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My Favourite Outfits of 2020.

17 January 2021 2 comments



Goodbye 2020 - aren't we all glad to see the back of it? There are, however, an admittedly small handful of things I’d like to take forward with me, one of which being the evolution of my personal style.

I always think phrases like ‘evolution of my personal style’ sound at least on the brink of pretentious, because style and fashion isn’t the be all and end all – it’s clothing. But nevertheless, 2020 has been my favourite year yet for what I’ve worn, and I’m honing what I like even more so, and realising what I dislike. Here are some of my favourites I wore from last year.


Outfit 1

Navy coat (sold out, similar here currently on sale), Chinos (Gant, similar here), Leather gloves, Cashmere scarf (sold out, similar here), Headband, Driving Loafers, Celine bag.

This is about as everyday as my winter wardrobe gets. I love the navy and camel together. I think I’m much more of a chino girl, over a jean or suit trousers. They’re so comfortable, perfectly span that relaxed-but-put-together bridge and I love how a really good pair feel when well worn in – all buttery and malleable.


Outfit 2

Black wide neck top, Tweed skirt (black alternative), Best tights, Chanel ballerinas, Coat.

A closet full of plain and classic essentials has become my go to, and it’s outfits like this one that only reinforce for me why. It’s so simple! Under this beautiful coat, it’s a largely black base, split up only with a tweed skirt but I would absolutely wear it with a black skirt too – maybe with a little waist belt like the Kelly I’ve been hankering for. I’m so pleased at finding some pre-loved Chanel ballerinas in my size last year too. The black quilted pair have been on my wishlist for almost two years now and I found them for an absolute steal. I’ve been told they’re uncomfortable but I don’t find that to be the case at all.


Outfit 3

Printed dress (sold out but other colourways here), Reiss Blazer (sold out, v similar here! Similar here), Waist belt (similar here), Celine bag, Chanel slingbacks (similar here, and here, navy version here), Watch.

I love this dress so much! And I love the hue and fit on the simple double breasted blazer, that beautifully picks out the base colour of the dress. Also the feminine pleated details in the dress, contradicting the sharp lines of the blazer. I remember not putting too much thought into the accessories, just choosing a selection of my favourite items, but I love how all the accents of black add some contrast to the otherwise quite light colouring.


Outfit 4

Giuliva Blazer (similar here), Joanie midi dress (similar here), Celine bag, Chanel slingbacks (similar here, and here, navy version here), Watch, Mejuri necklace.

Pretty much the same accessories as the previous outfit, and actually just a similar outfit overall. Same premise, different blazer, different dress – completely different look. I’ve had this dress for a few years and it’s one of my favourites - I wore it to Paris for my birthday a couple of years ago. Aside from being really affordable, I find Joanie cut their fitted clothing so well.


Outfit 5

Navy sundress, Sezane cardigan, Woven flats (similar here), Opal necklace, Sunglasses.

This little stretch of woodland has been my little bucolic saviour this summer and here’s one of my favourite outfits from a walk. I have a couple of navy summer dresses from La Redoute and they’re wonderful.


Outfit 6

Blue top (sold out, alternative here and here), Linen trousers (sold out similar here), Straw bag (bought in Provence, similar here), Raffia shoes (sold out, similar here), Sunglasses.

I love this outfit primarily for it's comfort. Billowy linen trousers are about my favourite thing in hot summer weather, with my hair all scooped up out of my face. Sure, it all creases easily but it's the least of my worries.

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup, and maybe it'll even serve as some inspiration for 2021.

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