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24 February 2019 5 comments

Today we're talking wellness again.

Because it's fast becoming a favourite topic of mine.

And for today's post, I'm sharing 6 simple habits to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Habits that have worked for me, and will hopefully add a little wellness and happiness to your life.

Actively Practising Gratitude.

I love making an effort to practise gratitude. My 10 Things series has been one of my favourite series on BTB to write.

Especially if you're prone to negative thinking, suffer with anxiety or are a serial worrier, practising gratitude in whatever way you see fit is a lovely way to eek your focus towards a more positive pursuit.

If you don't have an online space, dedicated a notebook to things you're thankful for, or things that made you happy is a lovely way to document your thoughts. I love the idea of the 'one line a day' journals for this, something I'd probably do if I didn't write down these thoughts online.

Be An Active Social Media User

I've such mixed feelings about social media. As somebody who creates content online, it definitely has its positives/uses but you know some of my thoughts on Instagram specifically and how great I think social media breaks and digital detoxes are.

If you're anything like me, I think there's a balance to be had, in making sure you're using social media actively, or more importantly not passively. For me, it's having an aim, completing my aim, and then getting off. I really don't want to be wasting time, mindlessly scrolling, not really learning or achieving anything, and perhaps even running into something that's going to induce negative thoughts or emotions, like comparison and feeling unworthy. You just don't need to do it to yourself.

Also some people say I'm mad, but I've turned off almost all of my phone notifications, so that I can check in on apps when I decide to, not when I'm nudged. One of the healthiest phone habits I've adopted in my eyes!

Invest In Something That's Going To Start Your Morning Off Right.

Because starting the day in a good mood goes a long way.

For me, that'll be something to do with my bed and sleeping setup. Investing in luxury loungewear and pyjamas (in a similar vein, matching underwear - sexuality aside, partner or not, it just makes me feel good to wear a nice, matching set), buying really sumptuous, high thread count bedding, having a bedside table setup that makes me happy.

Feeling, seeing or experiencing something luxurious, comforting, beautiful or comely as soon as I wake up gives me the best chance of starting the day in a good mood. And immediately affects my habits from that moment. I'm more likely to put effort into making a delicious breakfast for example!

Blood Work + Deficiencies.

So much of self care and wellness focuses on mental solutions to your wellbeing (rightly so btw) but so many a time have I heard about people feeling undoubtedly better after checking for and fixing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, or other bodily or hormonal imbalances.

Myself included! I've quite a notable vitamin D deficiency (not uncommon apparently) as my body doesn't process it properly and my prescribed supplements do the world of good. I feel a bit loopy without them. Other deficiencies like iron, B-vits, insulin etc can affect you both physiologically and emotionally so I'd invite you to speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have.

80-20 Eating.

I'm trying to make the resolution to never diet again. And at the same time, not to be such a sugar fiend, because the amount I'd like to eat is a problem.

Instead, I like the idea of the 80-20 eating rule. Be good and take care of what you're putting into your body 80% of the time, treat yourself and have whatever you like the other 20%.

This way, there's balance, no deprivation, no need to tell yourself you can't have something, it's not restrictive, I think it's just a healthy approach to food.

There are countless recipes books around at the moment that are targeted at low-calorie, vegan, low-carb, zero-sugar etc recipes, but I tend to prefer a book with a more wholesome outlook on food, that doesn't skimp on 'fattening' ingredients, and I myself can make the tweaks I want to suit the recipes to my style of healthier eating.

Self Kindness.

I'm really too hard on myself a lot of the time. And I imagine I'm speaking for many of us.

We should all give ourselves a break, and to some extent let our mistakes and misgivings happen, without dwelling on them or letting them be a constant thought.

I recently spoke about 6 acts of self-kindness that aren't just for the new year and would invite you to see how many of them you already follow!

If you're that way inclined, a book like this one or this one can help getting the message through to yourself.