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13 Must-Have Items On My Spring-Summer Wishlist.

26 May 2019 2 comments

I can't stop with the shopping at the minute, it's terrible.

My friend and I were having a chat over Whatsapp, sharing our latest internet fashion finds and loves, and essentially I came away from the conversation with a whole new wishlist...

F's away tonight so I've been sitting in bed oogling at embellished earrings, blue and white dresses and anything rattan, bookmarking and adding things to my cart as I go. So here's a Spring-Summer wishlist for your own oogling - I hope you find something you love!

1. Blue and white dress (comes in red and white too) // 2. Navy broderie dress (currently on sale)

3. Finally! A simple, very affordable, plain, straight leg jean // 4. Affordable silk scarf

9. Lemon earrings (so cute, so affordable) // 10. White eyelet dress

11. Pinky-peachy embellished earrings // 12. Navy sun dress (the fit looks perfect on this guy)

13. Rattan knot headband (rattan: more is more)



  1. OMG number 1 dress is soooo in right now! I adore that pattern for summer

    Ellie xx


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