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18 March 2018 3 comments

I've quite a few Charlotte Tilbury favourites by now, and there have been a few new launches that I'm excited to talk about, so today I thought I'd do a makeup look using all of my favourite CT products, and trying out the new ones. Grab yourself a mug (mines a ginger and honey) and I'll meet you after the jumpbreak!

Starting with a smidgen of skincare, I'm giving myself a bit of glow with the Dry Sheet Mask c/o. This one seems to have marmite-like reviews - some really don't seem to like it at all, but I think it definitely imparts some radiance to my skin, and I can't deny I love the fact that there's no mess, gloop or moisture whatsoever. I've shared a detailed demo in this post if you're after more info/photos.

My base is a simple affair. Whilst the Unisex Glow  does give warmth to the skin, it's seemingly incredibly forgiving because it's adapting to my incredibly pale, wintry skintone at the moment without turning me tangerine. It's a lovely primer too, smoothing out texture pretty well (again, I've got a review/before + after here if you fancy it!). I'd like to use my Light Wonder foundation, for a slightly lighter coverage, but Shade 6, my summer shade, is far too dark for me right now so the Magic foundation it is. I'm coming to the end of my second bottle and I must repurchase because I love this base. It blends well, photographs well and lasts all day.

I didn't know what to make of the new Flawless Filter - I was sort of hoping it would be some kind of magical pore banisher, and I really wanted to love it, after feeling disappointed with the Youth Glow. In short, I'd call this a bit of a blurring illuminizer (that's albeit reducing it right down to laymen's terms) but if you're a glow-lover, I really think you'll enjoy it. It's so deliciously finely milled, smooth and natural, a bit like Burberry's Nude Radiance which you know I love. Whilst you can use it alone, or underneath foundation, my favourite usage is more like a highlighter - it's so beautifully dewy with no sparkle - so up my street. The Instant Look palettes are the finishing touch to my cheeks, for a little warmth and colour.

Onto eyes and brows. A little brush through with a spoolie, then fill in and enhance with Brow Lift c/o, then set everything in place with Legendary Brows c/o, my favourite brow gel as the brush is so teeny. I'm sticking with my signature, simple, one-product eye, and either the Colour Chameleon pencils or Eyes To Mesmerise pots are perfect for the job. I've always loved Marie Antoinette, an oyster gold with a mauve-like shift, and Bette is my new love, a warm amber gold.

Onto what might be the most exciting part of the look, because I've got three new lipsticks to try yippee! CT kindly sent over their new Your Lip Service Royal Lipstick Trio, including 2 mattes and a cream finish. Let's start with lightest first.

The Duchess is a creamy, mauve-pink that I was immediately skeptical of, as cooler shades don't seem to work with my yellow-olive undertone (F just read this and piped up "jaundice". Damn smart alec). But, having said that, I find they look nicer in photographs, as I tend to warm my photos up when editing and a peachy pink can tend to go a bit orange and odd by the time I've upped the temperature. Beautiful and creamy this one, if you're into mauve-toned shades, you'll love this.

The Queen is an incredibly bright pop of pink - one that I thought would be too bright for me but I'm surprised by how much I like it. The Matte Revolution texture is delightful, even for a generally hard and fast cream lover like myself, and whilst I didn't think the standard lipstick bullet shape needed to be improved, the geometric edges of the Matte's really help with getting the colour on without the need for liner or brushes, or otherwise unnecessary faff. (and please do excuse how terribly I've applied this - I had a couple of other shots of better application but alas, they were out of focus, and not in an artistic way.)

Legendary Queen rounds up the trio, and might just be my favourite of the lot. I'm not really used to reds on myself, because I usually reach for lipbalm or something tiresomely natural, although I have just posted my favourite reds here because they're really growing on me! I remember sending F an interesting snap of my face after having applied it for the first time because I didn't think it suited me but I've pretty much come full circle because it's a delicious shade of red - sort of, slightly warm, brickish and intense.

I couldn't decide which lip I wanted to go with, so ended up mixing The Duchess and The Queen together, and I really like the result. Sometimes I think my lips look so washed out in photographs if I wear a very nude shade, or my usual lipbalm so this combo helps to give my face a little colour - what do you think??

If you've tried the Flawless Filter I'd love to hear your thoughts! And what's your favourite lippie of the trio?? I thought I like Legendary Queen most but I can't decide!