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Five Little Things.

6 March 2019 5 comments


Haaappy midweek friends! I'm on post-surgery meds and have hayfever at the moment that are making me a bit loopy jolly at present. I hope you all devoured great stacks of pancakes yesterday - luckily they're soft so I was able to have mine, doused in maple syrup a plenty. Just had a bowl of very ripe mango too. And some citrus-spiked cake from Konditor & Cook, which I'm certainly going to recreate for my own tastes very soon I'm sure.

For today anyway, I just wanted to publish an ever so casual post sharing five little things I'm loving at the moment - I hope you enjoy!

one. // You

F and I have watched a couple of episodes so far and whilst I didn't think I'd like it, I do. If you've ever watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the main character completely reminds us of Dennis Reynolds (The D.E.N.N.I.S system anyone?) and I like that they've painted so many good attributes into Joe's character, you almost start excusing his psychopathic behaviour and nodding along to his internal monologue..



two. // Dr. Roebuck's Healing Mask (UK | US)

It's a very idyllic picture they paint for this mask. The colour of Tamara beach, feeling like you've spent weeks on an Oz beach etc. This is the first product I've tried from the clean-Aussie-skincare brand and I really like - so a big thank you to Dr. Roebucks for sending it my way! Avocado, manuka honey, vitamin E, lots of great ingredients. A scary colour out of the tube, I thought it might stain but of course it doesn't. I checked my hand intently after this swatch!


three. // Kristin Ess Leave In Conditioner

My hair is just.. terrible for tangling itself up, and having ordered the Extra Gentle shampoo and conditioner, I found myself picking up the leave in spray too. Very light in texture, doesn't weigh my hair down at all, makes it feel softer and a bit more manageable. It only seemed very recently that Kristin Ess was just available in the US but it's now stocked at Feelunique (yippee) so I shall be buying more from the range I'm sure.

four. // Caudalie Divine Oil

I don't know what it is lately but I'm rather addicted to Caudalie scents. That sort of sweet, ancient-apothecary sort of smell. Which this and the Beauty Elixir have in abundance, and is probably why I keep repurchasing them. Caudalie sent me over this oil the first time around, but I like it so much, this is my new, second bottle. The spray is what does it for me I think too - I like to spray this onto my decolletage area and arms mainly, or down the shins (not that anyones going to be seeing the skin there in this weather! Besides, no-one needs to know that my legs go unshaven a lot more during the colder months ;).


five. // Eat Beautiful (UK | US)

Strangely enough, as I've not been able to eat a varied diet lately, I've been even more keen on flicking through recipe books. And the sort of beginnings of Spring make me far more inclined to thumb through something that's considered a little healthier. This book is gorgeous, and contains, if you don't already own it, a selection of recipes and tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and radiant.

Bonne semaine a tous!