting a blogging weight loss group for 2014 and would love anybody who's interested or wants more details to email me at and I can let you know more about it!

I can't believe 2013 is over! I feel like it's been a really slow year yet a really quick one. 

But whatever velocity, it's the end of an era. 2014 feels like it's going to be the beginning of some big changes, out with the old and in with the new; a life upheaval. 

Sounds pretty serious right?

So before Big Ben sounds out the year, let's snuggle ourselves back down into the comforting, uncomplicated world of "beauty products", and the like, and reminisce on some choice finds I've discovered over this past year that will certainly be claiming their places in 2014.

1. New favourite bases

I was going to try and choose 1 but they are all amazing in their own right. The Olay CC cream (review here) is a god send at adding moisture and plumpability to the skin and just about evening out your skintone, but feeling truly weightless in the process.

I usually dislike BB creams a lot, especially the western versions, but a stumble upon this earlier this year has given me hope! The Boots Botanics BB cream (review here) offers a little coverage, feels creamy and sumptuous and has an SPF of 30.

The next two are a go-to for photos. No SPF means no white cast in flash photography and they photograph beautifully. I have a review of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk here and there will be one coming up for the Illamasqua!

2. Best skincare product

This is a big category, especially as I'm pretty mad about skincare. It's not difficult for me to say I hold it in a higher regard than makeup! I've been able to pretty speedily whittle down my favourite skincare for 2013 to this one product, which says all I need to say about it. The Laneige Water Bank serum (review here) and range is utterly fabulous for all skin types, particularly dehydrated; after all, who wouldn't want plump, hydrated, supple, beautiful skin?

3. Highstreet Trend

I'm sure many of you, as have I, have been willing the highstreets to produce affordable versions of dainty jewellery, lingerie dresses and strappy sandals since Carrie Bradshaw first appeared on our screens. I'm so pleased to say that the Barely There trend (a rather apt favourite considering my blog name!) has hit the highstreets with aplomb this year. No more forking out on hundreds of pounds to get the designer versions, and aren't our purses grateful!

These are my favourite shoes. They're classic, elegant, beautiful, and an absolute steal from Asos at around only £40. I love them so much I wore them for my graduation! I look a little bit nervous but you can see how beautiful the shoes look :) You can still get some that are similar from Zara.

Is it bad that I own a few more pairs that are very similar? These yes-I-know-they-look-the-same versions have a chunky heel, making them, in my eyes, a warranted and justified purchase! :) I also have the famously coveted Zara versions, which are unfortunately so uncomfortable that they've been banished to the loft.

I'm not a big wearer of jewellery but I do have a few choice pieces that often have huge amounts of meaning to me and I adore them. These 3 are a little peek into my collection. They were made for me and I'm almost afraid of wearing them as their gold content is high and they're so dainty I may wear them away! Which is why I'm all the more pleased about how easily we've been able to get pieces just like this, this year, with a much more affordable price tag!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this little selection from 2013 and may I wish you the happiest New Year! 


Makeup (etc) storage|organisation


I feel like the new year symbolises resolutions, spring cleans and new changes; meaning a little beauty sort out! I love seeing how people organise and store their products and I can't deny I'd love to own the most beautiful, pristine collection with clear acrylic as far as the eye can see and everything colour and task coordinated. 

However for now, I'm more than happy with the practical set up I have at the moment, the everyday part of which I'll be showing you below :) 

I have a little shelf that sits above my desk, on which I have the makeup, products and brushes that I use most. Other makeup and hair/body/face products take up vast amounts of space in drawer units elsewhere in my room!

My most used skincare I currently have in an upturned Glossybox, which keeps everything together and tidy but also due to it's limited size, keeps me focused on what I need to use! I am awful for forgetting about products if they're out of my sight! Here I have my Olay CC cream (review here), absolutely the best of it's kind!

I keep my everyday makeup in 2 narrow Muji drawers. I love the clear acrylic and these drawers are affordable and beautifully made. I have a good number of the wide drawers too for makeup I don't use everyday.

As I'm so fickle with what base I wear on any given day, I like to keep my favourite foundations such as my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua's and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, within reach in a little Laduree box (my absolute favourite macarons!)

Another winner from Muji is this 3-compartment pencil pot to hold my pencil-shaped makeup such as liner and mascara, small brushes and larger brushes. I also house my cotton pads in this sweet, acrylic tower from eBay.

I also keep some lipbalms and little sample tubes I'm using at the moment in a little glass dish from John Lewis.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my capsule collection, there will come a time where no doubt I'll do a full collection post! If you have a similar post, be sure to link me in the comments, I'd loveeee to read it :)


What I got for Christmas (Beauty Edition... vaguely)


I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and are gearing yourselves up for the start of 2014! 

I know this can be construed as a controversial post, but I personally like reading them and I know many of you also do. I'd like to just firstly say that I am by no means "boasting" about what I've been lucky enough to receive, I'm really very grateful for everything in my life and if we're all honest, material possessions are just the icing on the cake; love, friendships and all those cliched things really are what make our worlds go round.

With that said, let's have a little peek into my Christmas stocking! 

My main present was a new Mulberry as my old one is really SO clapped out now, it's all scruffy and disheveled, but I thought I would share with you a few of the beauty related pieces I've accumulated!

Firstly, I took part in 2 Secret Santas this year and sadly my gift from one is yet to arrive :( but the lovely Joanna gave me a few bits that I'm excited to try :)

Beauticology Sweet Temptations: This shower set reminds me a lot of Philosophy and the scents all sound quite delicious. 

ELF Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum: This colour looks absolutely gorgeous, a great dupe for the much coveted Bourjois Prune Nocturne.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Mint Fresh: I will admit that I am yet to try the Baby Lips even though I've heard good things about them so this was an excellent choice.

Joanna also bought me a few other bits and pieces, including an amazing smelling candle which I'm terribly excited about, so a big shout out and thank you to you Joanna for being a gorgeous Secret Santa!

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and Nourishing Leave In Cream: I have tried these products before and they are my favourite non-natural hair products to use. The big draw for me is that the scent is unbelievably incredible and lingers in your hair for hours :)

Hydraluron/Snoxin/Nanoblur: My dad got me this mini sized set without me knowing, which I am so impressed about! I haven't tried Hydraluron yet, even though it's been raved about and have been wanting to try it for what feels like ages! I may give the other 2 tubes to my mother :)

Givenchy Gelee D'Interdit in 8 Electric Purple: This gloss looks extremely out there and scary and very unlike me and my favoured neutral palette. It's extremely pretty to look at and reminds me of a retro lava lamp but is it wearable??? Yes! The blue glitter is so fine that it translates onto the lips so beautifully, giving a real shine and sheen to the lips. The blue pigments also make your teeth look whiter which is amazing. The purple gloss also sheers out to something extremely natural too. 

I will most definitely be using both glosses in future posts so watch out for those to see exactly how they look on my lips!

YSL Shimmering Lip Gloss in Shade 1: This is such a treat for me. I used to own one of these back in the day and wore it religiously on nights out until I lost it at a friend's house and it was gone forever! It may just be this particular colour but these have been discontinued now, but a lovely chum of mine managed to find me one! This shade is gorgeous on warmer skin tones and takes me back :)

The last thing I wanted to show isn't a beauty item but it's so gorgeous, I had to share! This bra from the Rosie Huntington Whitely collection at Marks is made of French lace and silk and is just so beautiful. I love beautiful lingerie. If people find this a little odd to be sharing, I personally think lingerie isn't about men or pleasing other people! It's something for yourself. It's about feeling great about yourself, knowing you're wearing exquisite clothing, it just makes me feel beautiful and happy! And what women doesn't deserve that? :)

These bras are also in the sale at the moment, so pop down to Marks and get yourself a gorgeous, bargain piece!

I hope you've enjoyed this little snippet into my Christmas presents, I'd love for you to post your links below if you have a similar post on your blog!


It's December 25th!



Being such a foodie, and coming from a family of foodies, a big part of Christmas for me is the eating! It's the time where my family really go to town on the most amazing ingredients; i'm so excited about all the amazing food we have chilling in our kitchen at the moment! 

What is Christmas for you???

I hope you're all having an amazing Christmas and that you get all that you wish for :)


#NOTD series: No.8 Burgundy and Gold


For Number 8, and the last in my Christmas Nail Art series, I'm back to burgundy, my favourite, fail-safe colour. I've jazzed it up a little with gold glitter for Christmas; I love burgundy and gold together. 

Check out my Christmas Holly French Manicure for a lighter, elegant nail if dark colours aren't your thing!

Base: Chanel Malice

Gold: Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow and Gosh Cosmetics Gold Glitter

Have an amazing Christmas lovely readers! And please do tweet me with a pic of what you're wearing on your nails this Christmas @jnnfrch :)

Check back soon for the makeup I'll be wearing for Christmas!


#NOTD series: No.7 Christmas Presents


For nail art Number 7, I've opted for a very cute and equally simple design. No real skill or talent needed, these Christmas Present nails add just enough christmassy interest to a plain manicure.

For a cute and quirky nail, check out my Christmas Tree Bow nail art!

My top tip for this design is to do the gold by dipping an old pen into gold polish and 'drawing' it on; a hundred times easier than using a brush, at least for me! 

Base: No7 Crave Me

Gold: Nars Kismet

Another gorgeously Christmassy design very soon, only 4 sleeps to go ahhhhhhh! 


#NOTD series: No.6 Christmas Tree Bows

1 comment

Today's nail is a slightly abstract Christmas Tree design which you could do on all your nails or use as an accent as I have. I think the bows look really cute and are something a little quirky and different to the ordinary tree shape!

For a simple yet elegant alternative, check out my Christmas French Holly Nail Art

Base: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle (a perfect Christmas opaque glitter)

Tweet me at @jnnfrch with a pic if you recreate any of the looks in my series, I'd love to see your creations!

Another festive design tomorrow :)


#NOTD series: No.5 Christmas French Manicure


Number Five is the Christmas French Manicure and I almost feel like I'm cheating with today's nails because they're so unbelievably simple: a French Manicure in festive red and gold.

For something slightly more complicated than this, check out yesterday's Christmas Snowflake Nail Art

Base: Rimmel
Gold: H&M's Wawawoom (I think that's meant to be Vavavoom don't you?!)

Look out for tomorrow's nail art and have a gorgeous day!


#NOTD series: No.4 The Glitzy Snowflake


Day 4 of my nail art series and design Number 4 is the Glitter Snowflake

This design is really simple but effective and looks sufficiently Christmassy without being too novelty if that's not your cup of tea, much like the French Holly Christmas nail art from yesterday.

Base: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle

Feel free to make paint your base and snowflakes a little less shoddily than mine! Obviously you can switch up the nail colour to anything you like; I think a pale blue would look really pretty too.

Tweet me a pic at @jnnfrch if you recreate something similar, I'd love to see how your nail arts turn out! And look out for tomorrow's design :)


#NOTD series: No.3 French Holly


Day 3 of my nail art series, and today I have for you Number Three: French Holly, a classic french manicure with a Christmas twist.

Stepping up the difficulty slightly from yesterday's super easy Gold Glitter Accent nail, today's nail is a little nod to Christmas with a classic base, great for those who don't want to put too much effort into a Christmassy nail art.

The whites of my natural nails aren't that even so I've painted on a neutral base before the white tips but by all means if you're happy with your nails, paint the french manicure straight onto bare nails or use a translucent base.

Base: Topshop in Nice n Neutral
White: Model's Own in Snow White

You can always try using different colours to create something a little different.

Have a gorgeous dayyy


#NOTD series: No.2 Gold Glitter Accent


Day 2 of my nail art series...

Number Two in my series is the Gold Glitter Accent.

This is one of those looks that is ridiculously easy; accent nails have been around for a while and just allow a little highlight to an otherwise classic manicure.

Burgundy: Rimmel Desire

Gold: Deborah Lipmann Boom Boom Pow

Obviously you can switch out the colours to anything you like, and you need no artistic talent whatsoever!

Have a fabulous day lovelies


#NOTD series: No.1 Burgundy Chevrons


I've been switching up my nails really quite frequently lately, there are so many nail looks to be had that encompass all the dark, glittery and party-esque colours I love.

I therefore thought it fitting to post a little mini series of nail "arts" everyday in the run up to Christmas. (I say "art" because some are far too simple to be called art!)

Number One in my series is the Burgundy Chevron.

On the one hand, I don't think anything can beat a nice french manicure, or for fall/winter, Chanel Malice: 2 coats. However I'm a big lover of nail art and today's look is a little nod towards that love, yet remaining so utterly chic. 

Oxblood, done well, is one of my favourite colours, and the little chevron "cut out" adds an elegant twist to a timeless, winter nail. 

Pair with some dangerously dainty gold jewellery for the most stylish hands at the party!


Announcement! #BTB


Tigerlily's Beauty Blog is having a blogging overhaul!

I've been wanting to change the name of my blog for quite a while and have been comtemplating, deliberating and umm-ing and ahh-ing about it until recently where I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.

Tigerlily came from an old nickname I received in school and whilst it's personal and sentimental to me, I wanted a blog name (and URL) that better represented who I am with regards to beauty and what I'm about!

You may already know but I'm a massive advocate of natural beauty; for me, I want to perfect the foundations on which I can have fun expressing my personality through makeup and clothing. I just find that you can get away with a barely there makeup look more readily if your skin is in the best condition it can be, any clothing looks better if your figure is as good as you can make it! Obviously it's all about personal taste and what makes you happy; anything goes!

For me, natural beauty encompasses such a broad range of topics, from a beautiful personality, optimum health and diet, and perfect skin and hair. I've already spent many years experimenting and have found quite a few things that really work!

I want my blog to be a place where I share everything I'm doing to try and acheive these things! This means lots of DIY solutions using minimal chemicals, reviews of products I'm using to help perfect my beauty foundations, little dietary tips to get amazing skin, hair, or whatever else, but I'll still be keeping all the types of posts that I already have on the blog :)

So consequently, Tigerlily's Beauty Blog is becoming..... (or BTB for short!)

I hope you can all be patient with me through this little transition, I wanted to do a post to let you all know what's going on and give you a heads up and I hope you're as excited as I am about the plentiful upcoming posts I have in store!


Drugstore Haul


I love my high end beauty products. But it has to be said that none of us would be without the drugstore, the high street or the "more affordable alternative."

The nosy side of me loves to read these kinds of posts, to see what people are using and buying on an everyday basis, so here is my latest collection.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Peach Vineyard: This body butter smells absolutely divine. This may partially be due to my addiction to peach scents but really, it's fabulous. The smell lingers too which I personally love, you could almost wear it like an Eau de Toilette. I have about 5 already but it was discounted so heavily, how could I resist?!

Primark Natural Look Lashes: I'm afraid I am not yet the person to be able to wear the same pair of lashes more than once. I mess them up one way or another. These falsies are natural, easy and comfortable to wear, and at £1 a pair, it doesn't matter if I only get to wear them once.

♥  Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On: Eye under circles are one of my major skin concerns. And lately I've been having to get up at the crack of dawn everyday and my eyes are suffering. I bought the version with no concealer as it's great to keep in the fridge and use in the mornings to wake me up and soothe my poor, tired eyes.

♥ Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in Bordeaux: This is a beautiful autumnal colour. I think it's a perfect nod to the vampy lip without looking to made up and heavy. A little more carefree, I've actually picked up a couple to give as part of Christmas presents!

♥ Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash: The cold winter months, combined with strong central heating, can sometimes cause my skin to be dry, dehydrated and sensitive. This is when I turn to more soothing products, made with fewer chemicals, to (aptly) restore a little life back into my skin.

♥ Garnier Body Tonic Firming Milk: This is a repurchase. I think they're changing the packaging of this as I've seen a different bottle in the stores. I'm not overly convinced of it's firming abilities but it smells really pleasant and is a lovely texture for everyday use; I find the body butters just too much hard work sometimes!

♥ Tresemme InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo: I know everybody covets it, but I can't abide Batista dry shampoos! They feel powdery, yet sticky, in my hair, I hate the scents they do, and the standard ones leave such a disastrous white layer over my head (I've tried the brunette too) that I had to look for a drugstore alternative that fared better. Tresemme's is it. Far more subtle in scent and appearance, but works just as well to refresh your hair.

♥ Botanics All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes: I am the first to say that using a face wipe does not equal a proper cleanse, especially of a full face of makeup. However, there are on 2 occasions that face wipes are a perfectly acceptable go to. Firstly, as the 1st step of a cleaning routine. If I've ran out of Bioderma for instance, I'll use a face wipe to take off the majority of the makeup I've got on. Then off to the bathroom and ideally do a thorough, double cleanse. Secondly, we are all only human! There have been plenty of nights I have got in late, tired, hungry, you name it, and I am in the mood to seriously consider going to sleep with all of today's makeup on. Having a pack of these on your bedside table might just be the only thing you'll consider to save you from that terrible mistake! If a slap dash wipe-removal-job is all you're up to, anything is better than nothing.

Haul over, hope you've enjoyed, have a fabulous day :)




Hello :)

Firstly, big apologies for being M.I.A lately, I haven't forgotten about posting, this week has just been terribly hectic and I've barely had time to eat and sleep let alone get on the computer! Don't fret though as I'm still in the process of swapping the blog over to the new title/url and I have lots of posts in the pipeline!

Today, I thought I would share with you a NOTD (nail of the day) and HOTD (hair of the day). Firstly is a wonderfully Christmassy nail art that took no time at all. You can replace the snowman with another snowflake if you so wish; even the glittery red polish says Christmas to me.

Secondly is a fleeting glance at this waterfall braid I've managed to do! I have to say I'm quite proud of myself as I'm usually rubbish at hairstyles.

Hope you enjoyed and lots of exciting new posts to come :)


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