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I briefly mentioned in my last post, that I used to think of Valentine's Day as a day exclusively for couples, and I suppose that's what marketing and merchandise would have you think too..



Let's start off this edition of Weekend In Numbers with a six, or the meagre number of posts I've managed in January until now ;)



I've been enjoying getting out in front of the camera to show you little snippets of 'life behind the photographer' - including sharing more of my wardrobe.

With the days potentially brightening up, but it still often being bitterly cold, Jan/Feb is an odd period for fashion and knowing what to wear. Perhaps less so for me though because I live in a constant rotation of the same kinds of pieces, or what I'm calling my style staples - so read on for my current essential pieces of 'closetry!'



It's the first 10 Things of 2018, and I consequently had a moment of reflection, looking back at at the things that have been making me happy, from over eight months ago. It doesn't feel like I've been documenting this little 'happiness journal' for as many months, but I'm really enjoying keeping a little record here on BTB, and I really hope you're enjoying reading it.

Here are 10 more things that've been making me happy recently :)

one. // Celine. Other than to a few insta besties, this is the first mention of how I was utterly spoilt this Christmas, with a shiny, new Celine bag... I feel like the cat who's got the cream! My Celine Box Bag (I feel like she needs a name) is my pride and joy of the moment - I've never been one to splash out on 'proper designer' bags so I'm currently researching how to preserve it's beauty and keep it in good condition! Any tips welcome ;)

two. // Opportunities. I've had a couple of really exciting emails, that are in initial stages and I therefore unfortunately cannot yet discuss, that just sent my heart all a flutter when I read them! After quite a tough 2017, I'm hoping this year will deal me a better set of cards, and I'm looking forward to see what riches it has to offer.

three. // Songs. I've been listening to two feel-good songs lately - ILYSB Stripped (which I've already mentioned here) and The Weekend (only the Funk Wav remix). I'm usually quite an old soul when it comes to music, and have never liked anything that Calvin Harris has ever been involved in but I could easily listen and sing along with Sza in this one!

four. // Keeome. I picked out these sheet masks c/o Feelunique and using them has been an absolute pleasure. I didn't include sheet masks in my favourite face masks post this weekend just gone in fear of the post length getting out of hand but I really enjoy using them for hydration - of which this particular mask has oodles. I shared my experience in my Instagram stories recently, slathering my hands in all of the excess essence ;)

five. // Instagram. I've had so much love for my feed recently, and it's been utterly heartwarming. I love receiving your terribly sweet comments, messages and emails so let me take the opportunity to say thank you, for being one of the things that has made me happy - it means more than I'll ever likely be able to let on :)

six. // Asian cuisine. I've generally been incredibly lazy when it comes to a lot of asian foods (not so much Korean but Thai/Japanese/Chinese) - opting to eat out than to try and persevere with perfecting my own recipes. But alas that is currently in the process of change! We recently had braised pork belly with the creamiest of potatoes that suck up all the cooking juices, and siu mai dumplings - to die for.

seven. // Walks on the heath. We've taken Jasper out onto the heath lately, as it's slightly less muddy and the puddles no longer come up to your knees.. It's such a gorgeous spot for low-level lighting - we took this shot up there on my iPhone and it barely needed editing.

eight. // Skin. I suppose related to the Keeome sheet masks, but I'm typing this with my vanity mirror behind my laptop and it's reminded me - I'm so pleased with where my skin is at the moment! I'm sure it'll be irritatingly short-lived but it's looking clear and glowy, and I've been skipping wearing foundation, or really any concealer either, lately. A trivial matter but a little source of happiness!

nine. // Planning get-togethers! I do find as I get older, that it's easier to lose touch with people, and because of busy lifestyles and 'things cropping up', the periods between meeting can become longer and longer..

ten. // Bloggers. I've come across so many beautiful Instagram accounts lately, it's difficult not to try and mention them all, so I'll just pick two - @cynthialions and @ohuprettythings, if you're not already following, then hup two, on the double!

Let me know what's been making you happy lately, and hope you're having the most wonderful of days :)

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Face masks are one of my favourite elements of skincare, and whilst I've always opted for the easy, less messy option of a leave-on or sheet mask, I've more recently taken quite a fancy to the somewhat more traditional wash-off variety - of which I now have many favourites!

I'm asked, almost on a constant basis, which skincare products I use and love, and I'm not sure I've previously dedicated a post to face masks, so here we are today! Let me share with you some of my favourites, and just why I dote on them quite like I do ;)

The condition of my skin changes at the drop of a hat, whether due to the weather, hormones, 'that time of the month', or for no discernable reason whatsoever, and so my little collection of face masks have different purposes. I, generally, am looking for one of three outcomes when using facial masks - hydration, exfoliation/glow or skin clarifying, and have my favourites for each scenario.



One of the problems with being a perfectionist and a worrier, is getting too entangled in the 'everyday', to acknowledge and celebrate the small things - the little moments, the habitual, the miniature triumphs.

Whilst I'm still of course that perfectionist and worrier, my slow living journey and changes in my personal life have made me appreciate the smaller things a little more. I don't talk about this much online but I've been dealing with an ongoing family illness, and on the bad days, it can feel like such a strain on my emotions and be a bit of a struggle to get through the day. Breaking down my day, celebrating the small things and 'segmenting' have been a source of happiness for me, and whatever you're struggling with, large or small, it can be for you too :)



It's about time I spoke about quilted jackets, because you'll have seen them strewn across my Instagram enough times by now!

For me, they're one of my most worn pieces from the wardrobe. Versatile, somewhat warm - a great chuck-it-on-as-you-run-out-the-door kind of jacket. 

I've been wearing mine incessantly (with quilted boots today because more is more..). In fact, I've rather created myself an autumn uniform.. I've found myself living in a rotation of jeans, boots and Bretons lately (I say 'lately' loosely because it's more like 'forever' ;)

CASTELLA CAKE (카스테라 / カステラ).


Hello 2018! First blog post back after the new year and I thought it apt to share a recipe ;) Although this cake looks modest and unembellished, once you've tasted it, you'll know it needs no adornment. And not that this is at all my main focus, but it's pretty healthy going for something this moreish, so no need for any new-year-fuelled guilt!

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