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5 December 2018 3 comments



Isn't it getting chilly now?!

Another 'wet and wonderful' day as I sit and write this. The sort of weather bloggers and product photographers wince at because it's so overcast.. Happily not so the other day though!

F and I 'needed' to head out to our most local butchers to get some beef skirt so I got dressed up for a change and we made a bit of a day of it. I don't know what's come over me but I've such a craving for really good cornish pasties lately, it's getting quite unbecoming ;) F has always liked them but I never thought I'd join him in that - I'm really not keen on pies of any kind.. None of that shop-bought hokum though by the way - homemade pastry and quality ingredients mm mmm.




Outfit details

Tweed jacket (Harris Tweed, similar here)

Cashmere scarf (UK | US)

Suede gloves (past season from John Lewis, similar hereanother here and one more here)

Florals are usually synonymous with summer in my mind - ditsy blossom prints in cottons and linens, but there's no reason to banish them to the back of the wardrobe for the colder months. Burgundy, jacquard, velvet - all can be pepped up with a little verdant display of the botanically inspired.

There's of course no reason to shun bright or pastel colours if that's your inclination but my preference is definitely for the darker, maybe more muted, navys, burgundies, plums, jewel tones. Although creams and pinks often sneak their way into the mix - I find they're great to pair with darker winter staples to stop be looking like I've been shrouded in black. Here are some winter-floral-inspired pieces I'm loving at the moment:




I picked this dress up at New Look, having had a spare voucher lying around, and whilst the fabric isn't the best, it is both a nice colour and a good example of a winter floral. It's hard not to kit my wardrobe out in exclusively burgundy, it's a colour that appeals to me so very much.

I gave some other wintry wardrobe favourites an outing, like leather gloves, another tweed jacket and my Hobbs boots. All three items that I thoroughly recommend for a classic dresser's wardrobe.


Update: the pasties came out better than I could have hoped for! I was tentative after we misread the recipe and added too much water to the pastry but apart from some really shoddy crimping, they ended up a success!


  1. Such a beautiful outfit, you look amazing!

    Danielle xx

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