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Zeroing In On Your Personal Style.

22 April 2021 0 comments


I always think conversations about personal style as just a little bit pretentious (because I just don't care that much about fashion) so I'll try not to be too bad today, it's only clothing after all. However..

..burying my head into fashion has been an absolutely welcome distraction to a lot of hardship over recent times, and an enjoyable one at that.

My style has changed over the last few years, I've tried all sorts. I think where I want to be falls at the intersection of the many circles of my style Venn diagram - a little preppy, a little easy/relaxed/casual, some elegant, some romantic, and all the while bearing in mind that I'm not dressing a sample size and that I choose to avoid many 'style tips'/they don't work for my shape. 

The key for me now is to fiddle around with my Venn diagram until I'm happy with the intersection. Let me start with the fun part and share some finds on my wishlist lately, before I jump into the few rules I'm giving myself to zero in on my personal style, that may also help you. It's Earth Day today so it seems apt to be thinking about how to make your wardrobe more concise and effective and help to conserve our planet.

1. Dress for your actual lifestyle - This is the biggest one for me. It seems like there can be a big discrepancy between the things I like and those I actually wear. I love pretty shoes and heels for example but always find myself inevitably gravitating towards my most comfortable and neutral pairs. I love wrap tops and dresses but in reality, they're too much of a faff to wear with a large chest and I'll always choose a smock top or something throw on with a more 'sensible' neckline. I actually find that the style I prefer is a lot more casual than I thought, and I'm enjoying that new discovery.

2. Seek better materials - As I'm getting older, I'm finding, why would you not treat your body? Cottons, linens, silk, viscose etc all just feel lovely against the skin, they wear and last better and ultimately look nicer too. I suppose it just takes a little more self control is buying fewer things...

3. Try pieces for a couple of weeks with your existing closet - I always tend to leave the tags on new purchases and try them with other things in my wardrobe over a number of days before I commit. So many times I've fallen in love with a piece but the novelty fades fast, and you're left with something that ultimately doesn't work with you style - I've accrued an awful lot of clothing this way..

If I had to try and describe my personal style (or what I want it to be) I'd say..

'Casual, everyday, relaxed elegance with a touch of romance/preppiness for good measure. I like neutrals, blue and white and white-on-white embroidery. I dip my toe into the designer but enjoy subtlety. Oh and gold jewellery always.'

How about you?