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30 January 2019 6 comments


L E S S   I S   M O R E.

Gentle, natural, low-maintenance.

All adjectives that could describe a French-girl's beauty regime, and simultaneously my ethos towards beauty and skincare at the moment.

I say 'at the moment' but it's really been a long time coming - just somewhat hindered by the temptation of trying the new and undiscovered..;)

I promised you part two of my French-inspired beauty regime, so here I am today with skincare.


Let me mention before we start that whilst I'm sharing several current members of my skincare community, I do not by any means use all of them at once. I've really stripped back my skincare routine to something of it's bare bones - perhaps using only 2 products a day? 3? 1? Sometimes 0. Whatever takes my fancy.





I was sent Magnitone's Barefaced 2 cleansing brush a little while ago and whilst I personally feel cleansing brushes are a bit.. 'much' for everyday, I can't deny how great this is when I've had a day of heavy makeup. I'm usually wearing a base that's fairly light, so that by the end of the day, there's not much of it left, but heavier/long-lasting/more matte foundations have a tendency to need a little more effort when it comes to removal, and a brush like this makes the process a lot easier (I use the sensitive setting with my cleanser). Also, the Barefaced 2 comes with a both a head and setting for facial massage, which really isn't the slightest bit 'much' for everyday, and something I like to indulge in as often as I can. Applying some facial oil and letting this device massage your face for a few minutes is just superlative.

As far as exfoliation goes, something light and easy-going on the skin is good for me. Or namely the Skin&Lab peeling gel. I've been through a couple of tubes of this and keep returning to it. It's gentle enough to use everyday should you wish.


It's not my most recent discovery, but I've realised I very much like Avene serums. And in fact a lot of their skincare in general. Their serums in particular have a lovely texture to them, and make my skin feel plump. And the formulas, often suited to sensitive or reactive skins, seem to leave my face feeling happily hydrated. The A-Oxitive has been a favourite for a little while now, but the new Radiance serum has become it's new equal for me.



In the same vein, I rather like Caudalie serums, specifically the Vinosource which is a) mostly natural, b) reasonably inexpensive and c) particularly good for layering.

I love Instytutum's radiance moisturiser. Sometimes it's all I put on in the morning. It's texture works well as a primer under makeup and it's my favourite thing to give my skin visible luminosity - not glittery in the slightest but the teeniest, indiscernible flecks of shimmer that are so very flattering.


I've spoken more in depth about retinols before and I've recently been using the Redermic UV from La Roche Posay. Suitable for sensitive skins and those who are after a gentle retinol, I particularly like that it's suitable for daily use. (my skincare guide to retinols here if you're after more info on the topic.)





Another retinol worth it's salt is the Lixirskin Night Switch. I've made no secret of loving Lixirskin products and this latest addition to my collection is their 1% retinol. I mix mine in to the Universal Emulsion for use in the evening. And I like that the website's description mentions using it on your arms and hands etc.

Whilst we're on Lixirskin, I've got to give mention to the Vitamin C Paste and Soft Clay Rubber, both of which are great clarifying and exfoliating products to encourage glowing skin.

And should I feel I need extra exfoliation and glow, I think the SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 is a great acid exfoliant. With it's low pH to preserve the stability of the 10% glycolic acid, and creamy texture, it's a joy to use and doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling anything less than radiant and hydrated.


I just wanted to give a little nod to a few products/brands that ought not to be missed out from this post! Of course I'm still loving my Fresh rose products, and the La Mer gel cream, it ought to go without saying!

I've just spoken about a couple of Sunday Riley products, and I've grown quite fond of the Juno oil. A nice simple formula that provides some good quality ingredients and a lot of hydration. And formulated for stressed out skin (this is absolutely me lately), I love Disciple's Good Skin oil - an uber clean and concise ingredients list.