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Understated Designer Pieces By Well Known Brands + Some Affordable Dupes.

10 August 2020 15 comments

I'm going to be talking today about some of my favourite, understated and subtly beautiful designer pieces from brands that I'm sure you'll all have heard of. Before I start, let me firstly get something straight, and that is, I don't think you need to have a closet full of designer or very pricey items to have great style. I think you can definitely find the look and feel for less, which is why I'm also going to be including some dupes and afforable alternatives I've found. 

If you know anything of my style, you'll have seen that I tend to steer pretty clear of anything that is 'overtly designer' as I call it. That's to say that I generally dislike big or obvious logos, anything brash or evidently branded (I'm sorry Gucci but all these descriptors makes me think of you), and favour something a lot more subtle and elegant. I heard someone call these types of items a 'low key flex' which made me laugh!

Max Mara Tie Waist Coats

The epitome of classic, understated style, although easier to do in clothing and less so shoes and bags, so hang on for those coming up below.

Manolo Blahnik Maysales & Roger Vivier Belle Vivier

I think one of these two are the next shoe on my purchase list. Beautifully elegant with a little detailing in the buckle and not showy. However, if you're not fussed about the label and just want the look on a budget then there are in fact many a dupe to be found.. I also found a dupe of the Belle Vivier's, complete with the acutely-angled heel too.

The Burberry Trench

The trench coat is necessary piece in any closet in my eyes, but I do not think it's necessary to spend upwards of a thousand pounds on one - there are so many good alternatives to be had to the classic Burberry.

Chanel Slingbacks

These were a borderline addition for me because on the one hand I feel they're very overdone, but ultimately, I do adore them, particularly in the black. And outside of the Instagram/fashion bubble, they're not particularly recognisable.



I enjoy pretty much all of Celine's bags, especially the older styles, and think they do the 'elegant, understated' thing incredibly well. If you're after specifics then a few to get you going would be the Trio, the 16, the Triomphe and the Classic. I tend to find their bags frankly overpriced but I fell in love with the Classic in one of those 'when you know, you know' moments and it's something I'll keep, use and wear for as long as humanly possible.

A few other brands and styles that I enjoy are:

Tory Burch Radziwill // YSL Manhattan and Carre  // Valextra Iside
Mark Cross Grace // Marni Trunk bag // Mansur Gavriel Elegant

If you've any favourites or suggestions to add I'd love to hear them.



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