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29 March 2020 1 comment

Well. To say 'It's been crazy lately' feels like much of an understatement..

I can't begin to think of the sort of words I would need to describe what's been happening lately, so let's stick with saying these are unprecedented times and everyone's world seems completely topsy turvy right now.

I hope you're all keeping well and safe. Staying home wherever you possibly can, staying responsible and staying positive. It's hard, I know.

I've taken myself away from social media and having so much of an 'online presence' lately, partly because I feel like I've been busier now than seemingly ever, and partly because I've just had no inclination, motivation or any source of creativity to draw on.

I did a quick summary on my Stories but for those who don't keep up with me there, my parents are incredibly vulnerable, and frankly not really capable of looking after themselves in a crisis like this, so I'm back home now and 'coronavirus admin' has been taking up the majority of my time. Things like sorting out having prescription medication delivered etc and so forth - it's really amazing just how much needs to be thought about when you can't leave the house.. Dad had a bit of a health scare too re. his ongoing illnesses so we're keeping our fingers crossed with that.

I don't think it'd be unfair to say that I'm struggling at the moment, like many of us are. I feel I've got to be extra careful to tend to both my mental and physical health, so I just wanted to share some links that I've found - anything from the silliest of videos that brightened my day, to some helpful resources, to things I've been doing to keep busy, to some things that I've just found comforting. I hope this brings you a little positivity. Feel free to share your own ideas btw and I can add them to the list.

The silliest seal video - just over a minute of sheer joy. 

A few things I'm finding comforting:

Having a big clearout and reorganisation of my closet.

Sorting through your camera roll. 

Gardener's World - on iPlayer, incredibly comforting

This YouTube series to help you think about styling your space more creatively/imaginatively no matter it's size.

Clearing out and reorganising your beauty products - get rid of expired/no longer used or wanted products - really satisfying.