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Desperately Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style.

9 May 2021 1 comment


As I’m now thirty, I’m more inclined to want to streamline or zone in on my personal style, which for me, means simultaneously elevating and simplifying it. I'm not going to waffle on too much in this intro so let's just see the ways in which I think you can do that.

1. Seek better materials – I know I mentioned this in my last post, but it’s an area I’m trying to be even better in, and one I think that’s worth mentioning again. We all enjoy a bargain or good deal but better fabrics tend to look and feel nicer when worn. They are broadly more expensive but this isn’t always the case. I’ve had many pricier pieces, made with subpar fabrics (often the price is hiked up by a brand label for eg), and really affordable pieces made from linen/100% cotton etc that I love dearly. Some brands on the price spectrum that do this well for just a few ideas:

byTiMo (new find, so lovely!)
Velvet by Graham and Spencer
& Other Stories
Ulla Johnson
La Redoute

Look for cottons, linen, silk, ramie, viscose, here's some inspiration:

2. Light Bottoms + Undergarments – I don’t know what it is about a darker coloured top and light trouser/skirt but I just think it manages to look more stylish than the inverse, and effortlessly so. And then tucking your blouse or shirt into some nude underwear for a trouser, or a nude slip for a skirt so the darker colour doesn’t show through. I find something high rise and hugging like these, or a light control underwear great for this situation. Similarly I own a number of white tops and blouses that aren’t always as opaque as I might like them to be. A very thin, nude cami (this is my favourite/just perfect) helps with coverage yet preserving the delicate quality of said blouse.

3. Simplify your beauty look – I’ve always been a fan of natural beauty but I’m a great believer that the less-is-more approach to beauty helps your style look a little more elevated - just my opinion of course. Something I’m enjoying more recently is a washed-out red lip, I think it looks very effortless and 'haplessly chic'. Something like this particular brick red or Partyline as in this recent IG post.

My go-to full face would be:
- Clean skin (I wouldn’t even say a base matters, if it makes you feel more confident/better in yourself then by all means. I’d recommend Ilia’s Super Serum Tint in this case).
- A little touch of blush to bring colour/life to the skin and to correct sallowness. I have naturally rosy cheeks so find I can even skip this part!
- A bit of mascara to draw attention to your eyes – especially if you’ve stick-straight lashes like myself, it makes such a difference.
- A tinted lip balm – these have been my favourite!
I also adore milky pink/nude nails – this particular polish is just perfect.

4. Working with colour – In general I think sticking with one of two formulas is a fail safe way to elevate your style.

The first is to work with a colour palette of 2-3 colours. If you’re somewhat colour-averse like me, then two neutrals and an accent (eg cream, beige and blue like the post photo above), or you could work with bolder colours (eg a strong blue, black and green). Limiting your colour palette makes even the most bold and striking of prints work.

The second is a monochromatic/tonal look – it just *always* looks good.

How do you like to elevate your style?