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An Updated Skincare Routine.

14 January 2020 4 comments


It's been a little while since I talked about beauty in any detail, so for any of you who may have missed those posts (?!), this one is for you :)

I've been terrible with my skincare for the mostpart of 2019. And whether due to just that, poor diet and stress etc, the natural aging process or a mixture of the above, I've noticed a degradation in my skin. A few more fine lines, a little more gravitational pull and more congestion and texture. So in an effort to try and improve my dermatological situation, I've been trying to be a little better with my routine, and thought I'd share my updated routine with you.

Before we start, I don't use all of these items everyday, but instead cycle through similar products as I see fit.




Omorovicza's cleansing balm: around four blobs, massaged around the face.
PM, daily when wearing makeup.

A thick, oil-balm, I've been using this on and off for years. I only use this in the evenings if I've been wearing makeup during the day as it removes it well.

Kate Somerville's cleanser: a double-pea sized blob, used with my Magnitone.
PM, daily.

Part two of my evening double cleanse. The Magnitone really helps work this around my face (it also comes with a massage attachment which I enjoy greatly) and my skin is clean without feeling stripped. Because of my congestion and texture, I'd like to try this Derma E cleanser when I'm done with the Kate Somerville tube.

I've become so accustomed to the fresh, comfortable feeling that a cleansing water leaves that I always have to finish with one - it's also the only cleansing I do in the mornings. At the moment I'm using this Pixi one, although I frankly think the Nivea sensitive and Simple (original formula only) are great options if you, like myself, get through it like water.


Sunday Riley Juno: half a pipette, using a simple, Tanaka-style massage.
PM, daily.

I've been making an effort to spend 5 minutes massaging my face in the evenings. I try and make sure not to leave out my (double) chin and neck in this endeavour. This oil in particular is full of antioxidants and seed oils rather than essential oils which can cause irritation or breakouts.


Toning + Mists
AM, PM, rotate daily.

Facial mists are my favourite part of my routine. Possibly due to the fact it's about the only skincare item you can apply without having to smear either your fingers or a brush in something likely emollient (I hate the feeling of creamy hands), but more likely because it's utterly refreshing and satisfying. Especially when said toner has a fine, even mist. Top four favourites: Evolve Daily Defence, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, La Mer and Dr Hauschka's toner.

(Ps I love everything about Evolve Beauty, from their clean ingredients, ethics, and sustainability, and have shared a chonk of a post about them here if you're looking to find out more.

I'm also using this Pixi toner with a cotton pad to both use it up and hopefully get more of a brightening effect.


Moisturiser + Serums
AM, rotate daily.

I'm using three 'brightening' serums at the moment: Capture Youth from Dior, Caudalie Vinoperfect and Pixi's Vitamin C. The former is quite heavily perfumed (why Dior, I love you otherwise) but fortunately doesn't linger so I can look past it for the formula. This one gives my skin a whole lot of glow, and exfoliates gently with glycolic. The latter I don't think I'm keen on, but am trying to use up. It oxidises very readily, making me think it could be an unstable formula that I'm too lazy to try and mitigate for, and I've been using it for several weeks and haven't seen any immediate or longer term results worth writing home about. Or writing to anywhere about.

Caudalie's serum I like. It's light, hydrating, gives radiance and is a good layering piece that plays well with both my other skincare items and makeup.

As I always use these products in the day, I don't follow with a moisturiser, but instead just an SPF. I'm using the Hyggee SPF 50 at the moment and it's great. Hydrating but not too rich, layers well with other products, not too shiny a finish and no white cast on my skintone.


La Mer gel cream + Bybi Bakuchiol: PM, a few blobs and 3 drops, mixed.
PM, daily.

La Mer is undeniably expensive but it is a glorious feeling applying my favourite, the Cool Gel, and just how lovely my skin feels after doing so. Because I try so many beauty products (albeit purposefully less more recently as I try to streamline my collection and usage), there are frankly very few products that don't succumb to the law of Diminishing Returns with regards to how pleasureable the experience is over time. This is one that does, and that's why it's one of my favourite skincare items of all time.

It seems to mix and work well Bybi's Bakuchiol, a natural, retinol alternative containing 1% bakuchiol oil and 99% squalane I was curious about, which has a richer, more oily consistency. Whereas retinols tend to be quite pricey, this product is very inexpensive and I do feel it gives my skin a plumpness when combined with the La Mer. I apply these at night, just a small amount as my skin errs on the combination side and seems sensitive to heavier textures - and it feels soft, supple and pliable come the morning.


If you're after that utterly delicious feel/experience of the La Mer gel cream on a smaller budget, I'd absolutely recommend the Hyggee Essence. It's rich and sumptuous without being heavy, I believe it's mostly oil free, and incredibly hydrating. It's one I've been repurchasing for a while.

PM, used when I can!

Oskia Renaissance Mask (currently reduced btw)
Sarah Chapman sheet masks
Fresh Rose mask
Evolve Miracle Mask

I rotate these four as I see fit at the moment. Both the Oskia and Evolve are lightly exfoliating, and really help to give my skin a glow when I feel it's dull or lacklustre - the Oskia with lactic acid and fruit acids, the Evolve with fruit acids and glycolic from sugar cane. They're both different in texture and feel on the skin, as well as in application - the Oskia you massage until it becomes white, the Evolve I just apply as any other mask - but I really enjoy both and think they're both excellent masks.

For moisture and hydration, I'm using the Fresh rose mask and Sarah Chapman sheets. I like having more 'basic' masks on hand that are mainly designed to nourish and hydrate rather than exfoliate or treat a particular concern. These are both really good.


Treatments + Exfoliants

Samaya Kapha: several pumps, smoothed around the skin and left for 15 minutes before washing off.

I really like the feeling of my skin after using this product. A gentle, natural, enzymatic exfoliator containing pineapple, hydrators and Ayurvedic ingredients, it's not harsh on my skin yet leaves it feeling so smooth. The lovely, serum-like textures slips effortlessly onto the skin and I find it a joy to use. It was the ingredients list in particular that sold it to me on this one.

As an Ayurvedic product, products are assigned according to your Dosha, which is why I've tried the Kapha exfoliant: you can find out which yours is here.


Dermalogica Biolumin-C eye + Nightly lip treatment

Of all the Dermalogica products I've been fortunate enough to try, these two are my stand out. I haven't use the eye serum long enough to report dramatic results but with eye products, it's more the texture I'm particular about. Any thick or heavy, that pills, creases or interacts poorly with any other product is straight off the list. The texture of this one is light and undetectable, just ideal.

The lip product is one too that has made it into my concise nightly routine. Designed to be applied around the mouth as well as on the lips, it targets the fine lines around the mouth as well as hydrating the lips. I detest the feeling of a more ordinary lipbalm formula outside of my lipline, but the slippy cream texture, and comfortable, cooling applicator lends itself perfectly to it's designed application.


Vitamin C

For Vitamin C, I'm still a lover of Lixirskin's paste - I've spoken about it more here. Delightfully easy and convenient to use. New to my collection are the DermaDoctor peel pads. A mixture of acids, vitamins, enzymes etc, it's proposed to be a very gentle peel, and one that I'm looking forward to trying. I would love to hear if it's something you've used!


I don't really have a want for skincare anymore, as I own a lot already! But a few items on my skincare wishlist are:

Recherche Biologique P50 - because it's something I haven't tried but have heard so many people mention it.
Paula's Choice BHA - again, because of the same reasons as the P50.
Estee Lauder ANR - had this a while back and didn't repurchase because I had too many other products to use and try. Would like to revisit it because I remember liking it!
Derma E Anti Wrinke cleanser - a sulphate-free cleanser with glycolic and papaya to maybe add some exfoliation in my cleansing?

Hope that quenched your skincare thirsts - I'd love to hear about your skincare favourites at the moment.