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The Shopping Finds I'm Distracting Myself From Lockdown 2.0 With.

5 November 2020 0 comments


Thursday 5th November, usually just Guy Fawkes night but in 2020 it's also the start of lockdown 2 for the UK.

To be perfectly honest it's not much of a change for me, I'm still at my family home looking after my parents, who are both deemed clinically vulnerable. We're now entering the ninth month without seeing F properly though so that's hard. Hence just relying on any distraction and mood booster that I can reasonably find - namely putting on weight and emptying my bank account!

We all need to give ourselves a break for it all though. As long as you're living within your means etc, do you.

I've been scouring the web lately for cosy clothing and just pieces to make me happy:

Let me know what you've been doing to get through these testing times.