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How I'm Finally Fading My Hyperpigmentation.

6 December 2020 1 comment


My Skin

If you’ve been reading BTB for a while, you may be familiar with my skin, and more likely my ongoing relationship with hyperpigmentation – it’s something I’m incredibly prone to given my skin type and genetics (I'm lucky that it's predominantly on my cheeks, easy to cover up with a little makeup, and can't really be seen should you look straight on at my face as it's around the hollow under my cheekbone and tends to be in shadow anyway.).

I’ve always had pretty good skin, despite not doing too much to it, and that’s meant I’ve really had little inclination to think too much about preventative skincare measures or use anything considered ‘anti-aging’ consistently. And it’s also fair to say that more recently, any skincare routine I had has really taken a back seat due to Covid – priorities right?

But since turning 30 recently, I thought it about time I get myself into gear and start taking a regime a little more seriously. And more specifically, looking into gentle retinols and dermarolling. And that’s precisely where Banish come in.

Banish & Microneedling

Founded out of the personal acne struggles of owner Daisy Jing, Banish aims to provide a practical solution to acne scarring and post-inflammatory pigmentation (more info on her journey here). I *love* that they acknowledge the fact that good skin predominantly comes from within, and that skincare is just a small factor - I think it really gives the whole brand grounding and trustworthiness.

If you haven’t previously heard of a dermaroller, it’s a small handheld device with a rotating barrel head covered in teeny needles, with the premise of those microneedles piercing your skin and stimulating it to heal - in turn ridding fine lines, dark marks and hyperpigmentation.

I’ve frankly been hesitant to use a dermaroller before, as I’m such a baby with pain and I’ve sensitive skin, but the idea of the Banisher 2.0 appeals to me because of the updated design.

Rather than a rolling barrel of needles, that may enter and leave the skin at an angle, the Banisher 2.0 is a fixed, circular head that allows the 24k gold-plated titanium needles to act perpendicularly on the skin, and omits the problem of needles bending or becoming damaged from improper storage.

It’s one part of the Starter Kit that I was kindly sent c/o Banish, and here’s what else is included:



Banish Oil

A vitamin C serum containing L-ascorbic acid, stabilized with ferulic acid and vitamin E.

I was slightly concerned because I’m so choosy with oils and this one felt quite viscous, but it’s incredibly comfortable on the skin. Sinks in readily with no oily residue. As with the other vitamin C products, it’s not necessary to keep them in the fridge, but doing do will prolong their shelf life and slow oxidisation over time.


Vitamin C Beauty Elixir

An aloe-based facial mist containing vitamin C, sugar cane, tea tree and botanical extracts.

Facial mists are one of my favourite aspects of skincare because they’re so easy and refreshing to use. I like that this one contains vitamin C, to aid in brightening up those acne scars and hyperpigmentation.



Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

An exfoliating AHA and glycolic mask with antioxidants, to brighten and improve skin texture and tone.

As you might expect, made with pumpkin! It smells of pumpkin and looks like pumpkin pulp too - and what a delightful, rich, autumnal hue. I would say this is quite a potent treatment. As somebody with sensitive skin, I treat this a bit like a peel and use it with caution – applying for 10 minutes once a week/fortnight, and using a nice, gentle moisturiser that evening. There’s definitely a tingle upon application (acc. to the website this is quite normal and something I’ve also experienced with other pumpkin masks) and a little redness after removal but I do think this mask helps with skin clarity and renewal. I think it’s important to find an exfoliating routine that works for you, via trial and error, as it helps with the absorption and efficacy of all your lovely serums and treatments.



Fighter Gel

A water-based gel to treat and soothe eczema, cracked or flaky skin and active breakouts. To be used on face and body.

I am a gel-lover, so this texture is very much up my street. I thought this might be a bit of a spot treatment (they frankly never excite me because I tend to get hormonal blemishes and nothing works on them) but it’s more than that. It really helps with dry, irritated skin, thanks to arnica and dimethyl sulfone which is perfect for me as I get dry patches on my body from either the climate or stress. I’ve been using it on my knuckles and in the gaps between my fingers and it’s a treat. It’s not overwhelming on the tea tree too, with a sort of sweet, spearminty scent instead – very pleasant.




Vitamin C Crème

An aloe-based moisturiser containing rosehip oil, vitamin C and it’s ester, and lots of botanicals.

This light but emollient moisturiser has a sort of dry finish, like many naturally-derived creams I’ve tried, and sinks readily into my skin. It moisturizes well and I like that the vitamin C theme is carried throughout the range, from mist to moisturiser. Containing 20% ascorbic acid, there’s no discernible scent, which suits me. I have normal/dehydrated skin and imagine that those with dry or very dry skin may need to supplement this with an oil, especially at night – seeing as it already contains rosehip, mixing in a little extra might do the trick.


All Clear Mint Cleanser

A mildly foaming, aloe based cleanser containing chamomile, cucumber and panthenol.

Because of my dehydrated/slightly combination skin, I can be quite particular with cleansers as many feel too heavy or emollient, whilst others don’t seem to cleanse thoroughly, or leave an oily film/feeling on my skin - which I detest. A light, viscous liquid, I really enjoy how gentle this is. It doesn’t smell strongly, nor does it feel like it’s harsh on my skin.

All of the Banish skincare products are vegan and planted-based, using naturally sourced ingredients, and are freshly made in small batches. I personally wouldn’t say that the packaging eludes to a clean beauty brand – there’s something about the black and bold graphics – but the ingredients lists for all of the skincare are incredibly clean and concise, with lots of botanical extracts and actives.

My Experience

As far as my experience goes, I’ll waste no more time and let you know that I’ve had positive results using the components of the Starter Kit. I think this system may well be the best thing I’ve come across to actually make a difference regarding stubborn pigmentation.


The screw-on cap makes disinfecting the Banisher incredibly simple – which is probably priority number one for me as I’m looking for utter simplicity in everything I use. As the vessel is of small volume, it also doesn’t take a lot of alcohol to clean the needles (less wastage), and keeps them safely suspended until your next use.

I find the stamping as opposed to rolling action particularly easy to use for a beginner like myself – this video from Daisy was a great aide in how to use the Banisher properly. I imagine the updated shape and design also makes it easier to target specific areas of concern, and control where you’re placing the device to avoid active breakouts for example, rather than rolling with abandon around the face.

Because I’m predominantly interested in fading my stubborn, post-inflammatory pigmentation, I’ve limited the use of the Banisher to my cheeks and have had no issues with pain – it feels a bit like sharp velcro. I’ve heard that the forehead is the most tender.

I do have a couple of remarks for improvement: As the microneedles need to be replaced periodically, rather than having to repurchase the entire Banisher again, I’d really like the option for replacement heads – a more sustainable solution I feel. I also think the entire Starter Kit can get quite pricey to repurchase over and over (I certainly went through the mist very quickly for example), so I think the two star products/must-have items are the Banisher 2.0 + the Banish Oil. Together, I think they’re the most potent and effective combination, and something that can slot very easily into your existing skincare regimen.

The Banisher, along with the Starter Kit skincare, has been part of my routine for a month now, and I’ve used it three times during that time. I think being gentle to your skin is incredibly important, so have patience and you’ll see results over time.


I (obviously) took a before and after and you can see the pigmentation on my cheek has lightened! As mentioned above, my skin on the whole is pretty well behaved, so whilst these results may not be dramatic, I’m thrilled with this progress.

Banish are US based but offer international shipping, and have kindly given my readers $5 off any order over $50 with code BARELYTHEREBEAUTY. I think their website is very informative, both on their products and usage/techniques on dealing with acne scars– especially useful if you’re new to microneedling as I was.


I’m going to continue to incorporate the Banisher 2.0 into my routine, and if you’re reading this thinking you’ve similar skin concerns, then I would heartily recommend giving it a try.

This content is sponsored by Banish. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Barely There Beauty possible.