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Closet Planning And My Style Intentions For 2021.

13 February 2021 0 comments


Coat (sold out, similar here), Square neck knit, Best black trousers ever!!!, Black suede mules, Bag (similar here)

I for one am absolutely using clothing and style as a distraction from the feeling of last year’s overspill into 2021. We can’t control what’s happening around us but we can choose the clothing we dress ourselves in, so that's something. Whilst we may already be into February, I love planning at any time of the year, particularly when it comes to fashion, so now seems as good a time as any to just get stuck in.

There are many ways you could approach closet planning – whether it be from a financial stand point (budgeting etc), or some micro-management (focusing on capsule collections or specific pieces you may want to add or takeaway.) I’ll at least be addressing the latter in due course but today I’m approaching things in a more general manner, with a few style intentions for the year.

one. // shopping better pieces, second hand

This isn’t really something I tried until last year, but the second hand marketplace is rife with beautiful buys. I’ve found some Chanel ballerinas (because who wants to spend £/$800 on shoes?) and my second Celine bag, both at a steal and in exceptional condition. Before partaking, I think I was skeptical that I’d ever find anything worthy at a warranted price – I mean why would anyone want to undersell an item? But regardless, it happens. I think it was seeing Audrey (of Audrey a la mode) pick up her Gucci Kelly from eBay for something like $100 (amazing) that encouraged me to have my own online rummage and see what I could find. I also like the ethical aspect – you’re giving an old piece a new lease of life, or giving back into the system by selling on the pieces you no longer love and/or require. And I say old, but I’ve found many an item (like my pearl-detailed Zara cardigan) new-with-tags – an added bonus.

two. // investing in better basics

I always had the attitude of spending most money on the special pieces amongst my closet – an occasion dress or pair of heels etc. I’d buy a t-shirt cheaply because ‘it’s only a t-shirt’,  but it makes perfect sense to spend more on the items you wear most, that work the hardest among your clothing and that spend the most time on your body. I upgraded some of my plain, basic tops and tees last year and just for the comfort alone I think it’s been a wise decision. I love Ralph Lauren’s boat neck tops – they’re flattering, baby soft and they do a range of colours, some with extra style details. For t-shirts I haven’t quite succumbed to what might be considered a high end option (£70-100 still seems a bit painful), but I’m enjoying Arket’s heavy tees – opaque, shapely and an elevated but sensible price.

three. // shopping for my actual lifestyle

I’m definitely a magpie when it comes to material matters. I think this is perfectly summarized by my highlighter collection. Pretty, embossed powders, in beautiful packaging. Their hues and finish are essentially all the same. Not that that’s even pertinent because I don’t wear them, I just like to look at them, mezmerised by their gleaming, iridescent glow. Ultimately, I fail to use them for their primary purpose, and this is the behaviour I’m trying to eliminate this year. I’m guilty of buying clothes to fit into a sort of dreamt-up aspirational lifestyle, rather than the one I live. Plenty of pretty dresses for all those non-existent tea parties I’m always going to – when the real secret is, I actually prefer wearing trousers. Dainty, spindly heels that are ever so comfortable on my countryside walks…  I suppose this sort of ties into the previous point of investing in basics. Or at least having fewer frivolous purchases.

four. // injecting a little fun

So not trying to disregard everything I’ve said above, because better quality basics are still the pieces I wear most, I would still like to dip into a little fashion experimentation – in the form of things that might be on the edge of my comfort zone. Just some fun basically, because it’s part of the enjoyment of style isn’t it. Maybe a little print, a different colour, some ruffles or detail – something extra but still wearable. I’ve been swooning over some Zimmermann lately, keeping my eyes peeled for a second hand Verity dress! Fingers crossed ha. I love art, design and textiles and I think so far there’s been a discrepancy between the things I like to look at vs those I wear. Why not bring those two parties closer together?

What are you looking to add and takeaway from your closet this year?