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What I'm Grateful For In This New Normal.

26 April 2020 1 comment

Hello - how are you doing?

I feel like the pandemic has encouraged us to ask that more. And to, in general, reach out more, speak to others more, to strengthen or rekindle relationships - and that is no bad thing.

We're several weeks into lockdown and I suppose now it's about carving out a new 'normal' within this great big mess. Part of me is still finding it difficult to believe we're in this situation - I was saying to F the other day that I don't expect we'll appreciate the gravity of what's happening until we're well out of the other side and look back. It's going to be something of immense significance that'll go down in history.

Of course it's incredibly scary, and there's a lot to worry about, particularly if yourself or your loved ones are vulnerable. I'm worried for my parents. I'm doing my best but their health seems to be deteriorating regardless of the pandemic, so that just adds an extra layer of stress and worry.

But it's important to stay positive and that's where I'm trying to put my focus.

I've taken up yoga, as of April 1st. I want to increase my flexibility from 'hopeless' to 'somewhat adept'!

And I'm doing more in the kitchen, trying new recipes that seemed a little too involved or time consuming pre-pandemic. We made French dinner rolls the other day, leaving the dough to prove out in the sunshine, which all felt rather 'right'. Getting ingredients has been somewhat of a struggle though, we're about to run out of flour and baking powder so the baking might be going on the back burner for a little while!

There seems to be a lifting of pressure at the moment, because we're not physically able to go out and cross off our big to-do lists in the outside world. And I want to try and make the most of the time that allows me. To do the things at home you feel you've never had the time for, or to work on yourself, in whatever manner you see fit. On that note, F bought me a set of watercolours to learn something new whilst I'm at home and I'm absolutely loving it! Not to say that I'm any good but it's pretty therapeutic and I love that you don't need to be neat or precise as a bit of scruffiness looks quite artistic.
(I'd actually love to say I've so much more time on my hands but that's just not the case! My father needs virtually round the clock care as his illnesses worsen and I'm trying to take the pressure off my mother. At least we don't have the usual countless medical appointments and check ups to be attending right now! Actually I'm grateful for the time not spent getting to and from places. In cars, in queues, in waiting rooms, or in traffic.)

Not really thinking about what makeup or clothing to wear has been quite liberating too. Putting less of an emphasis on what I furnish my outer appearance with, and more on what I'm fuelling my body with.

I think I'm grateful for the new appreciation of everything. Of what I have, of nature, of the little things, of the imperfect. I think we've become rather used to having what we want, when we want it, and if anything good is to come out of this I think it'll be about reprioritisating what's important, a new found appreciation of what we already have and being less wasteful.

How are you coping with this new normal?