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10 Things That've Made Me Happy Lately #20

7 April 2019 2 comments

Magnolia - West London - Barely There Beauty blog

one. // spending a couple of hours at a 'Guide Dog event' at F's work. Really just getting to play with the most gorgeous puppies and dogs for an afternoon. And all my favourite breeds. Ergh, I just want to squeeze something thinking about how adorable they are!

two. // finding simple, classic pieces at Uniqlo! I'd forgotten about the brand for several years but my friend recently bought the most perfect skirt there and my love was reignited. So many classic pieces and really affordable too. A few bits below for you!

three. // all the cherry blossom, magnolia and Spring blooms. Sometimes we miss out on beautiful architecture or spectacular natural wonders living out in the suburbs, but there can be the most beautiful blossom tree on even the dullest of streets!

four. // I've had such joy putting together my Spring wardrobe. Ha, 'putting together my Spring wardrobe' aka - just shopping ;) But I've especially enjoyed it nonetheless. Going a bit mad with the blue and white stripes. And very much so with broderie! Picked up a couple of really great value pieces recently so I'll share some favourite finds below (anything you love??):

five. // wild salmon and homemade salsa verde. Favourite combo of the moment for dinner. 

six. // F being so supportive with dad/surgery etc recently.

seven. // The clocks going forward and having an extra hour of light - it really lifts my mood, anyone else? (I'm assuming everyone else ;)

eight. // Notting Hill in the Spring. We spent a lovely sunny day there recently - lots of blossom, picked up a couple of lovely pieces in Portobello Road, had some delicious snacks and sweet treats, spent a while in the gorgeous Sezane store, so lovely.

nine. // featherlight Japanese sponge cake a la Castella. We've just found a new source in the form of a local asian supermarket ;)

ten. // I recently shared some of my favourite feeds on Instagram - Zoe, Sara, Hillary to name but a few.

What's been making you happy lately?